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1.1        SUMMARY

      A.   Section Includes:
           1.     Quality assurance site observation of construction by Architect and Engineers of Record including the
                  Architect; Mechanical, Refrigeration, Electrical, Structural, and Fire Protection Engineers; and the Grocery
                  Consultant, but excluding the Civil Engineer. Civil Engineer Consultant quality assurance is specified in
                  Section 01456.
           2.     Functional Performance Test (FPT) by Engineers of Record.
           3.     Work required herein is not the responsibility of the Contractor and will be performed at no cost to the
                  Contractor, except as otherwise speicified. Provisions included herein are for information purposes only to
                  provide the Contractor knowledge of the presence and responsibility of the Wal-Mart Architectural and
                  Engineering Consultants.

      B.   Related Requirements:
           1.     Section 01452 – Contractor Quality Control: Administrative and procedural requirements for Contractor
                  quality assurance and quality control.
           2.     Section 01455 - Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing: Wal-Mart procurement of test and balance for heating,
                  ventilating, and air conditioning systems.
           3.     Section 01456 – Civil Engineer Consultant Quality Assurance Observation: Site observation by Owner’s
                  Civil Engineer Consultant.
           4.     Section 01458 – Construction Laboratory Testing Services: Quality Requirements of Owner’s
                  Construction Testing Laboratory (CTL) and services.

1.2        DEFINITIONS

      A.   Observation: Evaluation of systems primarily requiring observation and professional judgement.

      B.   Quality Assurance: Activities, actions, and procedures performed before and during execution of the Work to
           guard against defects and deficiencies and substantiate that proposed construction will substantially comply with
           construction documents.

      C.   Quality Control: Tests, inspections, procedures, and related actions during and after execution of the Work to
           evaluate that actual products incorporated into the Work and completed construction substantially comply with
           construction documents.

      D.   Quality assurance and quality control may be performed by either the Contractor or the Construction Testing
           Laboratory employed by the Owner.

      E.   Architect of Record (AOR): The prime consultant in charge of overall design and coordination of the building.

      F.   Engineer of Record (EOR): The Registered Engineer in responsible charge of engineering design for the project.

      G.   Structural Engineer of Record (SER): The Registered Engineer in responsible charge of the structural design for
           the project.

      H.   Civil Engineering Consultant (CEC): The Registered Engineer in responsible charge of the civil design for the

      I.   Architect - Engineer (A/E): A collective term to include the AOR, SER, Grocery Consultant, and the Mechanical,
           Electrical, and Fire Protection EOR.

      J.   Grocery Consultant: Consultant that provides professional design services and construction documents related to

Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                         March 1, 2010
            grocery design for the project.

      K.    Fire Protection Consultant: Consultant that provides professional design services and construction documents
            related to fire protection for the project.

      L.    Construction Testing Laboratory (CTL): The independent testing and inspection agency employed by the Owner:

      M.    Building Official: The Officer or his duly authorized representative charged with the administration and
            enforcement of the local building code.

      N.    Deviation: A deviation is any item or component of work that does not substantially conform to the requirements
            of the construction documents and which has not been corrected by the end of business on the day it is identified.

      O.    Functional Performance Test (FPT): On site testing by the EOR of the installed mechanical, refrigeration, EMS,
            and electrical systems.


      A.    The Contractor will:
            1.    Cooperate with A/E personnel and provide access to the Work and to Contractor’s facilities.
            2.    Provide incidental labor and facilities to provide access to Work to facilitate observation and testing.
                  Provide lift equipment as required for A/E personnel.
            3.    Provide A/E 14 days written notice prior to expected time for activities requiring observation and FPT
            4.    Maintain a copy of Contract Drawings and Specifications with all Addenda and Change Orders
                  supplemented by the approved shop drawings and applicable material and workmanship provisions of the
                  Code for use by the A/E in facilitating observation of the work.


Not Used.



      A.    The A/E will perform construction site observations and the FPT as agreed to with the Owner as listed below or as
            otherwise requested by the Authority Having Jurisdiction or Wal-Mart Construction Manager to check a sample of
            the constructed Work for general conformance with the Contract Documents.


Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                         March 1, 2010

Consultant                1st Visit*          2nd Visit*             3rd Visit*               4th Visit*              FPT
Architectural          3 to 4 wks after           Approximately every 6 wks for remaining duration of
                          const start                                construction
Structural             4 to 6 wks after      12 – 14 wks           8 to 12 wks               6 to 12 wks
                          const start       (CMU Walls)          (Structural steel)             (Final)
Mechanical          During underground          During            1 to 2 wks                      --              4 wks after
                         rough-in              overhead                                                           Poss Date
Energy                   1 to 2 wks                                                                               4 wks after
Management                                                                                                        Poss Date

Fire Protection          6 to 8 wks           1 to 2 wks       1 to 2 wks after Poss              --
Electrical            During overhead         4 to 6 wks             1 to 2 wks                   --              4 wks after
                         rough-in                                                                                 Poss Date

Sub-metering             1 to 2 wks                                                                               4 wks after
                                                                                                                  Poss Date
Refrigeration              8 wks              1 to 2 wks                                                        1 wk after GO
                                             After system                                                           Date
Grocery                  1 to 2 wks           1 to 2 wks
Consultant                                    after Poss

             * All visits are shown as weeks prior to possession unless otherwise noted

   B.        Time frames listed in the above schedule are general in nature.

   C.        Specific items to be observed during the construction site observation are listed below by discipline to assist in
             scheduling the site observation at the proper time.

             Architectural: Architectural consultant site observation shall be by a representative of the AOR having thorough
             knowledge of the project and in general shall include:
             1.     Roof membrane installation, roof drainage system, anchoring of roof-top equipment, flashing, and exterior
             2.     Egress fire stopping, building envelope, sealing of floor cracks, and sealants.
             3.     Review architecturally related construction documents currently used by the Contractor to confirm that
                    revisions and Construction Change Directives are being incorporated.
             4.     Discuss and address Requests for Information (RFI) with Contractor.
             5.     Discuss Construction Change Directives with the Contractor the scope of work.
             6.     Observe construction in progress and work completed,.
             7.     Discuss outstanding permit applications made by the AOR and requirements of existing permits applied for
                    or received by the AOR, with the Contractor.

   D.        Structural:
             1.     1st Visit: Verify vertical reinforcing, control joint placement, foundation sizes, and anchor bolt placement.
             2.     2nd Visit: Verify CMU placement, grouting procedures, and vertical and horizontal reinforcing.
             3.     3rd Visit: Verify Structural steel connections, damage to structural steel members, roof decking attachment,
                    and grouting voids.

Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                            March 1, 2010
         4.     4th Visit: Verify structural steel connections, slab placement, and repair of previous deviations.

   E.    Mechanical:
         1.   1st Visit: Verify underground plumbing rough-in, grease/oil separator installation, and underground utility
              building entrances.
         2.   2nd Visit: Verify types of plumbing materials, roof-top unit installation, above slab plumbing rough-in, and
              ductwork installation.
         3.   3rd Visit: Final finish out (diffusers, escutcheons) and final equipment installation.
         4.   1st FPT: Test operation and control of mechanical HVAC equipment.

   F.    Energy Management:
         1.    1st Visit (coordinate timing with 3rd Mechanical Visit): Verify EMS cable is installed in conduit, wires
               labeled, wires landed on correct points, and correct number of wires in the conduit.
         2.    1st FPT: Test operation and control of energy management system.

   G.    Fire Protection:
         1.     1st Visit: Verify type of material, progress of installation (rough-in should be complete and ready for
                ceiling paint), underground stub-up, main locations and elevations, hanger and hanger spacing and if
                possible re-verify available water supply.
         2.     2nd Visit: Verify the fire sprinkler systems are in conformance with the Contract Documents and shop
                drawings, review sprinkler head locations, main and branchline installation, and system testing.
         3.     3rd Visit: Review correction of deviation issues.

   H.    Electrical:
         1.     1st Visit: Verify underground utilities
         2.     2nd Visit: Verify lighting, conduit routing and materials, and device locations.
         3.     3rd Visit: Verify panels, circuiting, lighting, grounding, and exit signs.
         4.     1st FPT: Test operation and control of electrical equipment. Electrical:

   I.    Sub-metering:
         1.    1st Visit: Verify sub-metering contractor has been scheduled
         2.    1st FPT: Test operation and control of electrical equipment.

