How To Build Muscle & Get A World Class Body

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					Here Are The 5 WORST Things You Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get A World Class Body


Almost all bodybuilding supplements DON'T WORK and are a complete joke and only make a 5% difference ASSUMING your diet and training plan are in order. In just a second, I'll give you a nutritional advantage and tell you exactly what does work.


Traditional bodybuilding programs would lead you to believe that "shocking" your muscles with "different angles," "feeling the burn," and "splitting up your body parts" is effective but they are dead wrong. Below, I'll tell you how not to waste your time and energy and gain maximum muscle.


Imitating the instruction of champion bodybuilders is a costly mistake because their advice has no practical relevance for average people like you and me. They will not tell you that drugs and genetics are responsible for curing their problem of being a hardgainer. They claim it's supplements and "better training." Give me a break.


Every bodybuilding magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company, which is why these mags look like massive supplement catalogs. If you've reading up on what supplements works, don't bother because you're getting biased opinions.


Lastly, legendary physiques were not built on silky smooth machines and bogus exercise equipment like the Bowflex, Total Gym 100 or the Weider Max 5000

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