Character Traits A to Z by elitecx764

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                                    Character Traits A to Z

      A                B                 C                 D                 E             F
abrasive         barren           candid             daring          eager             fair
amiable          belligerent      caring             defensive       elegant           fallible
affectionate     blunt            clever             diligent        energetic         feisty
agitated         bold             competitive        dignified       envious           ferocious
argumentative    brash            conceited          dominating      evil              forgiving
arrogant         bumptious        creative           dreamy          extroverted       frugal

       G              H                   I                J                 K             L
gallant          haughty          inquisitive        jealous         kind          lazy
generous         honorable        immature           jolly           knowledgeable likeable
gloomy           hostile          impatient          jovial                        lively
grateful         hopeful          intelligent        joyful                        logical
guarded          humorous         introverted        judgmental                    loveable
guilty           hungry           irresponsible      jumpy

      M               N                 O                  P           Q                    R
magnanimous      narrow-          obedient           patient     quarrelsome           radiant
malicious        minded           obnoxious          persnickety questioning           rebellious
meager           naughty          optimistic         petty       quiet                 rigorous
mean-spirited    nervous          organized          polished                          respectful
merry            nosy             ornery             proud                             rowdy
meticulous       numb             outgoing           prudent                           rugged

      S                T                 U                 V                W             YZ
sad              talented         ugly               vain            warm              yearning
silent           tenacious        uncaring           valiant         weak              yielding
solemn           thrifty          understanding      verbose         weary             youthful
stylish          tough            unrefined          violent         weird
stubborn         tricky           unreliable         voracious       wise              zealous
sympathetic      trustworthy      unpretentious                      worried

     * Note: Use a dictionary, thesaurus and information from text for further help.

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