   J.    Refrigeration:
         1.     1st Visit: Verify piping material, installation, routing, and equipment installation.
         2.     2nd Visit: Verify installation, routing, equipment installation, and drain piping. Pre-FPT test for
                refrigeration circuit operation, rack I/O operation, control parameters and sensor calibration verification.
         3.     1st FPT: Test operation and control of mechanical refrigeration equipment.

   K.    Grocery:
         1.    1st Visit: Verify types of materials, progress of installation of equipment, finishes, sealants and health
               department compliance.
         2.    2nd Visit: Verify installation of equipment, proper placement of moveable equipment, proper sealants
               installed, all finishes and surfaces are sealed and easily cleanable.

   L.    Documentation: (Each design discipline shall):
         1.   Review items with Contractor before leaving the site.
         2.   Contact Walmart Construction Manager within 1 business day by e-mail or phone to provide a brief
              summary of site observation.
         3.   Provide Contractor and Walmart Construction Manager a written summary of the site observation within 2
              business days upon return from construction observation.
         4.   Record newly noted deviations and mark previously noted deviations, if found to be complete on the on-
              line observation log

   M.    The A/E shall monitor the construction schedule and coordinate with the Contractor to schedule site visits to occur
         at the most appropriate time. The A/E shall notify the Contractor and Walmart Construction Manager in advance
         of the date and time of each scheduled site visit.

Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                          March 1, 2010
      N.   Testing and inspections by the Building Official shall not preclude the normal field involvement and site
           observations by the A/E, nor will it relieve the Contractor of any responsibility to complete the work in accordance
           with the approved drawings and specifications.

      O.   The A/E shall not have control over or responsibility for construction means, techniques, sequences of operations
           or for safety programs and procedures in connection with the construction work.

      P.   The A/E shall provide a final conformance letter to Wal-Mart at such time the AOR deems the project
           substantially complete. An example is attached at the end of this section.

      Q.   Work will be observed as it progresses, but failure to detect defective work or materials shall in no way prevent
           later rejection if defective work or materials are discovered, nor shall it obligate Owner to accept such work.


      A.   The Wal-Mart Mechanical Consultant and Electrical Consultant (EOR) will perform FPT as agreed to with the
           Owner as listed below to check the mechanical, electrical and energy management system work for functional
           operation and general conformance with the Contract Documents.

      B.   FPT site visits will be conducted by the consultants approximately 4 weeks after Wal-Mart possession date.


      A.   The observation and FPT site visits listed above are the maximum number of visits to be performed at Owners
           expense. Should there be outstanding items of non-conformance with the Contract Documents that warrant
           additional site visits to be performed by the A/Es, the A/Es shall receive approval from Wal-Mart prior to
           performing an additional construction site observations until all deviations have been corrected by the Contractor
           and closed by the A/E. Reimbursement by the Contractor for costs for additional A/E site visits will be as
           specified in Section 01452.

      B.   Deviations from the Contract Documents shall be entered into the on-line Wal-Mart Observation Log by the A/E
           as required and will be tracked and noted by the A/E when resolved by subsequent conformance by the Contractor.
           1.     Observation Log: www.bldgportal.com, enter username and password, select Observation Log. Follow
                  instructions on the Observation Log website.


Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                          March 1, 2010
[Example Conformance Letter from Architect and Engineer Of Record. Text in parentheses are to be edited for each
individual project]


[Mr. Construction Manager]
Wal-Mart Construction
Sam M. Walton Development Complex
2001 S. E. 10th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716

[Re: Supercenter (Store #xxx) – City, State]

[Dear Construction Manager:]
[Engineer of Record add FPT note]

To the best of our knowledge, the construction on the above referenced project has been completed in substantial
conformance with the Contract Documents. [Functional performance tests have been performed by Engineer of Record]

To the best of our knowledge, no outstanding items exist except as may be otherwise entered and shown on the Wal-Mart
Observation Log and those items associated with Wal-Mart directives to the Contractor.


[Include a seal, signature and date of signature]


cc: File


Sam’s Club Expansion #8151 – Panama City, FL (0807005)                                                     March 1, 2010

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