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									                                                         Year                                                         No. of
Type   Title of Publication                              published Authors                              Price         Pages      Publisher & City         Sales outlets         Website                      Topic                        Any other details
                                                         Thirteenth                                                                                                                                                                       Largest selling field guide
Book   The Book of Indian Birds                          Edn. 1996 Dr. Sálim Ali                        Rs. 495.00         326 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS- OUP worldwide /   Avifauna of India            on birds (Hardback)
Book   A Guide to the Cranes of India                           1996 Prof. Prakash Gole                 Rs. 75.00           35 BNHS- Mumbai               BNHS, Mumbai                 Cranes of India              Paperback
       Birds of Wetlands & Grasslands
       (Proceedings of the Sálim Ali Centre                                                                                                                                                                  Wildlife & Indian Natural
Book   Seminar 1996)                                           2002 Asad R. Rahmani & Gayatri Ugra      Rs. 500.00         226 BNHS, Mumbai               BNHS, Mumbai                History                      Paperback

Book   Birds of Western Ghats, Kokan & Malabar                 2003 Satish Pande                        Rs.995.00          371 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide    Avifauna of Western Ghats    Hardback
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fifty years of Post
                                                                                                                                                                                                             independence Ornothology     A Centenary dedication to
Book   Petronia                                                2003 J.C. Daniel & Gayatri W. Ugra       Rs.400.00          342 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     in India                     Dr. Sálim Ali (Hardback)
Book   The Book of Indian Animals                              1948 S. H. Prater                        Rs.360.00          324 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Mammals of India             Hardback
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Status, Conservation,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Management of Elephants
       A Week with Elephants (Proceedings of the                                                                                                                                                                                          at the time of the Seminar
Book   International Seminar on Asian Elephants)               1995 J.C. Daniel & Hemant Datye          Rs. 450.00         535 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Elephants                    (Hardback)
       The Book of Indian Reptiles and
Book   Amphibians                                              2002 J.C. Daniel                         Rs.595.00          238 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Herpetofauna of India        Hardback
Book   The Book of Indian Shells                               1998 Deepak Apte                         Rs.295.00          115 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Shells of India              Hardback
Book   The Book of Indian Trees                                2000 K. C. Sahni                         Rs.295.00          230 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Trees of India               Hardback
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Climbers and Shrubs of
Book   Some Beautiful Indian Climbers & Shrubs                 1954 N. L. Bor & M. B. Raizada           Rs.525.00          321 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     India                        Hardback
Book   Common Indian Wild Flowers                              2000 Isaac Kehimkar                      Rs.375.00          141 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Wildflowers of India         Hardback

       Illustrated Flora of KeoladeoNational Park,
       Bharatpur, Rajasthan (A general guide to                     V.P. Prasad, Daniel Mason, Joy E.                                                                                                        Flora of Keoladeo National
Book   the wetland flora of the Gangetic plains)               1996 Marburger, C.R. Ajith Kumar         Rs.695.00          435 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     Park                         Hardback
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Compilation of Editorial
Book   Cassandra of Conservation                               2003 J. C. Daniel                        Rs.200.00              56 BNHS, Mumbai            BNHS, Mumbai                 published in Hornbill        Paperback
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Wildlife & Indian Natural
Book   Treasures of Indian Wildlife                            2005 Ashok S. Kothari & B.F. Chhapgar    Rs.1900.00         216 BNHS-OUP, Mumbai           BNHS-OUP worldwide     History                      Hardback
       Important Bird Ares in India(Priority sites for              M. Zafar-ul Islam & Asad R.                                BNHS- Mumbai/Bird Life                                                        Identification of key bird
Book   Conservation)                                           2004 Rahmani                             Rs.3,000.00       1133 International/IBCN         BNHS-OUP worldwide     conservation sites           Hardback
                                                                    Richard Grimmett, Tim Inskipp &                            BNHS-Mumbai/Bird Life
Book   Uttar Bharat Ke Pakshi (Hindi)                          2004 Satya Prakash Mehra                 Rs.500.00          308 International/IBCN         BNHS-Mumbai                  Avifauna of Northern India   Paperback
                                                                    Richard Grimmett, Tim Inskipp and                          BNHS-Mumbai/Bird Life
Book   Uttar Bharat na Pakshiyo (Gujarati)                     2004 Sarita Sharma                       Rs.500.00          304 International/IBCN         BNHS-Mumbai                  Avifauna of Northern India   Paperback
                                                                    Richard Grimmett, Tim Inskipp and                          BNHS-Mumbai/Bird Life
Book   Shumali Hindudstan ke Parinde (Urdu)                    2004 M. Zafar-ul Islam                   Rs.500.00          304 International/IBCN         BNHS-Mumbai                  Avifauna of Northern India   Paperback
                                                                    M. Zafar-ul Islam & Asad R.                                BNHS-Mumbai/Bird Life                                                         Brief description of
Book   Threatened Birds of India                               2002 Rahmani                             Rs.75.00           102 International/RSPB         BNHS-Mumbai                  threatened birds             Paperback

Book   Field Methods for Bird Surveys                          2002 Salim Javed & Rahul Kaul            Rs.150.00              61 BNHS-Mumbai & IBCN      BNHS-Mumbai                  Bird census methodologies Paperback
                                                                                                                                  BNHS-Mumbai/US Fish &
Book   Indian Bird Banding Manual                              2002 S. Balachandran                     Rs.100.00              80 Wildlife Service        BNHS-Mumbai                  How to ring birds            Paperback
       National Parks & Sanctuaries in                                                                                                                                                                       Detailed description of
       Maharashttra, Vol. I & II (Individula Profile                                                                                                                                                         protected areas of
Book   and Management Status)                                  2005 Pratibha Pande                      Rs.500.00          743 BNHS-Mumbai                BNHS-Mumbai                  Maharashtra                  Paperback
       In Harmony with Nature (A Teacher's
       hndbook on learning for sustainable living in                Conservation Education Centre                                                                                                            Teacher's gide on
Book   Maharashtra)                                            2006 Team, Mumbai                        Rs.350.00          117 BNHS-Mumbai                BNHS-Mumbai                  environment education        Paperback

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