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PKS-THERMPIPE®-piping system

1     Preliminary observations

The used raw material must be approved by DIBt. It must be proved by specific test report.

For documentation of production standards, the pipe producer must have a DIBt approval for
semi-finished products made of PE100, which has to be handed out with offer.

The pipes must be produced with integrated electro fusion welding socket and spigot end.
The welding must be done with machines that record the welding parameters. A bar code
label for welding must be provided at the socket end.

The pipes must be marked permanently with the following data:
Manufacturer, Material, MFR-class, ND, profile designation, production date, running number
of pipe.

To improve inspection, a co-extruded, bright inner surface is required. Also the bright inner
surface must be made of the same raw material quality as the PKS pipe.
A yellow gas pipe quality made of PE 100 is preferred. An inlayed foil is specifically declined.

The pipes have to be calculated for all critical applications. The calculations should be
provided with offer. All necessary information for calculation is provided by attached plans. If
there are any obscurities, they have to be clarified with client. The prices for calculations
have to be included in unit prices.

Installation has to be done acc. to DIN EN 1610. The welding has to be done by a special
company acc. to WHG § 19, DVGW approval or similar qualification for welding of PE pipes.
Each welding joint has to be tested with a test device before backfilling.

The characteristics of the PKS-THERMPIPE®-pipes correspond to the characteristics of
known PKS pipes (roughness, chemical resistance, weldability, mechanical and physical
characteristics etc.). They are characterized by heat extraction of sewage water without
installations inside the pipe, which could bring flow obstacles. The pipe operation will not be
bothered. Additionally, appreciable heat quantity will be attracted out of the pipe zone and
the surrounding soil.

As the connections are welded according to DVS standards, the well-known long lifetime,
durability and tightness of PE is granted. The used welding procedures and connection
methods are established and are also used for decades for other lines (potable water, gas).

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2.     Quality requirements for Polyethylene

2.1    Material                                                 Bimodal molding batch,
                                                                PE 100 with DIBt- or DVGW-
2.2    necessary minimum strength       DIN EN ISO 12162        MRS 10
2.3    Creep strength                   DIN 8075                 1000 h,  = 5,5 N/mm²,
                                                                T = 80°C, one time proof
2.4    Resistance to slow crack         ISO 13479                500 h, T = 80°C, one time
       extension                                                proof necessary (Notch-Test)
2.5    Resistance to fast crack growth ISO 13477                pCS4  10 bar, T = 0°C
2.6    Melt index                      ISO 1133                 0,2 bis 0,5 g/10 min (MFR
2.7    Elastic modulus (long term)      DIN 53457               170 N/mm²,50-years value
2.8    Outside colour                   RAL                     9004 (black)
2.9    OIT-values                       EN 728                  210°C  30 min
2.10   Inside colour                    RAL                     1015, coextruded, coating or
                                                                lamination is not allowed
2.11 Inspection certificate             DIN EN 10204, 3.1       Pipe and molding batch (see

3      Pipe connections
3.1    Electro fusion welding

The PKS-THERMPIPE®-pipes are available with integrated electro fusion coupler from ND
300 to ND 1800 mm. The socket and spigot end will be welded to a homogenous entity. After
welding the pipe stiffness will be similar to solid walled pipe.
The heat carrier circuit piping is produced out of standard PE-100 pipes and fittings by using
heating element socket or electro fusion welding acc. to DVS standards.

4      Coextrusion

Pipes, fittings and manholes should be delivered with inspection friendly inner surface. The
yellow inner surface is produced via coextrusion, whereby the quality of product is optimized.
The bright inner surface also has to be produced out of DIBt-approved material.

In a different way from lamination or coating, the inspection friendly color for coextrusion of
the pipe inside and the main color black are joint in molten form before leaving of the nozzle
under pressure.

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5     Overlap

While extrusion, the single plastic straps will be wounded around the inner core spirally and
are connected via overlapping. In molten form, the profile will be extruded on the overlapping
area and is melding in this area to a homojunction. While this process, a homogeneous and
tight pipe wall from socket to spigot end of the pipe occurs.

