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					Saute 1 Final Written Test                                    Name:______________________________
Chef Scribner, M.A.Ed., C.C.

                           Due On Last Friday of Rotation, by 1:30pm

1.    What is the bundle of herbs and aromatics used for flavoring soups or stews called?
      a.  sachet d'épices
      b. onion piquet
      c.  bouquet garni
      d. infusion

2.    What is the difference between blanching and parboiling?
      a.  there is no difference
      b. cooking time is shorter for blanching
      c.  less water is used for blanching
      d. the water is salted when parboiling

3.    What is the desired end product of clarifying butter?
      a.  milkfat
      b. butterfat
      c.  water
      d. none of the above

4.    Which of the following is not a dry-heat cooking method?
      a.  grilling
      b. deep-frying
      c.  sautéing
      d. steaming

5.    Which of the following refers to the process of sugar breaking down in the presence of protein?
      a.  gelatinization
      b. evaporation
      c.  denaturing
      d. Maillard reaction

6.    Clarified butter will keep for extended periods in either the freezer or the refrigerator.
      a.   true
      b. false

7.    Proper mise en place requires a good sense of timing, knowing how far in advance to begin a task.
      a.  true
      b. false

8.    Good mise en place considers not only cooking preparation but also food safety issues, such as time and
      temperature controls.
      a.  true
      b. false

9.    Why is it important to stir foods being chilled over an ice bath?

10.   Why is a complete prep list important to organize work in the kitchen?
11.   Sautéing is a dry-heat cooking method that uses stock for moisture and tenderness.
      a.   true
      b. false

12.   Broiling uses radiant heat from an overhead source.
      a.   true
      b. false

13.   Baking and roasting are the same cooking method.
      a.  true
      b. false

14.   Foods heat faster and more evenly when stirred.
      a.  true
      b. false

15.   Foods cooked with moist-heat methods will caramelize.
      a.  true
      b. false

16.   Which side of a piece of meat, poultry or fish should be placed on a grill first?
 Test Name: Saute 1

1.    c. bouquet garni

2.    b. cooking time is shorter for blanching

3.    b. butterfat

4.    d. steaming

5.    d. Maillard reaction

6.    a. true

7.    a. true

8.    a. true

9.    constant stirring speeds the cooling process.

10.   it is a blueprint for how food production will be achieved during the work day

11.   b. false

12.   a. true

13.   a. true

14.   a. true

15.   b. false

16.   presentation side

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