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S-131 S-133


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									                           NORTH IDAHO ZONE WILDFIRE TRAINING ALERT

                                   TRAINING ALERT
                               S-131 Firefighter Type 1 Training
                           S-133 Look Up, Look Down, Look Around

                                          May 31, 2013

                             Idaho Panhandle NF, Supervisor’s Office
                                       (Caribou/Grizzly Rooms)
                                       3815 Schreiber Way
                                       Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

                                       Nomination Deadline
                                          May 3, 2013

DESCRIPTION:         The S-131 training is a course designed to meet the training needs of the
                     Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1). This interactive class contains several tactical
                     decision games designed to facilitate both learning the objectives and class
                     discussion. Topics include fireline reference materials, communications,
                     and tactical decision making.
                     S-133 examines the wildland fire environment and the indicators firefighters
                     should observe on the fire line in order to anticipate fire behavior.
                            With these two courses combined in a one day session, duration of
                            training and travel time may result in students being required to put
                            in more than the normal 8 hours per day.
TARGET GROUP:        Firefighter type 1 (FFT1)
PREREQUISITES:       Qualified as a firefighter type 2 (FFT2)
SCHEDULE:            The course will begin at 0800 hours and conclude after the final exam on
                     Friday, May 31.
COST:                No tuition. Students and instructors are responsible for travel and per diem.
COORDINATOR:         Reggie Day, reggieday@fs.fed.us, (208) 769-3043.
NOMINATIONS:         Submit nominations via IQCS or send NWCG nominations to your local
                     training representative, who will forward them to your agency training
                     representative listed below. Agency training representatives – please
                     forward to the Coeur d’Alene Interagency Dispatch Center via e-mail
                     (idcdc@fs.fed.us) or FAX (208-762-6909).

AGENCY TRAINING REPRESENTATIVES:                      IPF/Other Agencies – Julia Figgins
CWF/NPF – Dennis Crew                                 IDL/North ID Fire Depts – Paul Balfour
NPT – Sandy Holt                                      CDT – Dan Vassar
BLM – Bruce Martinek

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