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                                          Stormor ® Shelving
                                          S H E LV I N G F O R E V E RY W O R K P L A C E

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 Stormor® Shelving
 Stormor is the leading
 shelving system for medium
 duty applications. With a
 choice of 3 upright types
 and a wide range of
 accessories, Stormor shelving
 is the ideal choice in every
 workplace environment.

                                     Stormor                                      ®

      Open upright
                                       All the benefits of different types of steel shelving
                                       have been combined in this truly versatile and
                                       interchangeable system. With the economy of
                                       open Mono frames, the simplicity of one-piece
                                       Solo frames, or the clean lines of Duo frames,
                                       Stormor Shelving offers it all.
                                      Shelves and storage accessories are a common fitting to all
                                      frame styles - so you can adapt your shelving as future needs
                                      change without worrying about compatibility.
                                      Accessories feature clip-in fitting so that any changes are
                                      quickly and easily made.
    Single skin upright              A major advantage of Stormor Shelving are the slim profile shelves
                                     and frames which give runs of shelving a neat, co-ordinated
                                     appearance. This design feature, coupled with colour options on frames
                                    and optional decorative end cladding makes Stormor ideal for use in
                                    offices and commercial environments, where the slim profiles minimise
                                    wasted linear space and optimise use of the storage area.

     STORMOR DUO                   Stormor Euro shelving
    Double skin upright            specified with Stormor Grey
                                   finish is BioCote protected.
                                   BioCote is a proven, patent-
                                   protected paint additive which inhibits the growth of potentially
                                   lethal bacteria and fungi. This reduces the risk of cross-
                                   contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency
                                   The anti-microbial agent provided by BioCote remains constant on
                                   the surface, interrupting the cells’ ability to function, grow and
                                   reproduce. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of organisms
                                   such as E.coli and MRSA, thus forming an effective part of good
                                   hygiene practice.
                                   BioCote does not deteriorate and therefore remains effective
                                   for the standard life of the painted surface.

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Document storage
Whether for front of office storage of ‘live documents’ or long-term
archiving, Stormor Shelving is the ideal solution.

 Having the right storage system is key to operating an effective document and
 data management system. This is especially true now that the Data
 Protection and Freedom of Information Acts are placing further
 pressures on organisations to comply quickly and efficiently.
 Stormor Shelving, with its wide range of sizes and
 accessories is the right solution to meet the needs
 of today’s modern office environment.

 Ideal for storing......
                                                                                                      Lloyd George medical files are easily
 l On-shelf ‘live’ or ‘soft’ files                                                                    accommodated, offering easy access.
 l Hanging files
 l Box files
 l Lloyd George boxes
 l Court Warrant boxes                                 Pull-out reference shelves offer working
                                                       space without obstructing walkways.
 l Digital data
 l Medical records
 l Lever Arch files
 l Archive boxes
 l Reference or Library
   books                                                                                              The design of the standard open shelf
                                                                                                      allows lateral files to be hung
 l And much more...                                                                                   underneath, saving the cost of
                                                                                                      separate filing cradles.

                                                       Pull-out drawers offer easy to access
                                                       storage for CD’s and DVD’s.

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Industrial storage
 Stormor is at home in storerooms, rear of store stockrooms,
 maintenance stores and throughout industry. With its choice of
 upright types and shelf duties, Stormor provides a functional
 system for all store areas.

 Stormor Shelving offers the right solution for all medium duty industrial
 storage applications and comes with a range of purpose-designed
 accessories - such as bin fronts, pull-out drawers, plastic drawers and
 garment hanging. Heavy-duty systems, such as Stormor Euro and
 Longspan are also available, please ask for more information.

 Ideal for storing......

 l Small parts
 l Retail stock
 l Garments
 l Electronic components
 l Storage boxes

                                                      For large high-rise or
                                                     multi-tier filing and archive
                                                    installations Stormor’s slim
                                                  profile shelves can be used with
                                                our proven Euro-Shelving system to
                                               maximise available space.             Stormor shelving using Mono inner frames
                                                                                     with Duo outer frames offers economy with
                                                                                     clean lines.
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The easily adjustable shelves offer great      The easy interchangeability of accessories    Stormor shelving helps create a more tidy
flexibility to change shelf configuration to   enables the user to tailor storage needs to   and efficient stock storage solution
match Retail stock requirements                meet his requirements
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   Commercial shelving                                                                   Mobile shelving                                                  Stockroom shelving

   Pallet racking                                                                        Square tube                                                      Small parts storage

   Heavy Duty shelving                                                                   Personal storage                                                 Commercial storage

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