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					                                STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED

                                                                 ■ Easily build custom items
                                                                      to your design
                                                                 ■ 25mm steel square tube
                                                                      or aluminium
                                                                 ■ 7 right angle connecting
                                                                      joints for full design
                                                                 ■ Simply cut tube to length
                                                                      and tap together
                                                                 ■ Wide range of
                                                                      accessories available

                                                                 It’s so easy
                                                                                            Sketch out the

                                                                                            plan and
                                                                                            dimensions of
                                                                                            your design

                                                                  ....cut the tube to
                                                                  length using the cutting jig......

                                                                             Tap the connecting

                                                                             joints into place,
                                                                             fit shelving and
                                                                             cladding to
                                                                             your design.

                                                             DATA SHEET
 Versatile construction system
                                                                                         STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED

        CUSTOM designed solutions
                                                                                         A versatile system suitable for the construction of items
                                                                                         such as workstations, benches and trolleys.

 joints                                                                                                                                   single finned tube
                         One-piece joints are
                         supplied ready for use.                                                                                          Extruded aluminium tube,
                         Available as Plastic                                                                                             self colour or black
                         outer with Steel core,                                                                                           powder coated finish.
   2W 3WF                in Black (BK) or as                                                                                              The fin provides a
                         plastic only in Light                                                                                            continuous support for
                         Grey (GY). 6 way joint                                          plain & perforated                               either 15mm board or
                         not available in Grey.                                                                                           6mm glass.
   3W 4WF                                                                                25mm square tube available plain or
                                                                                         perforated on one or two sides with 20mm x
                                                                                         3mm slots positioned on 50mm pitch. Choose
                                                                                         from18swg cold rolled seam welded steel or
                                                                                         Extruded aluminium alloy.
  4W          5W                                                                         Steel available in BLACK, RED, BLUE, LIGHT
                                                                                         GREY - Double coat painted and stove             double finned tube
                                                                                         enamelled, BRIGHT CHROME - Electroplated         Extruded aluminium tube available in different
                                                                                         or ZINC PLATED - Clear passivated.               configurations, self colour or black powder
                                                                                         Aluminium is either self coloured or black       coated finish. Enables 15mm board to be
 6W                                                                                      powder coated.                                   used as cladding directly onto the tube.

 feet and castors                                                                                                                         clips
 Adjustable Foot                                                                                                                          BENCH OR TROLLEY CLIP
 Black plastic foot including cap, for steel or aluminium.                                                                                Secures surface board to a
                                                                                                               Metal Cap    Plastic Cap   tube framework.
 Metal Cap
 Bright steel. Used as load-bearing feet.
 Plastic Cap                                                                                     Foot                                     SHELF CLIP For 15mm thick
 Black cap for open ends of tube and as light duty foot.                                                                                  shelving.

 Horizontal Ferrule
                                                                                                    Horizontal Ferrule
 Plastic end cap to raise tube clear of floor obstructions.                                                                               GLAZING CLIP To locate
 Light or Medium Duty Castors                                                                                                             6mm glass.
 Choice of duties offering load capacities of 113 or 180kg
 per set of four.
                                                                                                                                          GLASS SHELF CLIP Flush
 Light Duty Wheel
                                                                                                                                          fitting with tube framework.
 100mm dia. chrome body, grey wheel with rubber tyre.
 Load per set of four 160kg.
 Baseplates                                                                                                                               INVISIBLE SHELF CLIP For
                                                                                               Castors         Light Duty    Baseplate    perforated tube, to provide
 Used for fixing structures to floors, walls or ceilings.
                                                                                                                                          hidden shelf support.

 cladding & glazing
 extrusions                                                                                                                               ADJUSTABLE SHELF CLIP
                                                                                                                                          For perforated tube.
 Used for fitting 15mm
 cladding board and
 variable thickness glass to
 tube framework.
                                                                                                                                          Cutting Jig
 cantilever shelving arms                                                                                                                 Assists in accurate cutting
 Used with perforated tube to provide a fully adjustable shelf support.                                                                   of tube by hand saw.

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Description: Storage Design Limited are distributors of the Moresecure product ranges. Small parts storage, shelving systems, longspan shelving, pallet racking, lockers, cupboards, workstations