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					                    Guide to the materials for the Medical Diagnosis Case

The .zip-file contains the following documents (in German):

Task Description Medical Diagnosis Problem
This is the information participants received during the introduction to their joint task, that is,
prior to the individual reading phase. This document stayed with the participants during the
whole problem-solving process. It states the task instructions and lists the three possible
diagnoses between participants have to decide.

Medical Diagnosis Master (VL_Tropenkrankheitsfall_Master.doc)
This document contains the complete set of texts on the patient and on the three potential
diagnoses. Commentaries in the text (in Word’s Markup function) mark those text passages
that constitute relevant information items. There are 24 such items, yielding 12 inferences
(each inference can be drawn based on two different text passages, from two different
protocols). A code in the commentary tells you which of the 12 inferences can be drawn from
the text passage and its counterpart.

Text Items Table (VL_Itemübersicht_Tropenkrankheitsfall.doc)
This table gives an overview of the 24 relevant information items (from the texts) and the 12
solution-relevant inferences that can be drawn from them. There are three potential
diagnoses: Feuerfieber (fire fever), Kranichgrippe (crane flue), and Morobaleiden (Moroba
disease). For each diagnosis, participants can draw four inferences regarding: a possible
way in which the patient might have gotten in contact with the virus/germ causing the disease
(Kontakt), laboratory tests that support the diagnosis or not (Labor), the patinet’s symptoms
that support the diagnosis or not (Symptome), and the patient’s personal vulnerability for a
disease, e.g. enhanced due to prior illnesses or reduced due to vaccination (Risiko).

Text Distribution (VL_Textverteilung Tropenkrankheiten.doc)
This table gives an overview of which of the 12 inferences were realized as collaborative (k),
which were realized as individual (i), and which were realized as shared (g). Because the
medical diagnosis problem served as a training case, only one text version was used, which
maximized the difficulty of the task.

Texts for Person A and Person B (Tropenkrankheiten_Version_Person_A.doc, AND
These are the two sets of texts that would be given to Person A and Person B, respectively.
Note that the texts that were given to participants no longer contained any commentaries or

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