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									               IHE USA
Presents the North American
     IHE Connectathon
      17-21 January, 2011 Chicago

The first formal activity of the newly incorporated
non-profit IHE USA, the official IHE International
 National Deployment Committee for the United

          Please set your cell phones on “stun!”
Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, CCE, FHIMSS
Drexel University, Health Systems Engineering Director
Founder, Center for Healthcare Information Research and Policy

 Board of Directors, IHE-USA
 Co-Chair, IHE International

 Board of Directors, Delaware Valley HIMSS
 Past Chair, HIMSS Security and Privacy Steering Committee

 Sponsor, IEEE 11073 Medical Informatics Standards

              Health Information Security,
                 and Medical Devices,
                         IHE USA
• Incorporated in 2010 as an independent non-profit
  agency in the state of Illinois, and is filing with the IRS as
  a 501(c)(3) educational foundation
• Legally independent, and separate Board of Directors,
  from HIMSS, RSNA, and IHE International
• Receives donations, tuition, membership and
  Connectathon fees, and grant funding
• Provides educational, teaching, and research grants and
  scholarships, and
• Pays for the development and dissemination of critical
  Open Source, free testing and implementation tools for
  hospitals, government agencies, and manufacturers
• The first IHE USA membership drive is just starting!
   – Small and large institutions, plus individuals
IHE International oversees     IHE USA is recognized by
  the creation of detailed       IHE International as the
  guidelines that use            national deployment
  multiple standards to          committee for the United
  build interoperable health     States.
  IT systems.                  IHE USA's role is to serve
IHE International also           as the voice for US health
  coordinates the activities     IT interests and foster
  of national and regional       national adoption of
  deployment committees          information standards to
  worldwide, such as             enable interoperability
IHE USA supports HHS & ONC
IHE USA exists to serve America’s healthcare

 It does its very best to discover and support
   synergies and efficiencies in HIT standards
 development and deployment, and to eliminate
    waste, redundancy, and unnecessary and
                 wasteful conflict.
     IHE USA is NOT the same as IHE
       Europe or IHE Oceania-Asia
       The US healthcare market uses different
       coding standards, is based on a privatized
       business and insurance models, has very
        different clinical delivery processes, and
        has its own unique legal and regulatory
    e.g., IHE USA still supports ICD-9 coding because that
            is stipulated in the HIPAA 4010 standards.
US laws and practices drive IHE USA, not IHE International or other National Domains
   IHE USA adapts well developed
     global standards to solve US
    challenges where efficient and
• e.g., DICOM, IEEE 11073, HL-7, ICD-9, ICD-10 are
  all well-recognized international standards.
• CPT, LOINC, SNOMED, and UMLS are US-centric
• Though many countries have national patient
  identifiers, but IHE USA supports the US patient-
  matching model using multi-factor patient
 IHE USA leverages well-tested modular
   core IHE services to meet US needs
• e.g., IHE’s “Consistent Time” Integration Profile
  assures that all records in and from all computer
  systems inside and outside of the hospital can
  synchronize the timestamps each clinical and
  business document
• IHE’s XDS (Cross Enterprise Document
  Sharing) Integration Profile allows documents to
  be reliably and securely shared anywhere in the
  healthcare enterprise.
  Our testing results are public and

  Examples of Integration Profiles that were
tested and verified in the 2010 Connectathon
Companies that tested the IHE Integration
   Profiles in the 2010 Connectathon
                                                     IHE: Ever-growing since 1998.

