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Marconi 18-aug-08 - Powerstorm

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					              MARCONI Switches and Transmissions
                        For SALE
Part Number                Description                Manufacturer   Qty   Status
 131-8679/13     COMM/CONTROLunit Q inter.TypeC         Marconi       1
 131-9071/51           Inerface module for alarms       Marconi       2
 131-9468/01          Power supply unit for switch      Marconi       2
 131-9470/02      Assieme matrice 256X256 MSH64         Marconi       1
   SG41C           MSH64 Switch Protection (265xs       Marconi       2
   SG51B                      Auxiliary Unit            Marconi       1
   SG67A                 STM-4 S-4.1 Optical IF         Marconi       1
   SG67C                 STM-4 L-4.1 Optical IF         Marconi       1
   SG68A                STM-16 S-16.1 Optical IF        Marconi       3
   SG68D                STM-16 L16.2 Optical IF         Marconi       0
   SG68H           STM-16 L-16.2 OPTICAL I/F FOR        Marconi       0
   SG69B                STM-64 S-64.2 Optical IF        Marconi       5
   SG69D             STM-64 L/V/U-64.2 Opti.inter.      Marconi       0
   SG73A           EMC Covers for Unequipment Tib       Marconi       0
   SG75A                 Optical Booster+10dBm          Marconi       0
   SG75C                 Optical Booster+16dBm          Marconi       1
 151-2885/01             KIT OPTICAL COVER              Marconi      10
 151-2942/01       SMC-COMPACT FLASH 192MB              Marconi       6
1MAA67992AAC      CONNECTOR EXTRACTOR TOOL              Marconi      10
    ST10A             MSH64C Core Subrack ETSI          Marconi       9
    ST11A          MSH64C SWITCH 512 x STM-1            Marconi       4
    ST40E            Controller ADM256 Protection       Marconi      25
    ST59A              Multiprotocol data interface     Marconi       0
    ST65A           16XSTM-1 Electri. Unit(worker)      Marconi       2
    ST65B               16XSTM-1 electrical unit        Marconi       0
    ST66A           16xSTM-1 S-1.1 Optical interfa      Marconi      26
    ST67A           8XSTM4 S4.1 Optical interfaces      Marconi      23
   ST68AA           4xSTM-16 S-16.1 Optical interf      Marconi       1
   ST68BA           2XSTM-16 S16.1 Optical interfa      Marconi       3
   ST68BB            2XSTM-16 L-16.1 optical inter.     Marconi       0
   ST68G           QUAD Gbit Eth.Core(to 4module)       Marconi       0
   ST68GA           Gbit ETH.module 1000base-SX         Marconi       2
   ST69AA           STM-64 S-64.2b Optical interfa      Marconi       4
   ST69AB           STM64 L64.2b Optical interface      Marconi      22
   ST73AC                   CDC-FIXED-680               Marconi       0
    ST76A            Booster/Preamp.CORE CARD           Marconi       0
   ST76AA          Booster Module(+5dbm~+13dbm)         Marconi       0
   ST79AA        EMC COVERS FOR UNUSED UNITS            Marconi       9
    ST80A         MSH64C Local Terminal Software        Marconi       0

Part Number              Description                Manufacturer   Qty   Status
   ST82A         MSH64C SOFTWARE LICENCE              Marconi        8
  SU56AA                Fast ethernet module          Marconi        0
   SB56B        OMS840 base unbal.4xE1/4xFastE        Marconi        2
  SB81SA          OMS840 R1.1 Backup&LCT SW           Marconi        1
   21206        Chan.U.SUB/SUB/2X400o./6ch/48V        Marconi        3
  21743.01              Smart Branching Unit          Marconi        0
   24021          Data.0..19.2 kba/asy.V.28/8 ch      Marconi        2
   24063                DIU19.2A Program/E            Marconi        2
   24101           Interf.Unit(IU2)2x2 Mb/s 75 oh     Marconi        1
   24111                  Control Unit DN 2           Marconi        1
   24160           Program for IU2-unit /DN 2 /E      Marconi        1
   24161                 Program for CU-unit          Marconi        1
   25060         Program E/TU 21206 SUBS END          Marconi        3
