The Avid Media Composer ® “Cheat Sheet” by elitecx764


									The Avid Media Composer ®
      “Cheat Sheet”

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              Ph: +61 2 89774800 Fx: +61 2 99751430
                                                                                 VIDEO & AUDIO POST
Project Window                                                           Bins - Text View
Shortcut                    Result                                        Shortcut                  Result
                                                                                                                               VIDEO & AUDIO POST

         +A                 Selects all bins in project                                             Moves cursor to next column

         +W                 Closes project                                           +              Moves cursor to previous column

                                                                                                    Moves cursor to next row
Bins - General
Shortcut                    Result                                                   +              Moves cursor to previous row

         +N                 Creates a new bin
                                                                                     +E             Sorts items by selected heading

         +A                 Selects all items in bin
                                                                                 +         +E       Reverse sorts items by heading

           +         +A Deselects all items in bin                                   + click     Allows editing of custom bin
                                                                                     bin heading heading
         +W                 Closes active bin                                                       Produces menu of previous en-
                                                                                     + click cell
                                                                                                    tries for that cell
         +P                 Prints active bin
         +D                 Duplicates selected object/s
                                                                          Shortcut                  Result
           +         +G Groups selected objects
                                                                                                    Starts subclip

         +I                 Opens bin info in Console
                                                                                                    Ends subclip

           +                Changes Relink to Unlink in
                            Bin menu                                                                Add locator

         + drag             Copies selected object/s from
                            one bin to another                                                      Start capturing

Bins - Frame and Script modes

Shortcut                    Result                                         Did you know...?
         +L                 Enlarges frames                                You can also use the J, K and L keys as well
                                                                           as the left and right
         +K                 Reduces frames                                 arrow keys to control
                                                                           the deck while in
         +T                 Snaps frames to grid                           capture mode.

                                                                                          The owl has often been used as a
                      Avid Training.... its a hoot!!                                      symbol of wisdom and learning. So
                                                                                          nothing epitomises the value of Avid
                                                                                          Certified training better than our
                      “I learned more with Dave in three                                  nocturnal feathered friend here. No
                      days than I learned in three years                                  matter how long you have been using
                      teaching myself”                                                    the Avid system, there is ALWAYS
                                                      G.J. (Avid MC101 student)
                                                                                          something you can learn in an Avid
                                                                                          training course that will help you work
                                                                                          smarter; instead of harder.
Check out our website for all our training offerings...
Tools                                                    J-K-L (Three-button) Play
Shortcut               Result                            Shortcut                     Result

        +1             Audio Tool                                  x1                  Play normal speed

        +2             Avid Calculator                             x2                  Play 2x normal speed

        +3             Command Palette                             x3                  Play 3x normal speed

        +4             Composer Window                             x4                  Play 5x normal speed

        +5             Media Creation Tool                         x5                  Play 8x normal speed

        +6             Console Window                              x1                  Reverse play normal speed

        +7             Capture Tool                                x2                  Reverse play 2x normal speed

        +8             Effect Palette                              x3                  Reverse play 3x normal speed

        +9             Project Window                              x4                  Reverse play 5x normal speed

        +0             Timeline Window                             x5                  Reverse play 8x normal speed

Audio                                                                                  Pause

Shortcut               Result                                  +                       Play 1/4 speed (6fps PAL)

        +click         Set pan to MID (centre pan)             +                       Reverse Play 1/4 speed (6fps PAL)
        pan slider
        +click         Set gain to 0.0dB                      tap                      Step back one frame
        gain slider
        +click         Solo selected timeline track           tap                      Step forward one frame
        speaker icon
        +drag          Moves keyframe in time but not
        keyframe       gain

                                                                    Anyone can drive a VW Beetle to its maximum potential.
So, you’ve got one of                                               And driving the Australian GP at 65km/h might get you to
these in the garage?                                                the finish (eventually) but where’s the fun in that?

                                                                    Imagine driving the F1 car instead.

