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Virgin Atlantic Celebrates 25 Years in Miami Skies


									 Sarah Harding joins Richard Branson's Virgin cabin
    crew to celebrate 25 years of flying to Miami

You wouldn’t expect to find Sarah Harding as your air hostess on a Virgin
Atlantic flight, but she did join Sir Richard Branson to celebrate the
airline’s 25th anniversary of connecting Miami and London.

Dressed in a bright red dress, she stood by the Virgin boss as he spoke
of the company’s achievement.

Sarah joined the cabin crew and Branson at Miami’s International Airport
as the boss said: ‘This is a fantastic milestone in Virgin Atlantic’s history.

      Shoes off: Sarah Harding had to take her heels off to walk on the wing of Branson's plane
‘Miami was the second route Virgin Atlantic launched two years after the
airline began and to think that we are now a world class airline with 32
long haul destinations is a dream come true.’

The 60-year-old wore a baby blue cotton shirt and beige trousers to the
event, as he stood in front of the US flag and the Union Jack.

     On the wing: Sir Richard Branson, two air hostesses and Sarah Harding posed on the plane

Branson, Harding and two air hostesses then stepped on the wing of a
Virgin plane to pose alongside the two flags.

Sir Richard picked up the Girls Aloud star in his arms as they all laughed
and smiled for the cameras.
Celebrations: Sir Richard Branson was celebrating 25 years of Virgin flights connecting London and Miami

Since the airline’s first flight in 1986, Virgin Atlantic’s fleet has flown a
total of 67 million miles to and from Miami and served clientele with over
five million of their signature meals and ice cream.

Passengers who have travelled in Upper Class and Premium Economy
have also enjoyed 165,000 bottles of champagne, which equates to
990,000 glasses served since launch.

Branson added: ‘Our promise to our passengers when we launched the
route was to offer a fantastic quality of service and innovation onboard at
great value and I believe that we continue to fulfil that promise 25 years

 Happy boss: Branson was thrilled about his airline's achievement and wants another 25 years of success

Looking for a new job? Sarah Harding did her best air hostess impression while joining Sir Richard Branson
                                                in Miami

Since the airline began flying from London to Miami 25 years ago, 4.5
million passengers have taken the trip with Virgin.
During her special appearance, 29-year-old Sarah Harding was sporting
noticeably fuller lips after admitting that she has had lip injections.

She told Fabulous magazine last month: ‘It’s not something I’m going to
be trying again, or anything I would recommend to anyone else.

‘But year, around Christmas I got a little bit experimental and decided to
have some filler in my lips. Clearly that was a mistake.’

        Ladies in red: Sarah joined in on the Virgin cabin crew outfit theme in her red dress

      Take off! Luckily the plane was grounded when they were called up to pose on the wing
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