ALL IHE clinical domains share the 50+ integration profiles!
                    Dentistry       Radiology
                    Since 2010      since 1998

          Pharmacy                                   Cardiology
          Since 2009                                 since 2004

          since 2006
                                                            since 2004
        Eye Care
       since 2006                  (Healthcare)
                                 IT Infrastructure
                                     since 2003

            Quality                                    Radiation Oncology
   Research & Public Health                                since 2004
          since 2006

                                             Patient Care Coordination
              Patient Care Devices                   since 2004
                   since 2005
                     12-yr International Growth of IHE                                                        USA
          Local Deployment, National Extensions
          Promotional & Live Demonstration Events
          The IHE Integration Profiles may be extended for                                               Malaysia
           local requirements                                                                       Turkey
                                         Italy         Most of the 55+ Integration
                                  Germany              Profiles are re-used around
                         France                        the globe!









Pragmatic global standards harmonization + best practices sharing
 Doc Content Profiles (HL7 CDA, DICOM Semantics content)
    Scanned Doc                  Emergency      Pre-     Functional Status
                      Consent                  Surgery     Assessment
     XDS-SD           BPPC        EDR         PPHP            FSA

Imaging                               Discharge &             PHR
                  Laboratory                                Exchange
XDS-I             XD*-Lab             XDS-MS                 XPHR

      Document             Reliable Pt-Pt              Media
       Sharing              Interchange             Interchange
   XDS / XCA                    XDR                   XDM
          Document Exchange Integration Profiles
             How real is IHE XDS ?
•   Stable specification, tested by 100 vendors
•   First implementation in clinical use in region of Genoa -
    Italy) since early 2006.
•   Several since: Three Austria regions, Applications in
    Vermont, Pennsylvania, Nagoya city, South Africa region,
    Italian & Dutch regions, France, etc.
•   Adopted by several national programs world-wide
•   4 open source toolkits available, numerous product
    implementations in EMRs and Infrastructure offerings.

     IHE, Global Standards-Based Profiles
Adopted in National & Regional Projects (sample)
       NETHERLANDS                                                     Italy
     Friesland                                                    Conto Corrente
Natn’l Mamography                                                 Venetto - Friuli
                            France                      Suisse
                                                                                         Quebec, Toronto,
 Wales                      DMP                      St Gallen                       Alberta, British Columbia
Imaging                               Austria        Lausane
                                                                                        Canada Infoway
                                                                                                                  Boston Medical
                                                                                                                    Center - MA

                    For more complete list see:                  tinyurl.com/wwXDS
        Belgium                                                                                                     Geisinger
Flemish-Leuven                                                                                                       KeyHIE

                                                                                                                     – TN & VA

South Africa                                                                                              THINC- New York
                                                                                       Providence         NCHICA – N. Carolina
      CHINA-Shanghai              CHINA-MoH                 JAPAN-Nagoya
                                                                                     Health System -
    Imaging Info Sharing       Lab results sharing      Imaging Info Sharing,
                                                       Nationwide PDI guideline
At IHE, progress for patient care never stops!
 Connecting Medical Devices to the Electronic
    Health Record is my personal passion
• IHE-PCD: IHE Patient Care Device Domain Committee
• Have spent almost a decade developing integration
  profiles that allow medical and personal health
  devices to send vital signs data automatically,
  accurately, and securely in a medical record that can
  be read and stored in any EMR that can interpret an
  XML HL-7 v2.6 document

    In 2010, the IHE-PCD and Continua-WAN specifications were
      finally aligned, and a SINGLE data standard is now used by
        ALL devices to load clinical data directly from any device
                               into the EMR
       The IHE-PCD, Continua-WAN, and IHE
       EMR interfaces will be proven here this
               week for the first time!

                                            Dr. Office
 Personal                                Nursing Homes
  Health                                         |
 Devices                                 FDA-regulated
     |                                   Medical Devices
Home Care                                        |
                                           Home Care
Finally, a cross-enterprise labor-, error-, and
   delay-saving breakthrough for patient
  The new IHE-PCD and Continua-WAN compatible interface
      allows flexible home monitoring, hospital monitoring,
      EMS monitoring, and alternate-site care monitoring
    with interchangeable, interoperable devices that can ALL
            load clinical data DIRECTLY to the EMR.

