2nd Quarter Week 11 Character Traits attitude caring character by elitecx764


									                                                          2nd Quarter Week 11 Character Traits

                                         Word List

attitude                fairness                reputation               trustworthiness
caring                  honesty                 respect
character               loyalty                 responsibility


attitude (atuhtood) noun
1. values and thoughts that affect one's behavior.
2. The way you react to feelings and events.
3. how you feel about things, both good or bad
4. feelings or ideas about someone or something.
5. the way you look at things.

caring (kEHrihNG)
1. To show concern for others.
2. treating others with love and kindness; wanting to help people
3. Feeling or showing concern, care, or interest.
4. Showing kindness and concern to others.
5. being kind, compassionate, forgiving others, helping others in need

character (kEHrihktur) noun,verb
1. a set of values that guides behavior.
2. A quality that makes a person or an animal unique
3. the combination of qualities or features that makes one person, group, or thing different
from another
4. what a person is when no one else is looking
5. Personality; the way a person feels, thinks and acts.

fairness (fEHrnuhs) adjective,noun
1. Ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty.
2. to be just and honest, showing no favoritism
3. to follow the same rules as everyone else
4. Equal treatment of behavior and viewpoints of others.
5. The act of being fair playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, and listening to others.
6. do unto others as you would have done unto you

honesty (onuhstee) noun
1. The quality of telling the truth.
2. the ability to be truthful and fair
3. An honest person is truthful and will not lie or steal or cheat.

loyalty (loiuhltee) noun
1. faithfulness to a person or thing
2. being a friend to someone all of the time
3. a sense of duty; being loyal

reputation (rEHpyuhtayshuhn) noun
1. What is generally said or believed about a person.
2. The way you are seen and known by the general public
3. what others notice about you; others' judgement of you
4. a person's character; what people think of a person
5. the way in which a person is thought of by others

respect (rihspEHkt) noun,verb
1. showing care, honor, or admiration for someone or something
2. Regard someone highly; think much of someone.
3. to admire someome or to take them seriously.

responsibility (reesponsuhbihluhtee) noun
1. A willingness to accept an obligation and to be accountable for an action or situation.
2. A job or task that is assigned to us.
3. Duties you owe to society.
4. the ability to make choices and to accept the consequences of those choices
5. to be in charge of something

trustworthiness (truhstwurtheenuhs) adjective,noun
1. The trait of deserving trust and confidence.
2. Being truthful, reliable and having the courage to do the right thing
3. being loyal and dependable; the strength to do the right thing
4. Keeping promises-being a person of your word.
5. A person who is trustworthy is honest, they do not deceive, cheat, or steal.

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