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									Iranian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Volume 2, Number 2, 2005

 3-14    Reactor Modeling of a Non-Catalytic OCM Process
         M. Kazemeini, A. R. Mohammadi

 15-21   Semi-Continuous Cultivation of Photosynthetic Cells in a Flat Plate Photobioreactor
         Reza Yegani, Satoshi Yoshimura, Tomohisa Katsuda, Shigeo Katoh

 22-36   Numerical Simulation of the Hydrodynamics of a Two-Dimensional Gas-Solid Fluidized
         Bed by New Finite Volume Based Finite Element Method
         M. H. N. Famili, M. K. Moraveji

 37-48   The effect of wall strengtheners on the performance of double-stage electrostatic
         M. R. Talaie

 49-55   Decolorization of Distillery Wastewater by UV irradiated spores of Aspergillus
         M. Pazouki, A. Hosseinnia, J. Shayegan, M. Banifathemi

 56-63   Some investigations on PHA production using activated sludge as inoculum
         H. Salehizadeh

 64-71   CFD Simulations of Pressure Drop in KATAPAK-S Structured Packing
         M. Zivdar, R. Rahimi, M. Nasr, M. Haghshenasfard

 72-83   CFD Simulation of the Effect of Hydrodynamic Behavior of the Bed and catalyst
         activity on the Ozone Decomposition Reaction in the Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor
         M. K. Moraveji, M. H. N. Famili

 84      Notes for Authors
                                IRANIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
                                                          Jalal Shayegan (Ph. D.)

                                                          Jafar Towfighi (Ph. D.)

                                                            Executive Director
                                                        Leila Sadafi-Nejad (M. Sc.)

                                                          EDITORIAL BOARD

      Abolhamd, G. (Professor, University of Teh-                                Tehran)
      ran)                                                                       Movagharnejad, K. (Associate Professor, Mazan-
      Badakhshan, A. (Emeritus Professor, Univer-                                daran University)Mowla, D. (Professor, Shiraz
      sity of Calgary)                                                           University)
      Barikani, M. (Professor, Iran Polymer and                                  Noie, S.H. (Associate Professor, Ferdowsi
      Petrochemical Institute)                                                   University of Mashhad)
      Dabir, B. (Professor, Amirkabir University of                              Pahlavanzadeh, H. (Associate Professor, Tar-
      Technology)                                                                biat Modares University)
      Danesh, A. (Professor, University of Tehran                                Rashtchian, D. (Associate Professor, Sharif
      and Heriot-Watt University)                                                University of Technology)
      Etemad, S.Gh. (Associate Professor, Isfahan                                Seyedeyn-Azad, F. (Associate Professor, Uni-
      University of Technology)                                                  versity of Isfahan)
      Fathikalajahi, J. (Professor, Shiraz University)                           Shayegan, J. (Professor, Sharif University of
      Jamialahmadi, M. (Associate Professor, Pet-                                Technology)
      roleum University of Technology)                                           Shojaosadati, A. (Professor, Tarbiat Modares
      Khoshnoodi, M. (Professor, Univer-sity of                                  University)
      Sistan and Baluchestan)                                                    Sohrabi, M. (Professor, Amirkabir University
      Madaeni, S.S. (Professor, Razi University)                                 of Technology)
      Mohammadi, T. (Professor, Iran University of                               Soltanieh, M. (Professor, Sharif University of
      Science and Technology)                                                    Technology)
      Moosavian, M.A. (Professor, University of

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