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									Mastering the Art of Programming
So you know how to program. You’ve worked enough with a language or two to know the abilities and
limits of each.

The question is no longer “if” you can write something, it’s now a matter of “how.” You’ve discovered
that there are a number of ways to go about solving problems and making programs work.

Some approaches are slower and less effective. Others make processes efficient and useful.

That’s where the true genius of a programmer comes in. Anyone can learn the language.

How many can use the language effectively enough to find the better, efficient solutions? Those are the
skills that set them apart from the crowd.

Benefits of Learning another Language
Those are the masters of programming. Anyone who has attempted to master the art themselves may
have run into a few snags along the way.

That kind of problem solving often requires an approach to the problem from a different perspective, a
perspective that you can’t see without someone pointing it out to you. Where can you find the tutor to
point you in the right direction though?

                                   Learn another programming language. Languages offer a unique
                                   perspective on the world.

                                   The people of the Philippines do not have their own word for
                                   refrigerators; they short cut them to “refs” after the English word.
                                   Before Americans came into their country, the thought never
                                   occurred to them that such a contraption could exist.

Plugging a refrigerator into a wall to keep food cold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without making ice
was unheard of. So when they saw Americans keeping beverages and meat cold in their refrigerators,
they were absolutely astounded.

Once the country started importing their own, they implemented the technology and the name into
their own culture and language. Their concept of the possibilities of this world changed because of the
technology presented to them.

In the same way, limiting your exposure to other programming languages limits your ability to conceive
of possible solutions that already exist. Your language limits your understanding.
Think in New Ways
Hence, always taking the time to learn a new programming language will force you to think in new ways.
Those new ways make those seemingly impossible questions of “what can you do to make this program
more efficient,” and turn them into confident affirmations.

Take an inventory of the languages you do know and begin searching for a new one that is as different
as you can get. Spend the next several months mastering the code, concepts, and mindset of that

As you master the other language, you’ll begin to notice
a change in the way you think about problems. You’ll be
more rounded and ready to tackle that difficult task

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