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					Web browsers: What are security zones?

You can tell which zone the current web page is in by looking at the
right side of your browser status bar. Whenever you attempt to open or
download content from the web, your browser checks the security settings
for that website's zone.

There are four different zones:

1. Local intranet zone: This is for sites within the firewall of a
corporation. Sites from inside the corporation are trusted. The default
security level for the Local Intranet zone is Medium.

2. Trusted Sites zone: These are the sites that are well known and you
visit them regularly. You can assign sites to this zone. The default
security level for the Trusted Sites zone is Low.

3. Restricted sites zone: This zone contains sites you don't trust - that
is, sites you're not sure of. You can assign sites to this zone. The
default security level for the Restricted Zone is High.

4. Internet zone: This is where internet browsing is done. Web browsers
are set to work within the Internet zone until you define what level of
security you wish to assign to specific sites. The default security level
for the Internet zone is Medium.

Changing the settings for the internet zone or Restricted sites zone will
also change the settings for Outlook Express and vice-versa. Any files
already on your local computer are assumed to be completely safe, and no
security settings are applied to them. This allows you to open and run
files and programs on your computer without prompting or interruption.
You cannot assign a folder or drive on your computer to a security zone.

Understanding security levels for downloading Active content

- High (most secure): No Active Content can be downloaded to your

- Medium (more secure): Web browser will warn you before running any
potentially dangerous content and give you a choice of whether you want
to download the content or not.

- Low (potentially dangerous): Is not recommended as Active Content will
be downloaded and run without any warning.

- Custom (for expert users): Security is based on the settings you

All the sites that are within a particular zone are then tretated with
the security settings you've set for the zone.

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