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 Board of Studies in Engineering – Chemical Engineering – February 2005

 School of Engineering & Electronics
 Chemical Engineering

 To: Board of Studies in Engineering – February 2005

 Proposal to Move all examinations for 4th Year 1st Semester courses to
 the May diet of exams

 The University, in producing a semester-based structure to the academic year, has failed
 to achieve any sense of equity between the two semesters. The first semester has 11
 teaching weeks running straight into a two-week examination period, whereas the second
 semester has 11 teaching weeks, a three-week vacation and then an additional revision
 week before a four-week examination period. Thus first semester courses have at least
 four weeks less consolidation time prior to exams in comparison to those in the second
 semester. The teaching period in the first semester is also shorter than that in the second
 semester, being ten weeks and two days, compared with ten weeks and four days in the
 second semester. This is exacerbated by the fact that students resent any new teaching
 encroaching into week 11 of the first semester (including project work), since their exams
 start the following week. Thus in effect the first semester is left with only nine weeks and
 two days of teaching compared with ten weeks and four days in the second semester (a
 14% reduction in teaching time).

 In order to make full use of the already limited teaching time in semester 1, and to
 acknowledge the need that the University itself sees for a consolidation period before
 exams (hence the week after Easter before the 2nd semester exams start), we have decided
 to hold the examinations for those 4th/5th year courses taught within Chemical
 Engineering in May rather than December. In practice, this only affects our 4th year core
 lecture courses. This will allow us to continue teaching throughout week 11 and to expect
 some work on projects over the following two weeks. Students taking the Management or
 Environmental Engineering versions of our degree programme may still have a first
 semester examination in their Management or Environmental course, but this will be
 limited to a single examination in December for each student on such a course. In
 addition, students on the other degree programmes will be allowed to take one course (eg
 Energy Systems 4) having an examination in the first semester. Students will be expected
 to revise for the single examination alongside teaching in other courses, treating week 11
 as a standard teaching week. The examination entries of courses Fluid Mechanics
 (Chemical) 4 (U01668), Chemical Engineering Design: Synthesis and Economics 4
 (U01669), Process Safety 4 (U01670) and Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 4
 (U01671) have been modified to reflect this change in examination period. The change
 will take place from the start of the next academic year,
Board of Studies in Engineering – Chemical Engineering – February 2005

Proposal to modify the Degree Programme Tables for Chemical
Engineering to specify the number of non-chemical engineering courses
permitted amongst the optional modules at 4th and 5th year level

When modifying our 4th and 5th year course structure several years ago to allow options
to be taken within our 4th and 5th year of the degree programmes, we set limits on the
number of non-chemical engineering topics permitted within each degree programme.
This, however, was overlooked in drawing up the Degree Programme Tables last year.
We wish to rectify this by explicitly stating the number of non-chemical engineering
courses permitted amongst the options in 4th and 5th year. For the Management and
Environmental Engineering degrees, this number will be zero after allowing for the 4
management or environmental courses. For the BEng in Chemical Engineering, no
external courses will be permitted and for the MEng in Chemical Engineering, two
external courses will be permitted.

Introduction of a separate course with its own code for the Industrial
Placement that may be taken in place of the research project

This year we had one student taking an industrial placement instead of the 5th year
research project (U00363 Chemical Engineering Research Project 5). This was arranged
at the last minute, before we had time to introduce a code for this into the system. We are
rectifying this by inserting a new course in the DPRS system (code U02564). The
Learning Outcomes for this course will mirror those for the Research Project. The course
prerequisite of at least an average of 65% for 3rd and 4th year courses is to ensure that
only those students capable of meeting the extra demands of such an external project are
permitted to take this course.

Third Year – Division of Chemical Engineering 3A into a 20 point and
two 10 point courses

In trying to minimise the number of hurdles for our students, we intended to keep all of
our 3rd year courses at the maximum weighting permitted. However, this required that
management teaching (run as a separate course for civil engineering) be included within
Chemical Engineering 3A. Since we are no longer permitted to do this, we wish to run
the remaining 30 points worth of Chemical Engineering 3A as a 20 point course, still
named Chemical Engineering 3A (U02565), and a 10 point course entitled Solids
Processing 3 (U02566).

Prepared by Dr John Christy
Phone 504854
Board of Studies in Engineering – Chemical Engineering – February 2005

16 December 2004