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									Hamas, Kadima and Al Qaeda in the Scriptures
Taken from notes from Don Esposito’s cassette tape: ―Hamas, Kadima, Al Qaeda and the Covenant of Death‖ -- October 12, 2006 The Covenant of Death (Isaiah 28) is definitely the ―Oslo Accord‖, the ―Road Map‖ and the ―Arab Initiative‖—these three are one in their goals to leave Israel defenseless—back to their pre-1967 borders—with a Palestinian state and Jerusalem as the Palestinian capitol, and the right of millions of Arab refugees to return to Israel if they want to from the 27 Arab nations. These three are dedicated to implementing the 1947 United Nations ―initiatives‖. In 1947, the land of Israel was divided up into two ―states‖—the Palestinians getting large pieces of the land, and the city of Jerusalem being an ―international capitol‖ overseen by the United Nations, with East Jerusalem as the capitol of the Palestinian state. See the map of the 1947 petition on page 8. The ―Muslim Brotherhood‖ is spreading all over the world. Hamas and other terrorist organizations come under their umbrella. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. Their Koran tells them to kill all who are not Muslim, or enslave them. Don talked to a Nigerian man in Tel Aviv who had been a Muslim, but who had become a believer in Yahushua. This man told Don that Islam was very demonic. This man said he had charms placed under his skin that gave him the power to do signs and wonders, and even walk through walls. When he became a believer, miraculously the charms came out of his arms, by the power of the Spirit of Yahuweh. He said that when Muslim men go to Mecca for Haj, their sign of identification and commitment to Islam, which is required of the men once in a lifetime, that they can are required to buy a human sacrifice (for approximately $100.00). We know that the coming martial law in America will be enforced by foreign troops, but also satanic gangs will be released to destroy our people. This will be the time that the terrorist Muslims will be allowed by our government to do what they want to do. Right now, they are under our government’s control. America created the Taliban under President Carter, funded and armed Osama Ben Lauden in Afghanistan supposedly to go against Russia (but is protecting them in the U.S.), gave Saddam Hussein nuclear weapons, has poured billions of dollars into the pockets of the corrupt leadership of the PLO (none of the Palestinian people who are poor got any of the money—only the most elite rich), and today is arming Hamas and the PLO in Israel to kill Jews. Our CIA, the international ―hit men‖ for the Illuminati elite, trained PLO snipers to kill Jews in Israel, at CIA headquarters in Virginia under George Tenent, a few years back. Russia is arming the Arab world with sophisticated weapons that out-shine anything NATO has. There were Communist Muslims and Nazi Muslims funded by the U.S. and Britain to kill Jews. The goal of all of this is one: To put the world ruler on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, exactly as the Scriptures foretell. All world rulers are dedicated to this goal. Their orders come from the Vatican— the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus)—who began the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Page 1

Regarding Hamas: Hamas: #2555 ―Kaw-mawce‖ – ―violence, wrong, unjust gain, cruel, damage, false, injustice, oppressor, unrighteous, against, violent dealings‖. This is from #2554 ―khaw-mas‖ – ―to be violent, to mal-treat, to make base, shake off, violate, do violence, take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully‖. Matthew 24:37: ―As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man‖. Genesis 6:11: ―The whole earth is filled with violence (Hamas).‖ Isaiah 59:5-8: A description of Hamas: Their works are works of wickedness, and a deed of violence (Hamas) is in their hands. Their feet run to evil and they hurry to shed innocent blood. Their thought are thoughts of wickedness, wasting and ruin are in their highways. The way of peace they have not known, and there are no right-rulings in their ways. They have made crooked paths for themselves, and whoever treads in them shall not know peace…‖ Jeremiah 8:15: ―We looked for a time of peace, but there was no good; for a time of healing, but behold, only violence (Hamas).‖ Since September 13, 1993, when The Oslo Accord was signed and put into effect, terrorism went up 100%. The Palestinian people were separated from their Israeli employees and friends on penalty of death, and their lifestyle, which Israel had raised 70%, crashed. Ezekiel 7:21-25: ―Hamas…bloody judgment‖. By civil war with the PLO, Hamas has taken over PLO headquarters in Ramallah--Spring 2007. Ezekiel 8:16-17: The worshippers of the sun god face Kadima (the east, towards the Mt. of Olives). This is considered an abomination to Yahuweh. These people have filled the land with violence—Hamas--to provoke Yahuweh. Let the Ruach Yahuweh give you revelation as to who these people are today, for they are very active in doing the same thing, only they hide their agenda well through religion and politics. Ezekiel 12:19-20: ―Let them eat their bread with anxiety, and drink their water with astonishment, for her land is emptied of all who are in it, because of the violence (Hamas) of all those who dwell in it. And the cities that are inhabited shall be laid waste, and the land shall become as wasteland. And you shall know that I AM YAHUWEH‖. Amos 3:7-11: Yah rebukes those who shelter and hide Hamas. Amos 6:3-10: The wealthy Israeli leaders try to make peace, yet bring Hamas closer to the people. They care nothing for the ten tribes of Jacob, scattered into all nations. They are proud that the tribe of Judah is in the land, and have no interest in the other tribes returning home. Prior to 1993, Yassar Arafat was kicked out of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and was hiding in Tunesia in exile. The Israeli government brought them into Israel, gave them 40,000 rifles and set him up as the leader of a ―political party‖ over a non-existent people-group—the Palestinians, who are from all Page 2

