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									Mindy Shoppe
Long-term Skating Objective: To represent the USA in the Ladies Figure Skating events at the 2010 Olympics.

Short-term Objective: During 2005 to place in the top four at the South Atlantic Regional and compete in the Junior Olympics.

Career Highlights 1996 – Started private skating lessons at age 6 1997 – First Competition – 1st place 1998 – 2000 Eleven 1st or 2nd place finishes. 2001 – South Atlantic Regional Competition – 2nd place Prejuvenille Ladies. 1st place initial round. 2002 – South Atlantic Regional Competition – 13th overall out of 120 Juvenile Ladies. 1st place initial round, 6th place middle round, and 12th place final round. 2003 – Magnolia – 2nd place Intermediate Ladies Short Program and 2nd place Intermediate Ladies Long Program. Atlanta Open – 2nd long, 4th short. Peach Classic – 1st long, 1st short. South Atlantic Regional – 2nd long, 4th short, 10th overall out of 130 skaters. 2004 – Magnolia – 1st place Intermediate Ladies Long Program and 2nd place Intermediate Ladies Short Program. Atlanta Open – 2nd long and 3rd long final, 3rd short and 4th short final. Charleston Open – 1st long and 2nd long final, 1st short and 1st short final. Rocket City Classic, Huntsville – 1st long, 2 short. Peach Classic – 1st long, 2 short – 1st overall. South Atlantic Regional – 2nd long, 8th short, 14th overall out of 84 skaters. 2005 – Magnolia – 2nd place Intermediate Ladies Long Program. Gwinnett Gladiator Exhibition – Performed during intermission for over 2,000 people at the Gwinnett Arena. Champions on Ice Atlanta Press Conference – One of six skaters selected to skate with Sacha Cohen and Timothy Gabel to promote the Atlanta Champions on Ice event. Atlanta Open – 4th long and 6th long final, 3rd short.

Education: 8th grade - Home schooled – Alpha Omega Academy. Personal Information: I am 14 years old and I LOVE TO SKATE. I get up at 6 am almost everyday so that I can train. My training includes on-ice training, on-ice choreography, ballet, fitness and strength workouts, and running. It is a seven-day-a week routine. It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy it. I have learned so much about dedication, hard work, commitment, and goal setting. My favorite part of skating is the competitions. I really enjoy the thrill of skating before judges, family, and friends. I am now home schooling. It has provided much more flexibility in scheduling additional travel, practice, and other activities, such as church. I am enjoying the home school program very much and continue to keep my A average. My family is very important to me. I have one younger brother and two older sisters. Both of my sisters are in college. My brother is 10 years old and very active in sports. I really enjoy watching him compete and cheering for him. We all try to travel together to my competitions. My parents, my sisters, and my brother are my BIGGEST fans. I really appreciate their support.

Head Coach – Aren Nielsen  1985 US Championships, Novice Men – 2nd  1988 US Championships, Junior Men – 2nd  1988 Grand Prix International, Senior Men – 3rd  1988 Nebelhorn Trophy, Senior Men – 1st  1990 Golden Spin of Zagreb, Senior Men – 1st  1992 US Olympic Festival, Senior Men – 2nd  1994 US Championship, Senior Men – 3rd  1994 World Championships – 13th  1995 Pro-Am Team Challenge      Various exhibitions, benefits, and TV events Coached US Novice National Men’s Competitor – 3rd Place Coached Junior Men International Competitor Coached Regional Champions and Sectional Competitors Coached 2003 Fourth Place Junior Intermediate Ladies Medallist

Choreography – Sherry Eddings Dance/Ballet – Teresa Dale  Choreographed over 40 musical productions, television shows, and commercials  Performed in professional cabaret reviews and musicals  Choreographed professional dinner theatre and cabaret reviews  Studies have included physical aspect of dance, physical therapy, and Pilates. Fitness/strength – Cathy Stahl  Nationally Certified Trainer  Aerobic Instructor  Sports Rehabilitation Core Trainer – Kerri Hale

Plans/Goals for 2005
Training     Increase Pilates, Core, and Plymetrics training Increase strength, aerobic, and anaerobic training Master double axel Learn triple jumps

Competition Events        Atlanta Magnolia Atlanta Open Charleston Open Rocket City Classic - Huntsville Peach Classic South Atlantic Regional - Place in top 4 Compete at Junior Olympics

2005 Skating Expenses

Expenses Coaching fees Choreography Ice Time Equipment Costumes Competitions and Travel Off-ice Training Sports psychology Club dues Grand Total

Totals $6,500 $1,500 $4,400 $2,800 $2,000 $17,000 $2,600 $ 800 $ 175 $37,775

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