Nice one!                                                           Very exciting. But to even get on the track, the team boss
                                                                    has to be satisfied you can do the job. You have to be prop-
                                                                    erly trained. It is the same with your Avid system. Knowing
                                                                    the basics is OK, but to get the best performance out of it,
                                                                    you have to be trained the right way. That’s our job. Avid
                                                                    certified training conducted by Avid Certified Instructors is
                                                                    the only way to ensure you really know everything you need
                                                                    to know to take advantage of all the powerful features and
                                                                    productivity tools your Avid system has to offer.

                         (But wouldn’t it be a                      Think about it and remember you can’t win a F1 drivers’
                         shame to drive it like one                 championship driving a Ferrari like a VW Beetle.
                         of these?)
                                                                    (Just ask Michael Schumacher)

                         Check out our full range of Avid training courses at
                                                                     or phone us on +61 2 89774800
                                                                                                                      VIDEO & AUDIO POST
Playing and Marking Footage                                   Effect Mode
Shortcut               Result                                 Shortcut                  Result
                                                                                                                   VIDEO & AUDIO POST

      +                Step 10 frames forward                                           Moves from one active slider to
                                                                                        the next

      +                Step 10 frames backward                           +              Increase parameter value by
                                                                                        ten units

      +                Step one field forward                             +              Decrease parameter value by
                                                                                        ten units

      +                Step one field backward                            +drag          Updates image while dragging

      +                Mark In                                           +drag          Repositions keyframe in time

      +                Mark Out                                      +           +click Selects all keyframes

      +                Go to In                                                         Removes selected effect

      +                Go to Out                                         +double        Autonests effect from palette-
                                                                         click effect   onto selected segment/s

      +                Loop play between marks                           +click in      Turns cursor into eyedropper for
                                                                         monitor        Paint effect brush colour
                                                                         +click in      Changes cursor to magnifying
Trim Mode                                                                monitor        glass

Shortcut               Result                                        +           +click Changes cursor to hand for mov-
                                                                                        ing zoomed image in monitor

      +                Go to trim mode at previous edit              +click control     Changes corner point to smooth
                       regardless of track selection                 point              point and vice versa

      +                Go to trim mode at next edit                  +click Bezier      Toggles bar length and direction
                       regardless of track selection                 handle             from linked to unlinked to linked
      +Trim forward    In single-roller trim, Filler is in-          +drag Bezier       Toggles bar length and direction
      or backward      serted to maintain sync                       handle             from linked to unlinked to linked
      +double click    Segment is placed in Slide mode               +drag object       Rescales object from its centre
      a segment                                                      handle
      +double click    Segment is placed in Slip mode                +        (click)   Brings selected object to front
      a segment
                       Exit Trim mode and return to                  +        (click)   Sends selected object to back
                       Source/Record mode

                                                                     +                  Renders to last drive used
                                                                                        bypassing dialogue box
                                                                     While              Shows render timer
 Did you know...?                                                    rendering
                                                                     While              Shows render percentage com-
 Real-time dissolves were not part of the Media Com-                 rendering          plete
 poser feature set until about 1996 when v5.5 was
                                                                                        Exit Effect mode and return to
 released? Before then, dissolves had to be rendered
                                                                                        Source/Record mode
 and on a NuBus Macintosh with a 100MHz processor,
 a twenty-five frame dissolve took about one second
 per frame to render which meant you could not see
 your dissolve playing back in real-time for about half
 a minute! Then, if you wanted to change its length or         Ooops!!
 position, you had to render the dissolve all over again!
 (What a pain)                                                 If you make a mistake, you can undo it. You probably
                                                               knew that already. But in the Undo/Redo list found in
                                                               the Edit menu, you can undo up to thirty-two opera-
 Aren’t you glad Avid kept (and keeps on) developing?          tions. If you undo too far, that list will also allow you to
                                                               re-do up to thirty-two operations
Editing                                                       Timeline
Shortcut                 Result                               Shortcut                    Result
                                                                                                                      VIDEO & AUDIO POST

           +Z            Undo previous action                            +click in        Snaps position indicator to
                                                                         Timeline         nearest head-frame

