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									                           STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED            2012

                                               Price List 2012
                                          ISSUE 1 - Valid 1ST APRIL 2012

                                                 STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED                           2012

   Computer Workstations
                                                                                    Part Number System
                                                                  Workstation           Carcase/Internal colour
                                                                                        GU = Light Grey

                                                                    W           LC         GU           GU

                                                                                                      Door colour
                                                                  Type                                GU = Light Grey
                                                                  LC = Low Computer                   CF = Blue
                                                                  TC = Tall Computer                  RD = Red
                                                                  FC = Flat-top Compact Computer      RM = Carmine Burgundy
                                                                  SC = Flat-screen Compact Computer   HY = Dark Grey
                                                                  CC = Compact Computer               PD = Green

                                                                   ORDER CODE                         £ EACH

                                                                  WLCGU--                             534.79
                                                                  WTCGU--                             795.52
                                                                  WFCGU--                             436.47
                                                                  WSCGU--                             561.32
                                                                  WCCGU--                             595.18
          Low Computer           WLCGU_ _
                               H x W x Dmm
                              1200 x 915 x 475

                                                                           Manufacture - 20/30 days

                                                         Flat-top Compact Computer
                                                                    WFCGU_ _
                                                                  H x W x Dmm
                                                                 1042 x 655 x 526

                                                                                                               Compact Computer      WCCGU_ _
                                                                                                                                    H x W x Dmm
                                                                                                                                  1624 x 655 x 526

   Tall Computer      WTCGU_ _
                                                         Flat-screen Compact
                                                                                        WSCGU_ _
                     H x W x Dmm                                                       H x W x Dmm
                   1800 x 915 x 522                      Computer                    1624 x 655 x 526

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                                              STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED                                                       2012

     Work & Quality Stations
                                                                                          Part Number System
                                                                            Workstation           Carcase/Internal colour
                                                                                                  GU = Light Grey

                                                                               W         WK          GU             GU

                                                                                   Type                        Door colour
                                                                                   WK = Workstation            GU = Light Grey
                                                                                   QS = Quality station        CF = Blue
                                                                                   IS = Information station    RD = Red
                                                                                   TS = Tool station           RM = Carmine Burgundy
                                                                                                               HY = Dark Grey
                                                                                                               PD = Green

                                                                                         Manufacture - 20/30 days

            Workstation              ORDER CODE                         £ EACH
              WWKGU_ _              WWKGU--                               383.79
           1200 x 915 x 460         WQSGU--                               648.96
                                    WISGU--                               507.54
                                    WTSGU--                               496.87

                                                                                                                     10 file holder

                                     ORDER CODE                         £ EACH
                                                                                               FILE HOLDER
                                    Castor Kit - YCAPACK001               45.28
                                                                                               WIDTH HEIGHT DEPTH              PART NUMBER           TYPE         No. SLOTS   £ PRICE
                                   *CASTOR KITS - IMPORTANT NOTE:                              915mm          380        215          WFSGU      10 FILE HOLDER      10       230.24
                                   For fitting to LOW WORKSTATIONS only and
                                   where the workstation is to be moved ONLY ON               Designed to hold lever arch file type binders.
                                   AN OCCASIONAL BASIS.                                       Can be wall mounted (wall fixings not supplied).
                                   Castors are unsuitable if a fully, frequently moved
                                   mobile workstation is required.

   Quality station                                        Information station                                                    Tool station
   As standard workstation but with panel fitted          As standard workstation but with dry wipe                              As standard workstation but with peg board
   at the rear of the sloping top. Panel contains         clean / magnetic message board fitted at the                           panel fitted at the rear of the sloping top.
   wipe/ magnetic message board and file                  rear of the sloping top. File holder can be                            Panel is manufactured from mild steel and
   holder for 10 lever arch files. Rear panel             fitted as an optional extra. Rear panel                                finished in light grey. Pegboard accepts
   requires assembly onto workstation.                    requires assembly onto workstation.                                    universal tool clips and fittings. File holder
                                                                                                                                 can be fitted as an optional extra. Rear panel
                                                                                                                                 requires assembly onto workstation.
   WQSGU_ _                                                WISGU_ _                                                              WTSGU_ _
   HxWxD                                                   HxWxD                                                                 HxWxD
   2000 x 915 x 460                                        2000 x 915 x 460                                                      2000 x 915 x 460

                                                                                    Page 3
STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED TEL:01446 772614                                                          
                                                          STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED                                          2012

