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SVN Cheat Sheet rev0.5 by elitecx764


									SVN Cheat Sheet rev0.5

command                          optional arguments              comments / examples
svnadmin create PATH/TO/ [--fs-type fsfs/bdb]                    create an initial repository
REPOS                                                            --fs-type specifies what db type if
                                                                 used for the repository. bdb is used
                                                                 by default
svn import local repos_addr                                      import a new project to the repos.
svn help                         [subcommand]                    get help [on the subcommand]
svn checkout (co) repos_addr [localdir]                          get a new repos. from the server.
                                                                 repos_addr can be of type:
                                                                 http(s):// (webdav)
                                                                 file:// (local)
                                                                 svn:// (svnserver prot)
                                                                 svn+ssh:// (svn through ssh tunnel)
svn update (up)                  [--revision (-r) REV1]          updates workdir or PATH
                                 [PATH2]                         supplying –revision (-r) rewinds
                                                                 workdir to previous revision
svn commit (ci)                  [PATH]                          commit your changes to the repos.
                                 [--message (-m) „commit         if no -m is supplied, $EDITOR will
                                 log“]                           be executed
                                 [--file (-F) logfile]
svn revert                       [PATH]                          revert the changes made
svn merge                        [-r REV[:REV]]                  merges two revisions of a repos., a
                                 [what] [[[with]]] [[where]]     trunk and a branch, etc...
                                 [--dry-run]                     arguments can be formed like
svn resolved PATH                                                upon resolution of a conflit (C)
svn status (st)                  [PATH]                          see what changes you have made
svn diff                         [-r REV[:REV]]                  see diff. between workdir and repos.
                                 [PATH]                          or between REV and REV
                                 [> patchfile]                   supplying [> patchfile] creates a
                                                                 unified diff patchfile
svn log                          [-r REV[:REV]]                  shows commit logs since REV or
                                 [--verbose (-v)]                from REV to REV for a specific file
                                 [PATH]                          or repository
svn copy/move (cp/mv)                                            copy or move either a file or an
PATH1 PATH2                                                      entire workdir or a branch in the
                                                                 repository itself (by specifying from
                                                                 and to as repos_addr.)
svn mkdir DIR                                                    create a DIR under version control
1 i.e. PREV, HEAD, BASE, COMMITTED, {DATE}, Number – please refer to manual for further information.
2 being of either type file or directory
command                optional arguments       comments / examples
svn add/delete PATH    [--non-recursive (-N)]   add a previously created file to
                                                version control or delete one
svn list               [-r REV]                 list files inside a repository
                       [-v]                     if no repos_addr is supplied, the files
                       [repos_addr]             inside the repository corresponding
                                                to the current workdir (pwd) are
svn cleanup                                     resumes operation in case of locked
svn info PATH                                   fetch all available information about
                                                a specific file in your workdir
svn blame PATH         [@REV]                   show author and revision
                                                information in-line for the specified
                                                files or URLs.
svn export URL/PATH    [-r REV] [PATH2]         exports a clean directory tree from
                                                the repository specified by URL/the
                                                working copy specified by path into
                                                PATH. If PATH is omitted, the last
                                                component of the URL is used for
                                                the local directory name.
svn switch (sw) URL    [PATH]                   updates your working copy to mirror
                                                a new URL
                                                This is the Subversion way to move
                                                a working copy to a new branch.
svn propset PROPERTY                            i.e.: svn propset svn:keywords „Id“ file.c
„value“ PATH                                    (properties can be, among others:
                                                ignore, keywords, eol-style)
svn propedit/propdel                            Edit or delete properties.
PROPERTY PATH                                   PATH must be the directory that
                                                contains the files on which you wish
                                                to set the property.

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