 T37870.01      Subrack 19"/grey(DM2,DB2,ACM2)        Marconi        0
 T37871.01            NDM 19 in DN2 Subrack           Marconi        1
 T37882.01               NDM DC Unit (ADU)            Marconi        0
 T37884.01         Nokia NDM DC Adapter(NDA)          Marconi        1
 T37885.01       Ring Generator 25 Hz,15W, Dyna       Marconi        0
 T66340.01                DCN Adapter C2.0            Marconi        1
 P30291.01             STM-16 C2.0 CD-ROM             Marconi        0
 P30307.80      C2.0 STM-1 I/F UNIT FUNCTIONAL        Marconi        1
 P30307.81      C2.0 STM-4 I/F UNIT FUNCTIONAL        Marconi       29
 P30307.82      C2.0 STM-16 I/F UNIT FUNCTIONA        Marconi      304
 P31512.30    C2.0 CORE2M W/STM-1 FUNCTIONAL          Marconi        5
 P31512.40        C2.0 SAN2M FUNCTIONALITY            Marconi        3
 P31512.50    C2.0 CORE W/DUAL STM-1 FUNCTIO          Marconi        0
 P31512.60    C2.0 CORE2M W/DUAL STM-1 FUNCT          Marconi       15
 P31512.70       C2.0 SAN345M FUNCTIONALITY           Marconi        0
 P31614.11          SAN C2.0 NM NT 1SYSTEM            Marconi        0
 T30033.01        STM-1E/140M ELECTRICAL IU           Marconi       64
 T30041.01      A2M ELECTRICAL IU 16*2M 120R          Marconi        0
 T30041.02     A2MTA ELECTRICAL IU 16*2M 120R         Marconi        0
 T30041.03       A2M ELECTRICAL IU 16*2M 75R          Marconi       13
 T30041.04     A2MTA ELECTRICAL IU 16*2M 75R          Marconi       20
 T30084.01              SU-A SERVICE UNIT             Marconi        2
 T30084.02          SU-A SERVICE UNIT EOW             Marconi        9
 T30093.01     SPIU-SUBRACK POWER IU 48/60V           Marconi        0
 T30110.01    TSW0-64KB/S CROSS-CONN.(63X2M)          Marconi        0
 T30167.13    62.5/125MU-FC 10m JUMPER CABLE          Marconi        0
 T30170.01         STM-1 IU 4 CHANNELS L-1.1          Marconi        0
 T30170.02         STM-1 IU 4 CHANNELS S-1.1          Marconi        0
 T30170.05       STM-1 IU 4 CHA.MULTI.I/F(C2.0)       Marconi       20
 T30171.01          STM-4 IU 1 CHANNEL L-4.1          Marconi       10
 T30171.02          STM-4 IU 1 CHANNEL S-4.1          Marconi       17
 T30171.03          STM-4 IU 1 CHANNEL L-4.2          Marconi        2
 T30172.02        STM-16 IU 1 CHANNEL S-16.1          Marconi      175
 T30172.06       STM-16 IU 1 Ch L-16.2 high pow       Marconi       56
 T30172.42       STM-16 IU 1 CH L-16.2 1547.72N       Marconi       44
 T30172.53       STM-16 IU 1 CH L-16.2 1547.72N       Marconi       29
 T30173.01       STM-1 ELECTR. IU 4 CHANNELS          Marconi      187
 T30174.01      CDXC1 CONTROL AND CC UNIT 1           Marconi      275

Part Number              Description                Manufacturer   Qty   Status
 T30175.01     CDXC2 CONTROL AND CC UNIT 2            Marconi      98
 T30177.01     SMI-ST SERVICE AND MANAGE.IU           Marconi      89
 T30184.01     PREAMPLI.FILTER 1547.7+/-0.3NM         Marconi       0
 T30403.02       19 SLOT SYNFONET SUBRACK             Marconi       1
 T30424.01          4-SLOT SAN CARTRIDGE              Marconi      19
 T30426.01     NTM 1-SLOT BLANK FRONT PLATE           Marconi       0
 T30426.02              NTM Plastic Cover             Marconi       0
 T30428.01          8-SLOT SAN CARTRIDGE              Marconi       3
 T30430.01         17-SLOT STM-16 SUBRACK             Marconi       3
 T31420.01    SAN2M 21X2M UNIT 120 OHM BALAN          Marconi       3
 T31420.02    SAN2M 21X2M UNIT 75 OHM UNBALA          Marconi       0
 T31450.01                SAN345M UNIT                Marconi       0
 T31460.01               SAN EOW UNIT                 Marconi       0
 T31490.01              CORE W/S1.1 FC                Marconi       0
 T31490.05           CORE W/DUAL S1.1 FC              Marconi      20
 T31490.07           CORE W/DUAL L1.1 FC              Marconi       0
 T31490.11               CORE W/L1.2 FC               Marconi       0
 T31491.01        CORE2M 120OHM W/S1.1 FC             Marconi       0
 T31491.03     CORE2M 120OHM W/DUAL S1.1 FC           Marconi       0
