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Medical Terminology Chapter 15 – Urinary System


									                                 Medical Terminology
                              Chapter 15 – Urinary System
Combining Forms
albumin/o                                protein            albumurea
bacteri/o                                bacteria
cyst/o                                   bladder or sac     cystoscope
dips/o                                   thirst             polydipsia
gluc/o     glucose/o          glyc/o     sugar
ket/o      keton/o                       ketone bodies      ketosis
lith/o                                   stone              neprhrolithiasis
meat/o                                   opening            meatal
nephr/o    ren/o                         kidney
pub/o                                    pubic              suprapubic
py/o                                     pus                pyonephritis
ureter/o                                 ureter
ureter/o                                 urethra
ur/o       urin/o                        urinary

                                       Urinary System

Chapter 15 – Urinary System                                                1
Anatomical Terms                        see page 484 and 485
       cortex - outer part of kidney    medulla - inner part of kidney
nephron                                 functional units of the urine
ureter                                  carries urine from kidney to bladder
urethra                                 carries urine from bladder to outside body
       external urethral meatus         opening to the outside of the body
urinary bladder                         sac that holds urine
urine                                   fluid from kidneys with water & waste products
urea                                    waste product formed by the kidneys
creatinine                              waste product of muscle metabolism

Symptomatic Terms
albuminuria          proteinuria        presence of albumin in the urine
anuria                                  absence of urine formation
bacteriuria                             presence of bacteria in the urine
incontinence                            involuntary discharge of urine or feces
        continent                       the ability to hold or retain urine
        noncontinent                    urine cannot be held and drains continually
SUI – stress urinary incontinence       incontinence with coughing, sneezing, straining
dysuria                                 painful urination
enuresis                                involuntary urinary discharge
        nocturnal enuresis              bed wetting
hematuria                               blood in the urine
glucosuria                              glucose in the urine
ketonuria            ketosis            presence of ketone bodies in the urine
nocturia                                night time urination
oliguria                                little urine production
polyuria                                excessive urination
pyuria                                  WBC in the urine indicative of infection
urinary retention                       inability to void due to obstruction, spasm, etc.

Diagnostic Terms
hydronephrosis                          pooling of urine flow in renal pelvis – pg 487
nephritis                               inflammation of the kidneys
nephrosis                               degenerative disease of the renal tubules
nephrolithiasis                         kidney stones
cystitis                                bladder inflammation
urethritis                              urethra inflammation
urethrocystitis                         inflammation of bladder and urethra
urethral stenosis                       narrowed urethra
UTI urinary tract infection             infection of the urinary tract structures
Uremia                                  increase urea and nitrogenous waste in blood
PKD polycystic kidney disease           genetic condition of multiple cysts in the kidney
                                       leading to destruction of tissue leading to failure

Chapter 15 – Urinary System                                                        2
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
cystometrogram                measures urinary volume, bladder pressure and capacity
cystoscopy                            bladder examination with scope
kidney or renal biopsy                removal of kidney tissue for examination
       IVP intravenous pyelogram      iodine injected as a contrast - see page 487
       KUB                            scout study before doing IVP – see page 490
       Renal arteriogram              renal artery x-ray with contrast medium
abdominal sonogram                    ultrasound image of urinary tract

Lab Studies
UA – Urinalysis                          physical, chemical and microscopic exam
       specific gravity           measure of kidney’s ability to concentrate or dilute urine
       pH                                urine acidity or alkalinity
       albumin        protein
       occult blood
       microscopic findings
culture and sensitivity (C & S)
BUN – blood urea nitrogen                 determines urea level in the blood

Operative Terms
urologic endoscopy                        use on endoscopes to perform procedures
nephrotmy                                 incision into the kidney
nephrorrhaphy                             suture of kidney
nephrolithotomy                           stone removal
nephrectomy                               removal of kidney
stent placement                           see page 494
kidney transplant                         see page 494
urinary diversion                      creation of a diversion of the urinary tract – pg 495

Therapeutic Terms
shock wave lithotripsy                   using ultrasound to break down stones – pg 495
Kegal exercises
urinary catheterization
       straight catheter                  straight in and then out after procedure
       Foley catheter                     indwelling catheter with collection bag
       suprapubic catheter                indwelling catheter with abdominal incision

Chapter 15 – Urinary System                                                          3
Common Drug Classifications   Abbreviations

analgesic                     BUN        UA
antibiotic                    C&S        UTI
antispasmodic                 IVP
diuretic                      KUB


Chapter 15 – Urinary System                    4

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