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					2nd period K/NTK for SLU Project

Know                                                           Need to Know
Need an Intro explaining pop problem                           What is a Brownfield?
1-2 page paper due 11/1                                        Is there a money limit/budget?-done
Final presentation is 11/16                                    What is a parcel?-done
There will be 6 teams                                          What's on the rubric?-done
Making a model of our area                                     Are we going to see examples?
We're making different building types                          What are sustainable building practices?
We can explain using a website or power point                  What are invasive species?
We have to make a mixed-use development                        What is symbiosis?
Creating a food web                                            How do we minimize our carbon footprint?
Explaining why mixed-use                                       Are there materials that we need to use?
Minimize 2 habitat issues                                      What is supposed to be in the paper?
Relate world problems with our ecology                         How is this related to biology?
We're building on a Brownfield                                 What is the world's population problem?
What a carbon footprint is                                     Specifics of food webs
We have to describe the carbon cycle                           How big is an acre?
Have to describe why zoning changes are needed                 What is rezoning and why is it necessary?
Have to say How energy relates to ecosystems                   What is mixed-use development?
Have to describe how greenhouse relates to carbon cyc          How many people are expected to live in the area?
                                                               What arethe nutrient cycles?
Have to describe how GMOs relate to population prob            What are biotic and abiotic factors?
                                                               What is carbon capture?
                                                               What are the limits of our ecosystem?
                                                               What is biodiversity?
                                                               Will we see an existing policy on pesticides?
                                                               What is bioaccumulation?
                                                               What are some successful mixed-use developments?
                                                               What is the carbon cycle?
                                                               Are we limited by our resources?-done
Problem statement:
How do we as a land development firm reuse a brownfield to build a sustainable environment so that beople can live happily?
3rd Period SLU K/NTK

Know                                                         Need to know
1-2 Page Paper due 11/1                                      What is is a Brownfield?
Project due 11/17                                            What materials can we use?
Need a website or power point                                How long does this need to be?
We get to pick our groups                                    Which development do we get?
Whole class makes 1 development                              How does mixed use help the ecosystem?
Need to include a food web                                   How does our development limit our carbon footprint?
We'll do different parts of the development                  What is a food web?
Raleigh purchased the land                                   What is a carbon footprint?
We're getting judged by other people                         What is a mixed-use development?
We're using a Brownfield site                                What is sustainable development?
We need to explain about our carbon footprint                What is rezoning and why is it necessary?
Describe natural resources                                   What is the world's population problem?
3-4 people per group                                         What is acid rain?
What natural resources are                                   What is habitat destruction?
                                                             What are invasive species?
                                                             Specifics about ecological relationships?
                                                             What are biotic and abiotic factors?
                                                             What is the greenhouse effect?
                                                             What is biodiversity and why is it important?
                                                             What is bioaccumulation?
                                                             What is the carbon cycle?
                                                             How does energy flow through the ecosystem?
                                                             What is carbon capture?
                                                             What are some sustainable energy sources?

Problem Statement:
How do we as land developers make a development so that we limit humans' imact on the ecosystem?
4th Period SLU Project K/NTK

Know                                                          Need to Know
We're creating one part of a large development                Who is in our group?-done
Paper Due 11/1                                                What's wrong with the land?
Project due 11/16                                             Which part of the development will we do?-done
Paper explains why mixed-use development                      What's on the rubric-done
We're creating a sustainable mixed-use development            What is a Brownfield site?
the county purchased a former Brownfield                      How do you minimize acid rain, habitati destruction, and invasive species?
We have to plan on how to sustainably use our resources       What is an invasive species?
What the carbon cycle, Photosynthesis and Respiration are     What is sustainable development?
What biodiversity is                                          How can mixed-use development help the environment?
What a predator/prey relationship is                          What are biotic and abiotic factors?
Function of energy                                            What is bioaccumulation?
Some sustainable energy resources                             What symbiosis is
What pesticides and fertilizers are                           What is carrying capacity?
                                                              What are some limiting factors of the ecosystem?
                                                              What is the population problem?
                                                              What are acid rain, invasive species, and habitat destruction?
                                                              How do pesticcides work?
                                                              What is the relationship between the greenhouse effect and carbon cycle?
                                                              What sustainable building practices will we use on our building?
                                                              What are zoning changes and why do we need them?
                                                              Are there limitations to our building practices?
                                                              How does the Brownfield site impact our design?

Problem Statement:
How do we as land devlopers design a sustainable mixed-use development so that we can minimize human impact of the environment?

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