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					                                                      INTENT TO RETIRE
                                        To be completed by employee and Human Resources
                                                (Only to be completed within 90 days of retirement)


Last Name: _______________________________First Name: ______________________________MI:_________

Social Security Number: ___________________________            Date of Birth: ___________/___________/____________

Current Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________              State: ________ Zip/Postal Code: ___________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________ Email: __________________________________________

Last Day Worked: ___________/___________/____________

Estimated Retirement Date: ___________/___________/__________
(1st day of the month following your last day of work. Any vacation days you plan to take should be included as days worked.)

Current Marital Status:     Single           Married          Divorced (date of divorce)______________________

If married:
Spouse Last Name: ___________________________________First Name: _____________________________MI:________

Social Security Number: ___________________________            Date of Birth: ___________/___________/____________

If electing a non-spouse beneficiary for Joint & Survivor annuity options, please complete the following:

Beneficiary Last Name: ________________________________First Name: ____________________________MI:________

Social Security Number: ___________________________            Date of Birth: ___________/___________/____________

Employee Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Required - Human Resources to complete:

HR Name (print) _________________________________              Signature _______________________________________

Phone: ____________________________

                 Human Resources - send to Rio Tinto Retirement Service Center
                                      Fax: 260-426-3566
               Or, email (scanned document):

                                      Questions? Call 800-950-1435 or email

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                  Retiring From Active Service - What You Need To Know
Congratulations on your decision to retire. There are a number of things that need to happen prior
to your retirement to ensure the smooth transition of your Pension (traditional annuity and/or cash
balance) and Health and Welfare benefits. To help you through that process, this outline describes
what will happen over the next several months and provides you with key contact information.
What’s Going To Happen:
   Let your local HR contact and manager know that you intend to retire.
   Complete, sign and return the attached Intent to Retire form to your local HR person.
   Within 10 to 15 business days you will receive a Pre-retirement Package from the Rio Tinto
   Retirement Service Center that outlines your options for pension benefits and asks you to
   complete the official forms and documents. Complete and return the forms to the Rio Tinto
   Retirement Service Center. PO Box 12979, Fort Wayne IN 46866-2979
   About 10 business days after your final pay check is processed, you will receive information
   about your health and welfare benefits (including medical and pharmacy benefits) from Aliquant
   (call them if you don’t receive it);
            • You will need to make your health and welfare elections with Aliquant within the
               deadline stated on your worksheet.
            • The enrollment can be made by calling Aliquant, returning the worksheet by mail to
               Aliquant, or online at
   Next, you will receive final confirmation information about your pension calculations and
   commencement of pension benefits (generally, within 60 days of leaving employment) from the
   Rio Tinto Retirement Service Center.
          • We encourage setting up direct deposit with Northern Trust (the pension payment
              administrator) to eliminate the possibility of delayed checks. A direct deposit
              enrollment form is included in your retirement package. This form should be
              completed and returned to the Rio Tinto Retirement Service Center along with your
              completed retirement package
   To inquire about retiree medical and other health and welfare benefit costs and plan
   information, use the online Aliquant Retiree Benefit Cost Estimator, accessed through the
   Aliquant website, or call Aliquant.
   Contact Mercer HR Services to arrange for your 401(K) Savings and/or Investment Partnership
   Plan distribution.
Key Contact Information
The Rio Tinto benefit website contains useful information including; links and
contact information for the benefit providers, commonly requested forms, benefit plan summaries
and details.
Pension benefit inquiries           Rio Tinto Retirement Toll free, 800-950-1435
                                    Service Center        Mon-Fri, 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Mountain time
                                                           Fax - 260-426-3566
Health and welfare benefit inquiries, Aliquant             Toll free, 888-379-3528
plan enrollment, eligibility, changes                      Website,
in dependents, plan costs
Inquiries about pension checks,       Northern Trust       Direct, 312-557-9700
automatic deposits
401(k) Savings / Investment           Mercer HR Services   Toll free, 800-685-6542
Partnership Plan inquiries

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