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									Account Name: Naren Bharwani Page Name: Home Page Title: Earn gift rewards for your purchases Page Description: gives you gifts rewards when you purchase new products. Our in-depth, star-rated reviews help you get the best quality and value for your money on all your favorite items. Notes to the Designer: All of the product subcategories (under each of the main four product headings) will be hyperlinked to pages displaying the products available and their reviews/ descriptions. The words “gift page” in step 6 in the “How Do I Get Started Earning Gifts?” section will be hyperlinked to the page displaying the available gifts. ______________________________________________________________________ Buy It The Right Place to Buy! Welcome to Buy It where you earn gifts buying the products you need and use everyday. We have all the items you need to make your life easier. From learning a new language and losing weight, to computers and caring for your pets, we have what you need right here. We have carefully chosen the best new products that give you the greatest quality and value for your money. Our in-depth, star-rated reviews help you choose those items that best meet your needs. Check out the valuable products available through our partner retailers and start earning special gifts today on all your purchases!

How It Works: The products available through this site are linked to our partner retailers. Each of our partner retailers gives us a commission on the products you buy through this site. We then reward you by giving you a gift of your choice (you choose your gift from our available selections).

How Do I Get Started Earning Gifts? It’s easy! Just follow the steps below: 1. Click on a product category to view all of the available items in that category. 2. Read the reviews to help you make your selection. 3. Click on an item you would like to purchase. You will be taken to the website of the retailer who sells the product. 4. Make your purchase. 5. Return to this site and enter the Transaction ID number along with your name and address at the bottom of the page. Click Submit. 6. Choose your gift from our gift page.

7. Your gift will be mailed to you.

Important: Buy It Rite Gifts are only available for items linked through this website. You must return to this page and submit your Transaction ID number in order to receive your gift.

Product Categories: Click on a category below to see available products and their reviews. Languages and Learning Need to learn a new language? We have the resources you need right here. Language Software Language CDs/ Cassette Tapes Language Videos Translators Sign Language Products Other Language Products Health and Beauty Supplies and Weight Loss The products you need to look your best, stay healthy, and lose weight. Skin Care Hair Care Nail Care Cosmetics Bath and Shower Massage Hair Removal Deodorant and Antiperspirant Women’s Fragrances Men’s Fragrances and Aftershave Organic Health and Beauty Vitamins Minerals Herbs Nutritional Supplements Weight loss Over the Counter Medicines Blood Pressure Monitors Glucose Meters Shavers and Trimmers Hair Care Appliances Consumer Electronics Find all your technology needs here.

Desktop Computers Laptop/Notebook Computers Printers and Scanners Televisions and Monitors Stereos DVD and Blu-ray Players IPods and other MP3 Players Home Theater Systems Cameras and Video Recorders Mobile Phones/ PDAs GPS Systems Video Game Systems Small Appliances Headsets Chargers and Accessories Pet Medications and Supplies The toys, treats, supplies, and medicines you need to keep your extra family members happy and healthy. Dogs Cats Fish Birds Reptiles Rodents Horses

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