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School Bus Request form

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					                                SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORT SERVICE FORM
Name of Parent: ________________________________________________________________________

Name of Student: _______________________________________________________                                      Grade: ________

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Tel: ____________________ (H)_____________________(M) Email: _____________________________

Requested Journey and Rates per Person

Transport Service per Term (Baht) :

         Zone 1              One Way         Cost:     14,300                     Round Trip         Cost:    19,650
         Zone 2              One Way         Cost:     16,200                     Round Trip         Cost:    21,500
         Zone 3              One Way         Cost:     17,300                     Round Trip         Cost:    23,900
         Zone 4              One Way         Cost:     26,200                     Round Trip         Cost:    35,800

                     Transportation Service per Term starting from 7th January – 5th April, 2013

Daily Rate (Baht):

         Zone 1              One Way         Cost:     270                        Round Trip         Cost:    360
         Zone 2              One Way         Cost:     300                        Round Trip         Cost:    390
         Zone 3              One Way         Cost:     320                        Round Trip         Cost:    430
         Zone 4              One Way         Cost:     470                        Round Trip         Cost:    630

Service starting from(Date) : ________________________________________________________________

Total Payment in Baht: ______________________________

Payment Term (Cash & Non-Refundable):
Term rate : Please submit this form and pay cash at the cashier’s office from 8 Nov – 14 Dec 2012. The Daily Rate
             calculation applies after this payment period.
Daily rate : For scheduled journey, please submit the form and purchase a book of vouchers at the cashier’s office
             at least 1 day in advance to secure your seat. For non-scheduled journey, please pay cash at least 1/2
            hour at Transport Counter (near the back gate) before using the School Bus Service.

___________________________________________                                                __________________________
(Parent’s Signature)                                                                       (Date)

For any queries about the service or to make suggestion or comment please contact Khun Todsaporn at
02-1589191 ext 164, mobile no. 081-4545754 or email:

Safety is a paramount concern for SISB and the school will do its best to ensure that your child is well supervised and cared for. All
students are covered for accidental injury by the outsource company. In the event of any emergency, you will be notified by
telephone immediately.

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