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									                                                                                 **24 Minute Periods**

Cynthia Robinson
Date: 3-13-12
9th Grade

Lesson Plan Curriculum Objective

   Student shall receive a new writing assignment. Students shall participate in small group discussion
   of text.

Common Core Standard(s)

              Key Ideas and Details
                     1. Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text
                         says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

Instructional Strategies

   Today we are going to try and get through two things:
       Introducing the last large assignment for this book
       Begin the discussion for chapters 27-28

   First, I am going to introduce your last writing assignment for this novel.

   **Bring up Whose Shoes Explanation PPT and go through
   **Show Example 2 for Whose Shoes, making sure to elaborate on how quotes are used

   Do you have any questions about what this assignment is asking you to do?

   Circle or highlight the top left of the sheet, where it says the due date!

   Go ahead and put that sheet away for now. Now we are going to look at chapters 27 and 28. For these
   two chapters, the discussion will be a little different.

   I have broken these two chapters down into three sections.
       1 (Chapter 27- 8 pages)
       2 (Chapter 28; pages 341-349)
       3 (Chapter 28; pages 350-357)

   I would like you to break down in to three groups.

   ***Give students time to move desks
                                                                                **24 Minute Periods**

  In these groups, you need to take out one sheet of paper, write everyone’s names and group number
  on it, and do the following:
       1) Summary Question- this is a question about the basic plot happening in your section
       2) Clarifying Question- find a section that might be confusing and ask a question to help your
           audience further understand what happened
       3) Open-ended Discussion Question- these are similar to what I ask you during our group
           discussions; they should require more than a yes or no answer.

  You need to turn this in to me by the end of class. We are going to use these for discussion tomorrow.


  Tomorrow, you have the last three chapters due. Come prepared for a quiz and discussion.

Assessment (or homework)

  Chapters 29-31

Materials needed

  Discussion Questions for Chapters 27-28
  Whose Shoes Explanation PPT
  Whose Shoes Example 2
  Whose Shoes assignment sheets
                                                                               **24 Minute Periods**

Chapter 27 Notes

At the beginning of the chapter, Scout tells us three things that happened in Maycomb that were
unusual. What are they?
        1. Mr. Ewell acquired and lost a job in a matter of days—for being lazy.
        2. Mr. Taylor had someone cut his screen door while he was home.
        3. Helen Robinson was being heckled by Bob Ewell on the way to and from work.

332- “Mr. Ewell found himself as forgotten as Tom Robinson.” What does this tell us, once
again, about Maycomb?

333- “If Mr. Ewell was as forgotten as Tom Robinson, Tom Robinson was as forgotten as Boo

334- “I know every last one of you’s in there a-layin’ on the floor! Now hear me, Bob Ewell: if I
hear one more peep outta my girl Helen about not bein’ able to walk this road, I’ll have you in
jail before sundown!”
        Who says this and what does this say about him as a person?

When Bob follows Helen to Link’s farm, Link tells him, “First thing you can do, Ewell, is get
your stinkin’ carcass off my property. You’re leanin’ on it an’ I can’t afford fresh paint for it.
Second thing you can do is stay away from my cook or I’ll have you up for assault—”
        What does this further tell us about Link? (standing up for a black woman, calling a
               white man trash and a liar)

335- “It might be because he knows in his heart that very few people in Maycomb really
believed his and Mayella’s yarns. He thought he’d be a hero, but all he got for his pain was…
was, okay, we’ll convict this Negro but get back to your dump. He’s had his fling with about
everybody now, so he ought to be satisfied. He’ll settle down when the weather changes.”
        What does Maycomb’s reaction to Ewell tell us about Maycomb? About Ewell?

335- “I proved him a liar but John made him look like a fool… Don’t tell me judges don’t try to
prejudice juries.”
        What does this tell us about Judge Taylor? What did he really think of the trial?

Describe what happened to Miss Frutti and Miss Tutti.

What is the pageant called?            Maycomb County: Ad Astra Per Aspera

What is scout’s costume?

339-   “’s matter, Aunty?”
                                                                             **24 Minute Periods**

       “Oh nothing, nothing, … somebody just walked over my grave.”
       What literary device is this? Why is it important here?

340- “Thus began our longest journey together.”
       Who is involved with this journey? What is their journey?

Chapter 28 Notes

341- “Boo doesn’t mean anybody any harm, but I’m right glad you’re along.”

What does Ad Astra Per Aspera mean?                  From the mud to the stars

Mood/ Tone:
      342- “I can tell we’re under the big oak because we’re passin’ through a cool spot.”
           “The tree was a single and ancient oak; two children could not reach around its trunk
              and touch hands. It was far away from teachers, their spies, and curious
              neighbors: it was near the Radley lot, but the Radleys were not curious. A small
              patch of earth beneath its branches was packed hard from many fights and furtive
              crap games.”
      343- “The whole town was there except Atticus and the ladies worn out from decorating,
              and the usual outcasts and shut-ins.”
      347- “It was still black dark.”
      348- “Scout?” “Hm?” “Nothing.”
      349- “The night was still. … This was the stillness before a thunderstorm. We listened.”
      350- “Maybe it was the wind rustling the trees. But there wasn’t any wind and there
              weren’t any trees except the big oak.”
      351- “Someone wheezed and the night was still again.”

What happened when Scout and Jem neared the big oak tree? Describe the event in detail.

What question did Scout keep asking back at home?                   (Is Jem dead?)

Aunt Alexandra got Scout clothing and Scout says:
      “She brought me something to put on, and had I thought about it then, I would have never
      let her forget it: in her distraction, Aunty brought me my overalls. ‘Put these on, darling,’
      she said, handing me the garments she most despised.
      Was Aunt Alexandra really that distracted?
      What other reason(s) might she have for giving Scout her overalls? (comfort)
                                                                          **24 Minute Periods**

Scout asks Dr. Reynolds, “Then you don’t think he’s dead, then?”
His response is: “Now I may be wrong, of course, but I think he’s very alive. Shows all the
symptoms of it. Go have a look at him, and when I come back, we’ll get together and decide.”
       What is the doctor doing here for Scout?

What news does Heck Tate have for us at the very end of chapter 28? (pg 357)

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