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					My Favorite T-Shirt

Maddy Bjork
Due: 8/29/11
Favorite t-shirt essay

       According to www.spreadshirt.blogspot.com, the number of t-shirts shipped worldwide in

2008 was, 1,302,383! Imagine this, the number of people that handle a t-shirt before it gets to

you is about sixteen people! Everyone should have a favorite t-shirt, one that holds memories, or

one that they just love to wear. Mine happens to be one that just holds lots of memories.

       My all-time favorite t-shirt is a Iowa Hawkeye t-shirt that I got for christmas from my

grandparents. My grandparents and basically my whole family are big Hawkeye fans. My

grandparents got it from the gift store at the University of Iowa. Even before all the memories

happened, I already loved it knowing that it was actually from the University of Iowa.

       My favorite t-shirt is pitch black, with a big Hawkeye symbol on the front. It says “Iowa

Hawkeyes”, then underneath the Hawkeye sign, it says “Herky”. The words are outlined in a

smokey gray and a tangerine yellow. The Hawkeye symbol is surrounded by a stitched line in

cloud white, also surrounded by a dusty gray, and a sunflower yellow. My favorite t-shirt is

actually a kid sized t-shirt, that would be why it isn’t one that I would wear all the time, I just

love all of the good thoughts it holds.

       This is my favorite t-shirt, because, well first of all, it’s a Hawkeye t-shirt, so obviously

it‘s a pretty special one. Other than that, I wore this to my Hogrefe family annual Hawkeye get

together, which normally happens in October or November. Normally, we would go to an actual

game in Iowa City, but this year, we couldn’t get tickets. This year, everyone brought their

signature recipes, and we ate all of it! We watch the football game that is going on that day, and
My Favorite T-Shirt

cheer on our favorite team. Then, we split into two teams, the outlaws, (the ones that are married

into the family), and the true Hogrefes. Then, we play a couple games, and by the way, everyone

plays, and it is a pretty fun experience.

       This particular time was so special mainly because, you are only allowed to come to this

annual event when you are in the seventh grade, and when you are finally allowed to become a

part of the clan, you have to be initiated. Normally you have to sing the Iowa Fight Song in front

of everybody, but I refused to do that; therefore, the effect went something like this; my great

aunt told me to come outside because they wanted my help in a bean-bag toss game. I went out

and they told me to take my shoes off, I was a little confused, but you never really know what is

going to happen when you get to know my cousins. Therefore, I took my shoes off, and started

to walk over to the game, then two of my older cousins, (Tim and Tony), picked me up and threw

me in a snow pile! At first I was mad because I was so cold, considering my favorite t-shirt is

not the warmest thing on earth but, then I just laughed it off, people took pictures and that was

how I got initiated. In my opinion, it was still better than singing the fight song. By the way,

whoever wins the scrimmage gets a trophy, yeah I know I have a pretty crazy family.

        As you can see my favorite t-shirt has quite a few memories, and I enjoyed them all. I

like to think of my favorite t-shirt as a childhood memory, something that I will always keep

because of the memories that it holds. My favorite t-shirt is not necessarily one that I would wear

all the time, but because it is my favorite, it holds lots of memories; memories that I will always


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