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  Lesson Idea: Teaching A Zombie Unit
I know, I know. We said we'd be looking at 'classic' stories - and it's a bit of stretch to say zombies
fit the bill. Still, it's fun, and we want to put the case that more of you should be teaching our
students about zombies (because the plague could be upon us soon). Here's some ideas:
1. First it was vampires, now it's zombies. That's right, the brain-eating, walking dead are the next
   big thing, and there's plenty to read and engage your students with.You might get your students
   reading some of the hilarious short stories from the anthology: Zombies vs. Unicorns, in which
   authors 'chose' a side and write a story about which is best. (see the book trailer here: http:// can create your own class anthology Zombies vs. ??? - and randomly
   allocate students one side.
2. Zombies could actually be real. Students can read all about why we might all actually be zombies
   soon in the article 5 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen: http://
   happen.html What would the front page of a newspaper look like the day after a zombie plague
   actually happened? Students can have some fun writing news reports tabloid style.
3. You need to know your zombies. Especially if a zombie plague will soon be upon us. Students
   can use a new infographic (i.e information poster) website called to produce information
   posters on 'How To Spot A Zombie' or 'What To Do In A Zombie Crisis' or 'So Your Best Friend
   Has Turned Into A Zombie.' Students need to create an account to use After that, it's a
   great visual way to produce instructional or informative writing. Use the tool here: http://
4. Like mayonnaise goes with basically anything, you can put a zombie in any story. Really. Like Pride
   and Prejudice and Zombies. The genre is called 'mash-up' - where you take some schlock pop
   culture monster and put it into a classic story (Pride and Prejudice and Sea Monsters, Abraham
   Lincoln:Vampire Hunter). Students can do this themselves with fairytales: Goldilocks and The
   Three Zombies, The Three Little Zombies, Sleeping Zombie, Zomberella etc...

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