 T31491.05         CORE2M 75OHM W/S1.1 FC             Marconi       5
 T31491.06         CORE2M 75OHM W/L1.1 FC             Marconi       0
 T31491.07     CORE2M 75OHM W/DUAL S1.1 FC            Marconi       0
 T31491.08     CORE2M 75OHM W/DUAL L1.1 FC            Marconi      15
 T31491.27     CORE2M 75OHM W/DUAL L1.2 FC            Marconi       0
 T31801.10     OFA-BA OPTICAL BOOSTER AMPLI           Marconi       0
 T31801.20         OFA-PA OPTICAL PREAMP              Marconi       0
 T31801.30     OFA-LA OPTICAL LINE AMPLIFIER          Marconi       0
 T31820.01    OPTICAL SUPERVISORY & CONTROL           Marconi       0
  NJ13CC              PPM R2.5 XML Format             Marconi       8
   NJ13E            PUI Practical User Interface      Marconi       8
   NJ13F          Pfm TCP/IP Config Fault Interf      Marconi       1
   NJ13Y          PFM TCP/IP Config Fault interf      Marconi       7
  NJ23AB           PIC Practical Inventory Interf     Marconi       8
  NJ30A25        Element mana. Core2 ser.pack5        Marconi       0
  NJ30B25       Element mana.Core2 Pack5 plug-        Marconi       0
  NJ33OB         HP OSI trans.ser.OTS9000 Tier2       Marconi       0
  NJ35A2        Element mana. Core2 oper. manu        Marconi       0
   NJ38A          Element mana. Core2 basic lice      Marconi       0
   NJ57D        Core 1 to Core 2 Data/SDH/DWDM        Marconi       8
  NJ61KE          Elem. mana.Plug Lic. 1664 2.1       Marconi       0
   NL13G            Pui User interface for NMS        Marconi       2
   NL13L         PSB Network Info(PSB NI)Licens       Marconi       1
  NL13LB        PSB Network Info(PSB NI)L<1000        Marconi       1
  NL13MA         PSB Network Info(PSB NI XC)Lic       Marconi       2
  NL13MB         PSB Network Info(PSB NI RT)Lic       Marconi       2
  NL13MC         PSB Network Info(PSB NI LC)Lic       Marconi       2
  NL13MD         PSB Network Info(PSB NI LR)Lic       Marconi       2
   NL13V         PSB Config&Fault License Unlim       Marconi       1
  NL13VB         PSB Config&Fault license<1000        Marconi       1
  NL33BB         Exceed Terminal Emulator Licen       Marconi       0
   NL57J        3000-5000Core1toCore2 Upgrade         Marconi       2

Part Number                Description                 Manufacturer   Qty   Status
1HAM60833AAA         SN60H1,8port 3.1 unbal.LTU          Marconi      17
1HAM60862ABL                       LTU                   Marconi       0
1HAT60696ABY    STM4 COMB OPT.MUX 1300 SH S4.1           Marconi       2
1HAT60696AEB    STM4 COMB OPT.MUX 1550 LH L4.2           Marconi       0
1HAT60704AAW         Generic SUX Controler Card          Marconi       0
1HAT60730AJX      STM16 LINE UNIT 1300NM L16.1           Marconi       6
1HAT60738AAB        SAM16 MUX CONTROL.CARD               Marconi       8
1HAT60876AAP       Comms/controller card MUX,ES          Marconi       0
1HGC60783AAP       SMA16 SMC BW7R S3.3 REV1              Marconi       8
1MBB60832AAF       SMA-4/PMA Feed Kop (D-Type)           Marconi       2
    SB12T         CELLSPAN-I ATA 155 SM SH LTU           Marconi       1
    SB31A         Packetspan Ring Access for SMA         Marconi      20
    SB32A           PacketSpan Ring Concentrator         Marconi       0
    SB33B         Packetspan access 100m for SMA         Marconi       5
    SB82A          Packspan data EMS Appli.&licen        Marconi       0
    SB82B           Data EMS NE Connect.License          Marconi       0
    SN15A          SMA-1/4C+ CORE 4 trib position        Marconi       0
    SN25A          SMA4/16/1X CORE,8+4trib posi.         Marconi       0
   SN25CA              SMA4/16C Series3 Core             Marconi       0
    SN30A           SMA-16 Core, 8+4 trib pos.(S3)       Marconi       0
   SN30CA        SMA-16 CORE, 8+4 TRIB POS (S3)          Marconi      30
   SN50CC          DCC THROUGH LINK(1.2E/S3)             Marconi      14
   SN50CD             COMMS(Dcc Access Unit)             Marconi       0
   SN50CF            ENHANCED COMMS CARD                 Marconi      43
    SN50F            ENHANCED COMMS CARD                 Marconi       0
