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									What is a newsgroup?

Newsgroups are split into different categories that generally indicate
the topic covered by the group, e.g, comp. Are newsgroups that cover
computer related topics. Each newsgroups category is then split into sub-
categories tat indicate the sub-topics of the newsgroups and are
separated by dots, e.g, comp.microsoft.public.internetexplore.

The standard newsgroup - Every USENET site is expected to carry these
newsgroups (e.g, comp, misc, news, rec, sci, soc and talk, etc.)

The alternative newsgroups - These are optional but most newsgroup sites
carry them (e.g, alt, biz, clari and more).

Local newsgroups - These newsgroups are set up to benefit a local
community, university, school or an organization. The newsgroups are also
sometimes available to general internet users.

Understanding the different newsgroup categories

alt - Newsgroups that anyone can create, on any subject. Most of the
newsgroups fall under this category.

Biz - Business news, marketing and advertising

comp - Computers and computer applications or software

rec - Hobbies and sports

soc - Social issues and socializing

talk - Discussion of social issues

How to add a news server

If you don't have a news server installed on your computer you can do so
very easily by doing the following:

1.   Click the Tools/Accounts command, then click the News ab.

2.    Click the Add button and select News from the sub-menu and the
Internet Connection Wizard is activated to start installing a news server
on your machine.

3.    Click the Next button after filling in your name and email address
until you get to the step where you need to type in your news server
name. If you're not sure of the news server name you should type, then
contact your ISP.

4.    Once you've typed in your news server name click the Next button
and fill in the rest of the information to install a news account.

5.    Click the Finish button and the news server name will be displayed
in the Internet Accounts dialog box under the News tab.
6.    Click the Close button and a dialog box will pop-up asking you if
you wan to download the newsgroups from the news server you've just

7.    Click the Yes button to download the newsgroups, or the No button
not to download them now.

8. If you click Yes the newsgroups dialog box appears and if you are not
currently online a dialog box appears asking you if you would like to
connect to the server.
9.    Click the Yes button again to start the download process until all
the newsgroups on the server are downloaded to your computer.

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