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					JOGNN Reviewer “Cheat Sheet”

ACCEPT. If, aside from minor suggestions, you feel the manuscript could be published in its present form, check this
option. Please note that it is your responsibility to check for technical, medical, and nursing accuracy and to evaluate
research methods and conclusions.

REVISE. If the manuscript contains good material but should be revised by the author and resubmitted for additional
review, check this option. Please check this category only if the paper has a good chance to be acceptable after the
author satisfies your present criticisms. Please distinguish essential revisions from those you judge merely desirable in
your confidential remarks to the editor.

REJECT. If the manuscript should not be published, check this option. Please identify specific reasons for this decision.


Suitability and Merit. Written well enough for review; makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge on this
topic; title appropriate & clear. Required Optional

Presentation of Material. Content logically presented; facts accurately interpreted; text and tables not duplicative;
conclusions well supported; practice implications clearly identified & discussed. Required Optional

Manuscript Elements and Style. Technical terms clearly defined; tables & illustrations necessary; form & arrangement of
tables & illustrations satisfactory Required Optional

Research, Sample & Methods. Participants clearly & accurately described; design appropriate; procedure adequately
described; instruments or interview guide clearly described. Required Optional

Clinical Relevance. Contributes to the practice of nursing and is relevant for JOGNN readers. Required Optional

Research, Analysis & Conclusions. Statistics appropriate; analyses properly interpreted; trustworthiness of qualitative
data discussed; results, limitations, practice & research implications discussed. Required Optional

Components of Manuscript. Abstract specific & adequately structured; callouts appropriate; purpose succinctly stated
in introduction; pertinent & current literature cited; sections appropriate length.

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