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Mountain: Chapters 23, 24, and 25, "Light: Geometric Optics," "The Wave Nature of Light," and, "Optical Instruments"
Bike: Chapters 22-25, "Light and Optics," "Mirrors and Lenses," "Wave Optics," and "Optical Instruments"
Clock: Chapters 26, 27, & 28, "The Law of Reflection," "The Law of Refraction," and "Physical Optics"
Concept: Chapters 27-31, "Light," "Color," "Reflection and Refraction," "Lenses," and "Diffraction and Interference"
Kaplan: Chapter 8, "Wave and Optics," Section II, "Physical Optics," and Section III, "Geometric Optics"
Barron's: Chapters 23 and 24, "Light" and "Geometric Optics"
Additonally, ALL CHAPTERS on Waves, Vibrations, Simple Harmonic Motion, And Simple Harmonic Oscillators Still Apply!!!

Topic Calendar
                         Monday                                Tuesday                                 Wednesday                           Thursday                                 Friday
                                                                                          Reflection, Law of                 Reflection, cont'd.
 19-Dec                                                                                    Specular vs. Diffuse Reflection     Convex Mirrors                                     No School
   18                                                                                      Planar Mirrors                    Index of Refraction
 23-Dec                                                                                    Concave Mirrors                   Refraction - Snell's Law                            Winter Break
                                                                                           Virtual vs. Real Images             Converging Lenses
           Index of Refraction                  Lab - Concave Mirrors & Converging        Analyze Lab                        Ray Diagrams                           Diffraction & Interference Patterns
  2-Jan    Snell's Law                           Lenses                                   Ray Diagrams                         Converging Lenses                    Small Angle Approximation
    to       Planar Lenses                      Optical Instruments                        Concave Mirrors                     Diverging Lenses
  6-Jan      Converging Lenses                  SSR                                        Convex Mirrors                    Mirror & Lens Combiniations
             Diverging Lenses                                                                                                Aberrations & Dispersion
           Test - Geometric Optics              Diffraction Gratings                      Lab - Diffraction & Interference   Analyze Lab
 9-Jan                                          X-Ray Diffraction, Electron Diffraction                                      Polarization                                          No Class
   to                                           Thin Film Interference                                                       Optical Activity
 13-Jan                                         SSR                                                                          Optics Demos                                    10:15 Early Dismissal

                                                Periods 1 & 2 Exams                       Periods 4 & 5 Exams                Periods 3 & 6 Exams                    Period 7 & Make-Up Exams
 16-Jan                 No School               Day 2 Schedule - Periods 3-7              Day 3 Schedule                     Day 4 Schedule - Pds. 1,2,4,5,7        Day 5 Schedule
   to                                           Intro - Speed of Light Lab during 5th     Dismissal @ 10:40 AM               Speed of Light Lab (This is part       Dismissal @ 10:40 AM
 20-Jan                MLK's B-Day                pd.                                     Midterm Exam during 5th pd.         of your midterm exam!) during         Finish Speed of Light Lab during
                                                SSR                                                                           5th (& 6th?)                           Make-Up Pd.

Homework Calendar - Assignments are due on the day listed
                         Monday                                Tuesday                                 Wednesday                           Thursday                                 Friday

 19-Dec                                                                                                                                                                           No School
 23-Dec                                                                                                                                                                          Winter Break

                                                pg. 658 (3,4,5,9,11,14,21,24,27,30                                           pg. 659-61 (12,17,19,31,36,37,41,54,   pg. 661-2 (58,59,63,81,90)
  2-Jan                                          31,32,45,47,53)                                                              56,77,79,83)                           & pg. 722-3 (5,14,24,35,40)

           Study for Geometric Optics Test                                                Mirrors & Lenses Lab Due           pg. 692 (1,5,8,15,17,18,19,24,26,      Diffraction & Interference Lab Due
 9-Jan                                                                                                                        28,33,34,41,42,51,)                    by 10:15 AM

                                                                                          Study for AP Physics Midterm                                              Speed of Light Lab
 16-Jan                 No School                                                                                                                                    due by 2:55 PM
 20-Jan                MLK's B-Day

           - Denotes Double Period              Monday, 1/23 - Test -                     Read Fluid Mechanics Stuff for Monday, 1/23!! Mtn. Ch. 10, Bike Ch. 9, Clock, Ch. 13
                                                 Physical Optics                          Mtn. Ch. 10, Bike Ch. 9, Clock, Ch. 13
           - Denotes Midterm Exam Date                                                    Concept: Chs. 19 & 20; Kaplan: Ch. 6, Sect. I; Barron's: Ch. 15

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