; How to compare and monitor the progress of several
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How to compare and monitor the progress of several


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									     How to compare and
   monitor the progress of
several parallel or related tasks

  Usually a project consists of several
      tasks and the project will be
    considered "finished" only if all
    subordinate tasks are finished.
What project managers want to see?
• Initially:
   specs of all tasks (who’s responsible, task
  description, due date, etc.)
• Before all tasks are done:
   progress of each task, how many days
  remaining for each task, etc.
• After all tasks are done:
   performance of all tasks (elapsed days, man-
  hours, punctuality, etc.)
               A demo
• In the example below, suppose we have a
  project consists of 3 parallel tasks:
        Summary of 3 tasks
• We will have 3 tasks assigned to “adam”,
  “bob”, and “chuck” each (starting letters:
• The supervisor for all 3 tasks is “david”.

• More details are shown on the next page:
    Summary info of the 3 tasks
Starting    Task         Subject       Due date
date        undertaker
2009-2-08   adam         test one by   2009-2-11
2009-2-08   bob          task2 by      2009-2-12
2009-2-08   chuck        task 3        2009-2-12
               Task “tags”
• The key to compare related tasks is to
  assign all concerned tasks with the same
  “tag” (just a single letter or number). In our
  example, we assign all 3 tasks with letter
  “a” as the tag.
• Tags are assigned (filled in) when creating
  a new task, see following form:
    Example of creating a task
• Right after all 3 tasks are created and
  submitted, if we list all tasks with tag “a”:
          Updating progress
After a task is submitted, its “undertaker”
  can update the “progress” of the task:
• Work progress: not yet started, doing,
  almost done, done, or no solution
• Current progress: % of task done
• Actual man-hour: (hours)
• Progress details: (text)
• Current estimated finish date
            Closing a task
When an undertaker filled in the progress as
 “done”, the system will automatically send
 an email to the supervisor asking him to
 “close the case”.
The supervisor can just click on the link in
 the email and get to the see the task; and
 then click on the “close” the task link:
     After all tasks are closed
When displaying all tasks with same tag, it
  will show:
• The actual completion date:
  the duration of each task, the punctuality
  of each task (late, ahead, or on time)
• Actual vs. projected man-hour’s
   End of presentation

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