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					Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Graduates!
Interested in research?
Keen on developing tomorrow’s technology?
Enjoy doing fundamental work through to industrial application?
Will thrive in a multidisciplinary working environment?
Keen to be part of an international project team?
Interested in the pharmaceutical industry?
Want to be an entrepreneur?

New Molecular Purification Technologies for the Pharmaceutical
We are seeking to appoint a number of PhD research students/Early Stage Researchers (from
European Union countries) to positions across the EU, funded by an EU Marie Curie Initial Training
Network (ITN) – NEMOPUR. These positions are available from 1st September 2008.

The NEMOPUR ITN will focus on creating a new generation of molecular purification technologies
for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacture, with a particular focus on removal of
organic impurities from API production. New solvent resistant membranes with improved
chemical stability in a wide range of solvents, and better controlled cut‐off properties, novel
molecularly imprinted polymers with readily scalable production chemistries, and composite
molecularly imprinted film – macroporous support membranes will be developed. The project will
have a strong emphasis on knowledge creation, technology commercialisation, and
entrepreneurship. We are seeking engineers and scientists who are academically excellent and
who will achieve PhD degrees during the project, and who thrive at the interface between
fundamental research and industrial application.
NEMOPUR is a funded collaboration of nine partner institutions, comprising 3 Universities and 6
companies within the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Early Stage
Researchers will be employed at each of the partner locations for the purposes of their research
training. They will complete a PhD thesis through a combination of local and network wide
research experience and have opportunities to gain career‐orientated insights from other partners
within the consortium. Researchers based at the Universities will undertake their PhD studies at
the host University. Research students based at industrial partners will be registered for a PhD at
one of the three Universities, as decided by the Consortium.
Opportunities are available as follows:

   -   Imperial College London, UK – (2 positions)
   -   University of Dortmund, Germany – (2 positions)
   -   Consiglo Nazionale delle Ricerche, Instituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane, Calabria,
       Italy – (2 positions)
   -   Membrane Extraction Technology Limited, London, UK (1 position)
   -   MIP Technologies AB, Lund, Sweden (1 position)
   -   Hovione Farmaciencia SA, Lisbon, Portugal (1 position)
   -   UCB PHARMA S.A., Braine, Belgium (1 position)
   -   GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK (1 position)
   -   Lonza Limited, Visp, Switzerland (1 position)

Researchers will receive a competitive salary and generous allowances for travel and for
participation in the training and research events of the Network.

Applicants must have achieved a Masters degree in a chemical engineering, chemical technology
or a related subject. Applicants cannot be appointed to a position within their host country.

Applications must be sent by e‐mail, with subject marked “NEMOPUR APPLICATION” to: Angela
Lonergan, Project Manager, Imperial College, London: Email: Tel:
+44(0) 24 7589 5111

There is no closing date for applications – positions will be filled from 1st September 2008 as
suitable candidates are identified.

Applications must include the following:

   -   A detailed curriculum vitae containing the applicant’s full academic record to date, with
       marks and scores achieved at all levels.
   -   Details of internationally recognised language qualifications achieved.
   -   A statement of which position/s/locations the applicant wishes to apply for together with
       reasons for applying.

Applications will be forwarded to the relevant partner for consideration.
PhD Registration of NEMOPUR Early Stage Researchers at the Universities: Imperial College,

A.       Imperial College

The key steps to be taken are:

1. PhD applicants must apply on-line and the normal postgraduate admissions rules and procedures are
     followed. A useful overview of the process can be found at
         see PhD application flowchart

2. In addition, the company and academic supervisor at Imperial College will need to complete a PRI form,
   which can be found on the following page:

     This is effectively an form which allows a research company/organisation to apply to become an
     approved research partner of Imperial College – aimed at allowing part-time PhD students to be based at
     approved companies/organisations. Research facilities, library facilities and day to day research
     supervision will be considered. (But this must accompany the application form of a researcher, so this
     cannot be organised in advance of the actual recruitment as outlined above in section 1).

     Guidance notes on the PRI scheme can be found here:

     In case the links above don't work, you can get to the pages via this one:

Please liaise closely with Angela over this process, so that she can organise Departmental approval.

B. University of Dortmund

For Industrial Research Laboratory students wanting to register in Dortmund the same admission and
registration rules apply as for all students. Applicants need to formally apply to the student Dean’s office with
the following required documents. The examination committee will then decide about admission:

The documents required are:
- Academic degree transcripts with notes
- Complete student education/results record
- MSc thesis or equivalent
- CV
 A copy of the application and documents should be sent to Bjorge

C.       University of Calabria (UNICAL)

PhD course on Chemical Engineering and Materials.

ITM-CNR has a specific agreement with the UNICAL for hosting PhD students in its laboratories, working
under the supervision of Enrico Drioli and other colleagues from the ITM-CNR and the Department of
Chemical Engineering and Materials of the UNICAL.

Positions are offered with a formal call for application which appears annually normally around September-
October for each doctorate course.

For the two Nemopur PhD positions at the ITM-CNR, we have a specific
agreement between the UNICAL and the ITM-CNR.

For further information on PhD courses at the UNICAL you can contact Enrico
( <>; or
Prof. Raffaele Molinari - current coordinator of the
PhD courses at the following address:
<> (tel 0039 0984 496699).