    SN60N           16port 2Mbit/s trib unbal LTUS       Marconi       0
    SN65A          STM-1 Electri.MUX front access        Marconi       3
    SN65C         STM-1electrical MUX LTU access         Marconi       0
    SN65E           STM-1 Dual Trib Elec.front acc       Marconi      12
    SN65F          STM-1 Electr. MUX Front Access        Marconi       0
    SN66B                         SN66B                  Marconi       1
    SN66E            STM-1 S-1.1 Optical Interface       Marconi       1
   SN66G            STM-1 L-1.1 Optical interfaces       Marconi       0
    SN66J         STM-1 OPT MUX 1550nm LH L1.2           Marconi       0
   SN66TL        STM1 TCM DualOPT MUX1300 L1.1           Marconi       1
   SN66TQ       STM-1 TCM QUAD OPT MUX I1 FC/P           Marconi       0
   SN66TR          STM1 TCM Quad S1.1 Opti.interf        Marconi       0
   SN66TS          STM-1TCM QuadL1.1 Opti.inter.         Marconi       2
   SN68CA                  STM-16 L-16.2 O/I             Marconi       1
    SN68F          STM16 Optl MUX1300L/H L16.1           Marconi      37
    SN68H            STM-16 L-16.2 Optical inter.        Marconi       1
    SN69A         STM-4 OPT MUX 1300nm SH S4.1           Marconi      28
    SN69B       STM4 OPT MUX 1300nm LH L4.1 S3           Marconi       1
   SN72CC      SMA-16 SWITCH PLANE PROTECTION            Marconi      23
    SN81A          SMA4 BACKUP SW(SYSTEM)*               Marconi       1
   SN83DA          SW Licence per SMA S3 product         Marconi      30
1PAB60039AJV          Citrix platform transition kit     Marconi       0
1PAB60071AAA         Citrix Unix      Marconi      33
    NJ51D              Core2 for server platform         Marconi       0
    NL51C           350core party        Marconi       0
    SM51B                    Auxiliary Card              Marconi      69

Part Number                Description                 Manufacturer   Qty   Status
   SM52A            SMA-1/4EOW facility(ringslave)       Marconi        1
   SM52B           SMA1/4EOW Facility(Ringmaster)        Marconi        6
   SM53A                     EOW Handset                 Marconi        0
    SN50E              Ethernet AUI LTU series3.1        Marconi       22
    SN51B                     Auxiliary LTU              Marconi        0
    SN53A               SMA Alarm LTU series 3           Marconi        4
    SN53B                   User Alarm TUL               Marconi        0
   SN53C            SMA Synchronisation LTU ser.3        Marconi        1
   SN60H           32PORT 2Mb/S Trib Unbal LTUS          Marconi        3
    SN60K           2Mbit/sTrib NO LTUs,protection       Marconi        0
    NJ32X            Series4 CP connection Licence       Marconi        0
    SA10A         SMA1/4CP 16X2BaseUnit Unbalanc         Marconi        0
    SA11A           S4 SMA1/4cp,4X2Base unit X.21        Marconi        3
    SA12A              Wall Mounting kit plate kop       Marconi        4
    SA12C                      Fan Module                Marconi        4
    SA56A          8X10/100M E-NET Module expan.         Marconi        0
   SA66BA          STM-1Opt Integ.SFW unit 1310TX        Marconi       10
   SA66EA          FC/PC STM-1 1300nmS1.1 DFW            Marconi        0
    SA80A              SMA1/4 Local craft terminal       Marconi        0
   SA83DA             SMA1/4CP Software Licence          Marconi        3
1HGC61024AAA      SMA1/4UC&EX REL3.1 compact fla         Marconi        0
    SP03A                  SMA1/4UC CORE                 Marconi        1
    SP53B        SMA1/4UC COMM/AUX/ANCIL LARY            Marconi        1
    SP56A          PacketSpan LinkExtender ETX100        Marconi        0
    SP60C           SMA1/4UC64port 2M core traffic       Marconi        2
   SP60CA         SMA1/4UC 32X2M LTU UNBAL-2M            Marconi        2
    SP60E            SMA1/4&16EX Trib Traffic Unit       Marconi        0
   SP60EA           SMA1/4&16EX LTU Unbalanced           Marconi        0
   SP67EA            UC&EX qual STM-1/4 SFP trib         Marconi        0
