I am a recently graduated chemical engineer from the by elitecx764


									I am a recently graduated chemical engineer from the University of Saskatchewan, I am a good
problem solver, and eager to put the skills I have acquired through school and on the job experience to
work in industry.
Several topics I studied at the U of S, such as process design, mass/heat transfer, and process modeling
give me a skill set that can be applied to a wide variety of applications. My final design project for the
course is a re-design of an ammonia synthesis loop, concentrating on the steam system and heat
recovery; common problems that can be found many places in the chemical process industry.

I have also spent several summers working at Saskferco Products' nitrogen fertilizer plant in Belle
Plaine. During my co-op work term there I gained first hand experience working safely with the
production of a variety of products, including anhydrous ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and UAN. While
at Saskferco I worked on several projects. These include characterizing the performance of an ammonia
recovery distillation unit as well as changing catalyst in primary and secondary reformers, and in both a
high and low temperature water-gas shift reactors. During my time there gained hands on experience
that can be applied to many processes.

In addition to my education and industrial experience, I have strong communication skills, honed both
in theory with a class in communication and in practice writing progress reports and project summaries
while working in industry. I take initiative, am responsible and have strong people skills. During the
four summer months I spent working for Petro-Canada in 2006, I was acknowledged twice for my
excellent customer service.

I am an enthusiastic learner who would bring both strong technical and people skills to your company.
I would love to hear from you regarding any current or future employment opportunities. I may be
reached at (306) 693-8961 or by e-mail at rob.d@usask.ca. Please find my resume attached to this e-

Rob Deobald

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