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					What is a web cookie?

Websites use a technology called cookies to store a unique number on your
computer that uniquely identifies you to the site that gave you the
cookie. These cookies are usually used to provide website customization
features or information as to now many time you've accessed a particular
website, which pages you've visited, etc. Web browsers can be warned
before a cookie is stored on your computer and then decide whether to
accept the cookie or not, by doing the following:

1.   Click View/Internet Options command in the browser window.

2.    Click the Advanced tab and then scroll down to the Security
section. You've three options as to what you can do with cookies being
downloaded to your computer, which are as follows:

-    Always accept cookies (Default setting).

-    Prompt before accepting cookies.

-    Disable all cookie use.

3.   Select the option you want and then click the OK button.

Web browsers: What is cryptography?

These protocols ensure that you're communicating with the intended server
or client on the internet and that the message has not been altered in
transit. The browser suites supports multiple authentication mechanisms
using the Security Service Provider Interface.

These settings can be found under the View/Internet Options/Advanced tab
commands under the Security section in the browser and should left active
at all times to ensure that information is secure.

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