    SP70C      SMA1/4UCPOWER MODULE FRONT ACC            Marconi        0
    SP70D            1/4UC power module for fro.tri      Marconi        0
    SP71F            STM-1/4UC ADM unit PROT'N           Marconi        1
1HGC60995AAW              System memory card             Marconi        5
    SP05B               SMA1/4 CORE(2+2 tribs)           Marconi        0
    SP10C          SMA1/4CORE,ADM,4+4trib positi.        Marconi        2
    SP10D        SMA1/4CORE,ADM,8TRIB POSITION           Marconi        3
    SP53A                 Ancillary interface unit       Marconi        0
    SP58A             Ethernet aggrega. Layer2 trib      Marconi        1
    SP60A             2Mbit/s traffic unit unbalance     Marconi        0
    SP60N         2MBIT/S UNBAL LTU 8PORT (1.0/2         Marconi      102
   SP65TD       STM-1TCM DUAL ELEC MUX LTU ACC           Marconi        8
   SP65TE          DUAL STM1 Elect.MUX front acce        Marconi        0
   SP66AA             STM-1 MOD - DFW FC S1.1            Marconi       11
   SP66AC             STM-1 MOD - DFW FC L1.1            Marconi        0
   SP66AE              STM-1 MOD DFW FC L1.2             Marconi        0
   SP66CA            DUAL STM-1 OPTICAL CARD             Marconi        0
   SP66EA              STM-1MOD, DFW FC S1.1             Marconi      139
   SP66EC        STM1MOD DFW FC/SC L1.1 1300nm           Marconi        2
   SP67AA             STM-4 MOD - DFW FC S4.1            Marconi        7
   SP67AC             STM-4 MOD - DFW FC L4.1            Marconi        0
   SP67AG              STM-4 MOD DFW FC L4.2             Marconi        0

Part Number              Description                Manufacturer   Qty   Status
   SP70A               Power card(SMA 1/4C)           Marconi        0
   SP70B              Power Supply Card Port'         Marconi        4
   SP71B            STM1/4 ADM UNIT PROT'N            Marconi        0
   SP73A         BLANK OPTICAL MODULE KOP'S           Marconi        0
   SP81A          S4 1/4,1/4C,1/4CP LCT/BACKUP        Marconi        0
   SP82D             S4 Handbook on CD ROM            Marconi        0
  SP83DA            Software Licence for series 4     Marconi        1
  SK25AB         STM16 core 128X128 STM1 switch       Marconi        1
  SK25BB      SMA1664 LTU PS DUAL POWER FEED          Marconi        0
  SK25CA                SMA16-64 AUX card             Marconi        0
  SK25DA              SMA16-64 LTU ALM INT            Marconi        1
   SK57A        SMA16-64 GIGETHERNET 2P TRIB          Marconi       10
   SK58A          ELS1000 Ether.Aggrega. Layer 2      Marconi        0
  SK60AC           SMA16-64 LTU 2M 32 UNBAL           Marconi       41
  SK60AD      SMA16-64 2MTRIB 63P EXPANDABLE          Marconi        1
  SK60BD          SMA16-64 2Mtrib 63P expand.bal      Marconi        0
  SK60DA          32X2M trib unbalan. unexpanda.      Marconi        0
  SK60EA             126X2M trib for protection       Marconi        1
  SK66AA          SMA1664 STM1 8P trib hot plug       Marconi        6
  SK66AB           SMA16-64 STM-1 4P TRIB LTU         Marconi        0
  SK66BB       16-64STM-1 8P HOT PLUG PROTECT         Marconi        3
  SK66BC               Dual STM-1e interface          Marconi        1
  SK66BD             Dual STM-1 S1.1 interface        Marconi       11
  SK66BE             Dual STM-1 l1.1 interface        Marconi        0
  SK66CA               STM1/4(8+8)SFP Card            Marconi        0
  SK66CD        OMS16-64 BASE 2XSTM-4(FP) OR 8        Marconi        0
   SK67C                 STM4 core trib,2P            Marconi        1
  SK68AA          SMA16-64 STM-16 S/I16.1 LINE        Marconi       37
  SK68AB                   L16.1 Line Card            Marconi        1
  SK68AC                   L16.2 Line Card            Marconi        3
   SK73A              SMA16-64 COVER LTU              Marconi        0
   SK73B           SMA16-64 HOT PLUG COVER            Marconi      278
  SU67AA                  STM-4 1P S/14.1             Marconi        1


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