           +R            Redo previous action                       +
                                                                              +click in   Snaps position indicator to
                                                                              Timeline    nearest tail-frame

       +                 Copies extracted material to the                +click in        Allows lassoing of edits and seg-
                         Clipboard                                       Timeline         ments buried in timeline tracks

       +                 Copies lifted material to the                   +L               Enlarges selected track/s
                         Copies marked material to the                   +K               Reduces selected track/s

       +                 Places extracted material in                    +]               Show more detail (zoom in)
                         Source Monitor

       +                 Places lifted material in Source                +[               Show less detail (zoom out)

       +                 Places copied material in Source                +F               Open Find dialogue to search
                         Monitor                                                          clip, locator and Timeline text

           +V            Pastes clipboard contents at                    +Y               Create new video track
                         marked position

           +I            Shows Info window for object in                 +U               Create new audio track
                         selected monitor
           +click in     Allows dragging of subclip from            +           +Y        Opens dialogue box to choose
           monitor       monitor to bin                                                   new video track number

       +                 Opens the Select a Bin dialogue            +           +U        Opens dialogue box to choose
                         box                                                              new audio track number
           +double       Opens selected clip or sequence             +click track   Solos the selected track/s
           click         in pop-up window                            monitor icon/s
           +drag to      Splices clip dragged from bin               +drag clip           Snaps clip to In/Out boundaries
           rec monitor   into sequence                               from bin             in Timeline
           +drag to      Overwrites clip dragged from bin           +                     Restrict segment motion to verti-
           rec monitor   into sequence                                                    cal only

           +D            Duplicates selected bin objects                 +A               Selects all tracks

           +L            Enlarges frame in Source or                +           +A        Deselects all tracks
                         Record monitor

           +K            Reduces frame in Source or
                         Record monitor

       +                 Splices clip to timeline ignoring
                         record-side marks
                                                                                          Guess who forgot
       +                 Overwrites clip to timeline ignor-
                         ing record-side marks                                            to back up?
       +                 Marks clip regardless of track
                         Marks between locators or entire
                                                               Backing up your work at the end of every day
           +                                                   is a most under-rated discipline. Make sure you
                         sequence if there are no locators
                                                               always back-up;
                         Toggles between Source and
                         Record monitors                             Your Project
                                                                     Your User Profile
                                                                     Your project’s Attic folder
 “Editing is about the only thing you can do in
 life where the ends truly justify the means.”                 And remember; “The day you don’t back-up is
                                          Dave Forsyth         going to be the day immediately before the day
                                                               you wish you had!”
                          Avid Media Composer Default Keyboard
Toggle                                                                                                                                                     Multicam Multicam Multicam Multicam
Src/Rec                                                                                                                                                   camera #1 camera #2 camera #3 camera #4

  Play      Jog 10fr     Jog 10fr       Jog 1fr      Jog 1fr          Play           Play      Video              Video           Audio           Audio              Audio            Audio         (you work it out)
            backward     forward       backward      forward                      In to Out   track #2           track #1        track #1        track #2           track #3         track #4

     Play        Go to        Go to            Mark In     Mark Out        Mark        Src/Rec      Trim                  Mark In      Mark Out        Trim                    Trim         Trim             Quick
                In mark      Out mark                                      Clip         mode        mode                                              A-side                 both sides    B-side          Transition

                                                                                                                                                        Mouse Shuttle
 Go to        Go to               Clear         Clear           Clear             Focus         Play                     Pause           Play        (pre-Adrenaline only)        Add
prev edit    next edit           In mark       Out mark       both marks                      reverse                                  forward                                  Keyframe

                                                                                                      Mouse Jog
                          Lift             Extract        Copy to     Splice-in      Overwrite   (pre-Adrenaline only)     Trim left      Trim left       Trim right             Trim right
                                                         Clipboard                                                        10 frames      one frame        one frame              10 frames

                                                                             Amber Video & Audio Post Unit B, 5 Skyline Place Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
                                                                             Ph: +61 2 89774800 Fx: +61 2 99751430
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        VIDEO & AUDIO POST

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