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EXL318_ Monitoring Microsoft Lync 2010 Deployments


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“The voice diagnostics feature is very popular. In general, having that kind of feedback shows that quality is
better overall. I think feedback helps to set people’s expectations, gives them a better perspective, and
leaves a better impression.”

Andrew Hitchcock, Microsoft Unified Communications Practice Architect, CDW

“With Lync Server, improvements in the voice quality are important to companies we work with who have
large mobile work forces.”

Reuben Honigwachs, Consultant, Glück & Kanja

“Microsoft Lync Server 2010 passed as aggressive SIP Load Torture
Test without dropping any calls or reporting errors in the 4,000,000
call attrition test. This sustained operation without error is the best
we have seen to date for any Unified Communications / IP PBX
product we have tested.”
Management Pack and Guide

Deploying Monitoring Server and Reports
Using Monitoring Server Reports

Call Detail Recording (CDR) Schema
Quality of Experience (QoE) Schema
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Lync Server 2010 Monitoring Server Reports Documentation

An Introduction to Monitoring Lync Server 2010 by Using Monitoring Server
The Lync Server 2010 Monitoring Server Reports: An Overview
Using Lync Server 2010 Monitoring Server Reports
Quality of Experience Alerting in Lync Server 2010

Help Desk Troubleshooting: Lync Call Issues
System-wide Troubleshooting: Lync Call Connectivity
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