6     Minimum wall thickness of the main wall

The minimum wall thickness of PKS-pipes is defined acc. to PAS 1060:

      e4  0,005 x ND + 0,5 mm, but e4  5 mm

Extruded pipes without joint have to be installed acc. to DIN 8074/75 pipeline 8,3 (SDR 17,6
for PE 80) or rather pipeline 8 (SDR 17 for PE 100. The pipes for the heat carrier circuit
should fit to pipeline 5 (SDR 11) optionally OD 50 or rather OD 63.

8     System components

In connection with Frank-manholes as well as standard PE 100 pipes and fittings (for heat
carrier circuit), a complete system could be realized, which has all advantages of PE piping
systems (long term tightness, low maintenance operating, extremely durable over the whole

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Item                      Product description                                  UP EUR total EUR
    1   PKS-THERMPIPE -pipes made of PE 100 (density minimum
        0,95 g/cm3) out of DIBt-approved raw material (e.g. CRP 100
        with approval no. Z40.25-317) and bright, inspection friendly
        inner surface made of F100+ (DIBt-approval Z40.25-399), which
        is coextruded. The overlapping of each sleeve is underneath the
        profile. The main wall thickness is acc. to PAS 1065. The
        dimensions ND 300 to ND 1800 are produced according to
        DIN 16961 as well as DIN EN 13476-3, with formed socket and
        spigot end. The flow and return made of PE 100 of the PKS-
        THERMPIPE® are prefabricated and will be delivered with the
        required system components for the connection of fluid. (The
        connection of the system components has to be done on site and
        is not included in unit price.) Delivery according to static
        requirements in overall lengths of 6m free site, professional
        unloading, storage, transport to installation point, insertion in pipe
        trench, height and flush according to the operating instructions
        DIN EN 1610, DIN 18300, the working sheet regarding filling of
        trench and the ZTVE
        Welding according to the given information of producer:
       Electro fusion socket (heating spiral with wire  2
        mm  3/100) and spigot end thickness minimum
        17 mm)
       Static proof according to ATV A 127
        Max.: coverage in m .......
        Min.: coverage in m ......
        Traffic load: truck.......... / SLW .........
        Max. groundwater level over soffit, in m: .......
        Bedding: Floor unit/compression ratio ........
        ........... running meter                                          ...............   ...............

2       PKS-THERMPIPE® distribution manhole ND ........
        Completely factory-assembled manhole made of PE 100
        spiral pipe acc. to DIN 16961 for PKS-THERMPIPE®,
        produced with coextruded inspection friendly bright inner
        surface, lifting eyes and flat, under welded bottom made of
        PE. Upper chamber edge with gasket, prepared for concrete
        plate/top system provided on site.

        Traffic load of the manhole for trucks, SLW ………
        A verifiable calculation should be provided.

        Completely factory-assembled including flow/return made
        of PE 100, SDR 11 - d ….. x ……mm
        Design horizontal, incl. all required valves.

        Connections to the heating pump d ……x …. mm.
        Flow and return incl. PVC ball valve type 21
        (up to d 110 mm)
        Flow and return incl. PVC butterfly valve type 57
        (ex d 125 mm) and stub end with flange

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      Circuits for connection to PKS-THERMPIPE®:
      - Flow- PVC ball valve type 21 with long PE socket d 50 x
        4,6 mm, radially removable
      - Return – balancing valve Hydrocontrol, radially removable

      - All connections welded water tight to the outer wall of the
        manhole and each approx. 100 mm external overlap.

          Accessories per collection pipe:
      -   Measuring adaptor - 2 pcs. - PE/brass changeover 1/2"
          female, brass blind plug
      -   Measuring valves - 1 pc. manometer 0 - 6 bar,
          1 pc. thermometer -20/+60° incl. protection pipe
      -   De-aeration - PE/brass changeover 3/4" female, brass blind
          plug, brass nickel aeration valve 3/4"
      -   Filling and draining via PVC ball valve type 21,
          with long PE sockets, DN 20

          Total volume flow: ………m3/h
          No. of circuits: ………
          Corresponds        ……… m PKS-THERMPIPE® d …… mm

          Height in mm: ………..
          Diameter in mm: ………..

          Quantity: ........ pcs.                                      ...............   ...............

           Requirement of other equipment for the PKS-
           THERMPIPE®-system could be found in our tender
           texts: PKS-system and manholes for geothermal

All items delivered by :               FRANK GmbH
                                       Starkenburgstraße 1
                                       64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
                                       Tel. +49 6105 4085-0
                                       Fax +49 6105 4085-249

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