  We have ONC and Dr. John Halamka to thank:
    they asked for a single solution in 2008, so
                we developed one!
  We are pleased to have Dr. Doug
       Fridsma with us today
• Gives us the opportunity to expand the
  discussion about how IHE USA can best
  support him and his colleagues at ONC.
• e.g., how can IHE’s resources best support
  Meaningful Use Phases 1, 2, and 3?
• e.g., how can IHE’s resources best support
  the newly emerging S&I Framework?
   IHE USA supports the new ONC Standards
       and Infrastructure (S&I) Lifecycle.

        IHE Domain Committee new work product proposal reviews (late summer)
        IHE Domain Committee & workgroup meetings (early Fall)

        IHE Domain Committee draft profile (winter and spring)

        IHE Testing & Tools Development (late spring and summer)

        IHE Connectathon & Showcases (late fall and winter)

e.g., Can IHE align its process and priorities to better support ONC?
IHE supports the new ONC IEPD artifacts: can
      some of IHE’s artifacts be useful?
               Information Exchange Package Documention
Can IHE USA work together with ONC to accommodate
  the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)?
 IHE is Powered by Volunteers
                  The nation salutes Dr. King each
                    year with a Day of Service.
                  IHE’s Volunteers donate tens of
                    thousands of hours, day by day, year
                    by year, to one shared dream: to
                    create a world that will improve
                    patient care by ensuring health data
                    is secure, interoperable, complete,
                    and readily available at the point and
                    moment of care, regardless of
                  Thank you to ALL of our volunteers!
The Connectathon monitors you will meet today are all volunteers.
    Rich Set of FREE Open Source Tools and Resources!
1 Implementation Guidance
2 Implementation Tools
    2.1 Development Tools
         2.1.1 IHE Integration Profiles
         2.1.2 OHT IHE Profiles
    2.2 Test Tools
         2.2.1 MESA
         2.2.2 Laika
         2.2.3 Gazelle Test Management Tool
         2.2.4 Patient Care Device Testing Tools
         2.2.5 HL7 V2 Toolkit
         2.2.6 EVS Message Validation Toolkit
         2.2.7 XDS Toolkit
         2.2.8 XDS-I and PIX/PDQv3 Testing Tools
         2.2.9 DICOMScope Visualization Tools (MESA Consistent Image Presentation)
         2.2.10 Portable Data for Imaging Disk Validator
         2.2.11 IHE-RO Test Tools
    2.3 Test Tools by Profile and Actor
3 Sample Files/Objects/Messages/Data
FREE Open Source medical device IHE-ready XML
test tools from the US Government - NIST
NIST has developed an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS)
generator tool called ICSGenerator to facilitate creation of vendor
conformance statements that would be applicable to testing a
particular ISO/IEEE 11073 (X73) device. Additionally, NIST has
completed initial development of a ValidatePDU tool, a tool that
provides basic syntax and structure check and low level semantic
checks for one or more captured messages. Both tools utilize the
electronic representation of the X73 standard's information model
implemented by NIST researchers in the form of an XML schema..
Medical device test message generation is also possible to enable
future manager/agent conformance test scenarios.

   Large Library of Free IHE Educational Webinars
   Each month since 2008 were – and are – presented on topics including IHE,
Interoperability, the IHE North America Connectathon, the HIMSS Interoperability
 Showcase, and a detailed review of profile supplements developed this year in
                           IHE's twelve active domains!

 The Webinar schedule and links to free registration for upcoming sessions are
   below. Copies of slides are provided for sessions already presented. Video
  recordings of the sessions will be made available shortly. Additional Webinar
sessions will be posted throughout the summer as dates are confirmed. Past IHE
                                 Webinar Series

We are IHE USA, and we’re here to serve.
Welcome to the IHE Connectathon, and welcome
  to the ongoing conversation with our vibrant
       IHE USA professional community.

  Devoted to changing the way the healthcare
               world connects!

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