   All painted components are
   protected with BioCote. BioCote is                                                                                               Paint Colours
   a patent-protected powder coating                                                                                                PRODUCT COLOUR RANGE
   which inhibits the growth of                                                                                                     All items in this price list are
   potentially lethal bacteria and                                                                                                  supplied with a light grey carcass
   fungi. This reduces the risk of                                                                                                  (RAL 7035) as standard, and with
   cross- contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency.                                                                  the following colour options for
   Although this is no substitute for correct cleaning practices, the                                                               doors, subject to availability.
   incorporation of BioCote into the manufacturing process provides                                                                 Name               Code      RAL
   users of our products with the peace of mind that every effort is                                                                Light Grey          GU     RAL 7035
   being made to maintain a hygienic working environment.                                                                           Red                 RD     RAL 3020
                                                                                                                                    Blue                CF     RAL 5002
                                                                                                                                    Green               PD     RAL 6001
                                                                                                                                    Dark Grey           HY     BS 00A11
                                                                                                                                    Carmine Burgundy   RM      RAL 3002

    General Conditions                                                        Delivery Conditions
    ● Orders must clearly state any specially agreed                          ● List prices are inclusive of standard delivery within the UK mainland only, Monday to
      terms, prices and discounts with any                                      Friday 8am to 5pm. All other deliveries on request
      appropriate reference numbers.                                          ● Standard delivery is assumed to allow clear access by a vehicle - of up to 40ft
      Subsequent amendments may incur an                                        trailer size - to a ground floor location.
      administration charge of £75 and potentially                              IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Distributor/Specifier to ensure that
      jeopardise the previously agreed delivery date.                           adequate labour and/or manned handling equipment is available to off-load at the
    ● Orders under £300 net value incur a £30                                   delivery point.
      handling/delivery surcharge.                                              Additional charges may apply where these conditions are not met, unless
    ● Order acknowledgements will always show the                               otherwise agreed at time of order placement.
      latest planned delivery date.                                           ● Courier Overnight Service may be available on request, charged individually, minimum
    ● All list prices exclude VAT, which will be charged at                     charge £30.
      the ruling rate at point of invoice.                                    ● NOMINATED DELIVERIES - ADDITIONAL CHARGES
    ● Credit Card payment facilities are available.                             The additional charge for a nominated delivery date for SpeedRange products, on
                                                                                or after day 8, will be £100. The additional charge for a nominated delivery date
                                                                                for the range of manufacture lead-time products, on or after day 15, will be £100.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE MUST BE READ IN CONJUNCTION                                For a specific delivery time there is an additional charge of £50 on the above.
    WITH MORESECURE’S STANDARD TERMS AND                                      ● WAITING TIME
    CONDITIONS OF SALE.                                                         Waiting time will be charged for any delay, should unloading not commence within
    The information contained in this price list was accepted                   30 minutes of the vehicle arriving at the site at the rate of £25 per half-hour up to a
    as correct at the date of publication. However, Moresecure                  maximum of 1 hour, after which it will be at Moresecure’s discretion to pull off site.
    reserves the right to make any necessary changes, in line                   Failed and Repeat Delivery conditions would then apply.
    with product development and trading conditions.                          ● FAILED AND REPEAT DELIVERIES
    Although all reasonable care has been taken to make it as                   Failed and Repeat Deliveries will be charged at cost dependant on location and
    complete and accurate as possible, no liability can be                      required delivery date and time. If waiting time occurs prior to a failed delivery this will
    accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions. E+OE.                           be charged at £25 per half-hour. Storage costs will be charged for any product that
    Price list issued by: Whittan Industrial T/A Moresecure
                                                                                cannot be delivered by the agreed scheduled date.
    Haldane House, Halesfield 1, Telford, Shropshire,
                                                                              ● RETURNS
    England TF7 4EH
                                                                                Returns will only be accepted at the discretion of Moresecure and on the basis that the
                                                                                product is from the SpeedRange, in its original packaging and in delivered condition.
    © 2012 Moresecure
                                                                                Collection will be charged at £75, together with an administration charge of 15% of the
                                                                                list price value.

                                                   For further information on Moresecure products, please contact your local distributor:
                                                                             STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED
                                                                             Primrose Hill
                                                                             South Wales
                                                                             CF71 7DU
                                                                             Tel: 01446 772614
                                                                             Fax: 01446 774770
       Certificate No. FM 09409   Member Company
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STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED TEL:01446 772614                                                        

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