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Greening the Tall Ships Races 2011 Waterford – Calling all Local


									                                                                 Reasons to become a supporter of                          How to Support Greening The Tall
                                                                 Greening the Tall Ships 2011                              Ships Races 2011 Waterford
                                                                 Waterford are as follows:                                 There are a number of ways for businesses to
                                                                 Benefits:                                                 become part of this exciting and innovative
                                                                 • Supporting the Tall Ships 2011 Waterford                programme:
                                                                 • Generate new business by showing your business is
                                                                   “greener”                                               1. Green Festival Membership
                                                                 • Identify cost savings in energy, water and waste        2. Environmental Review to identify cost savings
                                                                 • Improve staff morale by adopting a green profile        3. Environmental Certification for non-hospitality sector
                                                                 • Assists compliance with environmental legal                with Eco Cert
                                                                    requirements                                           4. Environmental Certification for hospitality sector Green
                                                                 • Give your customers the satisfaction of being more         Hospitality Programme
 Greening the Tall Ships Races                                      sustainable
                                                                 • It is the right thing to do!                            More information on both certification
 2011 Waterford – Calling all                                                                                              programmes can be obtained by visiting;
 Local Businesses                                                Features:
                                                                 • Training workshops held in Waterford          
                                                                 • Best practice guides                          
 The tall ships are the most majestic examples of renewable      • Tools and templates                            and click on
 energy technology to be seen anywhere on the planet. In         • Top tips and practical advice                           “Get on Board”.
 recognition of this, the Tall Ships Races 2011 Waterford is     • Access to environmental experts
 itself embarking on an exciting and innovative programme
 to ‘Green’ the Festival, and leave a lasting legacy of a
                                                                 • Potential environmental certification to national       How will The Tall Ships Races 2011 Waterford
                                                                   schemes                                                 promote your greener image?
 greener Waterford after the ships have sailed.                  • Access to Green Hospitality and EcoCert environmental
                                                                   websites                                                All certified green businesses will be listed on the green
 This opportunity is open to businesses of all sizes and         • Subsidised Environmental Review
 sectors, in Waterford City or County, whether or not they                                                                 web page of The Tall Ships 2011 Waterford and will have
 are directly involved in the festival. The aim is to help the                                                             links where available
 businesses to save money on their energy, waste and
 water costs, while at the same time reducing their                                                                        EcoCert awardees will receive 1 year’s membership of the
 environmental impact                                                                                                      EcoCert Scheme

 The greening of the Tall Ships Races 2011 Waterford is                                                                    All Green Hospitality Programme awardees will receive
 being held in conjunction with the Environmental                                                                          one year’s membership of the GH Programme with all the
 Protection Agency, Green Hospitality Programme and                                                                        benefits attached to membership including National and
 EcoCert. It is also supported by Waterford City and County                                                                International recognition.
 Councils. The EPA is kindly funding this programme under
 the National Waste Prevention Programme.

Green Brochure.indd 1                                                                                                                                                      15/04/2011 15:06:53
     Programme Costs                                                    For further information
     Limited Availability                                               Contact
     Costs of participation are heavily subsidised through              Telephone 051 849643
     the EPA financial support for the programme, and                   Email
     therefore represent exceptional value for money.

     Green Aware Programme
     Festival Member: €50
     (Green Festival member only)

     Non Hospitality Sector: € 300
     (Green Festival member, On-site review, year’s
     membership, Ecocert Certification)

     Green Hospitality Programme
     Large hospitality Business (Hotels, etc.) : € 400
     Smaller hospitality Business (Restaurants, Pubs, etc)
     : € 300
     (Green Festival member, On-site review, year’s
     membership to Green Hospitality Programme, Certi-
     fication To Eco Label)
                                                                        Greening the Tall Ships Races 2011 Waterford
     (VAT will be charged @ 21% for all programmes – please note
     there is limited availability of support at these prices so join
                                                                        is supported by

                                                                                  Environmental Business Support

Green Brochure.indd 2                                                                                                  15/04/2011 15:07:32

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