Appeal to Administrative Decision - City of Hobart by ajizai



City of Hobart:
Application to the Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals
Planning Department: (219) 942-1722     

Petitioner: Name:


             Phone:                                            Email:


             Address:                                                                               Size:

18 digit parcel number:

General Location:

Zoning District:                     Current Use:

Appeal to an administrative decision:

§ 154.514 APPEALS.                                                                                  Fee: $100.00

    (A)      A decision of the Administrator enforcing this chapter may be appealed to the Advisory Board of Zoning
             Appeals by any person who is adversely affected by the decision. On an appeal, the Board of Zoning Appeals may
             make any decision that the Administrator might have made.

    (B)            1     All appeals from a decision of the Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals shall be made pursuant to I.C. 36-7-
                         4-1001 through 36-7-4-1020.

                   2     The person aggrieved by a decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals shall present the petition provided for
                         in I.C. 36-7-4-1003 to the Court within 30 days after the entry of the decision of the BZA.

Ordinance Number:                                     Requirement:

Attach documentation of why this appeal to an administrative decision is being filed and reasoning why the
decision made by city staff should be over turned.

City Planner/Zoning Administrator                    Date                  Petioner                                             Date


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