Arab nations. The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) with its terrorist group ―Fatah‖, control 95% of their territories in Gaza and Samaria (―West Bank‖). The PLO and its terrorist faction ―Fatah, has been funded ever since by the United Nations, the E.U., and the U.S. In March of 1995, I heard Secretary of State, Condollezza Rice, say that America was ―backing off‖ from supporting Israel, and would begin to channel its millions into the PLO. This is insanity, unless the overall plan is understood—a plan of Satan as the ―angel of light‖ Lucifer, to put a world ruler on the Temple Mount. Therefore, all Torah-observance must be stopped, all lovers of Yahuweh driven out, and Israel turned over to the ―anti-messiah‖. Habakkuk 1:4-10: This passage, as all the passages on end-time Babel (Babel means: confusion because of mixture), is a picture of the military directives of end-time Babylon—America--the incubator of the plan of Nimrod (Genesis 11) and head of the now-present world government (established May 1999). Read in context. Verse 7, 9: ―They are frightening and fearsome, their rightrulings and their law and majesty proceed from themselves. They have all come for violence (Hamas): The direction of their faces is like Kadima (the east wind), and they gather captives like the sand‖. Proverbs 16:29-30: ―Hamas‖ lures his neighbor into ways that are not good. Regarding Kadima: #6921 ―Kaw-deem‖ – ―east wind, fore or front part—east‖ From 6923 ―to project oneself, to proceed forward, to anticipate, to hasten, to meet, come, go, flee, disappoint, present‖. Basic use is ―east‖ as in the ―east wind‖. Kadima is the now ruling party of Israel. Kadima was started in 2005 by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He chose this word for its meaning: ―to proceed forward‖. After Sharon was ―removed‖, Ehud Olmert took his place. He opened the east door for the east wind to devastate Israel, at the instructions and commands of America, who controls Israel—military, infrastructure, controls war movements, finances, and etcetera. Israel can do little without the ―permission‖ of the U.S. Genesis 41: 15-32: Pharaoh of Egypt has had two dreams. Joseph interprets. Pharaoh saw seven healthy cattle and 7 healthy grains of corn. He saw seven ugly and lean cattle and seven and shriveled ears of corn. Joseph says that the dream is one—there will be seven good years, followed by seven years of drought and disaster. The famine and death of the second set of seven years is caused by the east wind that blows on the crops, (―kaw-deem‖). Today, these sevens are very important. September 13, 1993 (a Yom Teruah): The signing of the seven-year treaty— The Oslo Accord – the Covenant of Death. These seven years were the best years financially for America, Israel, and the world that have ever been. September 29, 2000 (a Yom Teruah): The Intifada (Arab uprising) begins as Ariel Sharon goes onto the Temple Mount and reads Ezekiel 37. This last seven Page 3

years has been a time of transition, of setting things in motion, of arming the Arab world and of organizing and preparing the plans of Lucifer for the last seven years. September 13, 2007 (a Yom Teruah): This will begin the final seven-year cycle, leading to Messiah’s coming. It marks the end of Ephraim’s punishment and the restoration of what was lost to the ten northern tribes. Sunset, September 12th, begins also the cycle in which anti-messiah will come, and the ―time of Jacob’s troubles‖ will take place. These are the 7 ―lean years‖—why? Because ―kaw-deem‖—the east wind will blow on it. Kadima is the new party, created in the Knesset by Ariel Sharon, which Ehud Olmert inherited the office of Prime Minister. This party has done more damage in Israel already than any other leadership. We are entering the years of drought, famine, sword and worldwide destruction. Exodus 10:13: The east wind brings the locusts that eat up the Egyptian crops. Psalm 48:7: The east wind destroys the ships of Tarshish—the world economic system of Solomon’s day. Ezekiel 27:26: The world economic trade system is equated with Satan—then and now. Isaiah 46:9-11: In order to execute His plans, Yahuweh calls for a bird from the east—―kadim‖. Truly it is all in Yahuweh’s control—He will use the evil Luciferic world governments, even the anti-messiah himself, to fulfill the ―tribulum‖—the pressure on the wheat, so that the chaff blows away. He must purge the earth of evil, in order to set His people free. Ezekiel 8:16: Discussed above Ezekiel 17:10: ―Would it not utterly wither when the east wind (“kadim”) touches it—wither in the beds where it grows?‖ Read in context: Babylon used, and America uses, the eagle as its symbol. America went into Lebanon and brought destruction. America takes the rulers of Jerusalem to Babel (verse 12) and makes a covenant with them. One of the five major chapters on America is Jeremiah 51. Jeremiah 51:33-37: It is the cry of the inhabitants of Israel against the violence done to it by end-time Babylon—the end-time Nebuchadnezzar. As America has done and is doing to Israel to prepare it for total destruction and the arrival of anti-messiah (the Luciferic world ruler) so it will be done to America. Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, has persuaded Olmert to make peace with 27 Arab nations who say that they cannot recognize Israel as a nation, because the Koran forbids it. Rice says that a Palestinian State must be created, and Jews must leave East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Gaza, and Ephraim (―the west bank‖). There will be little left of a nation called ―Israel‖ after all this! II Kings 13:14-21: The prophet Elisha is sick, and calls the King of Israel to his bedside. Elisha instructs him to take arrows, place his hands on his bow, and ―Open the east (Kadim) window‖. (Verse 17) Elisha put his hands over the King’s hands and said: ―Shoot‖. As the King shot the arrows, Elisha said: ―The Page 4

arrow of the deliverance of Yahuweh and the arrow of deliverance from Syria, for you shall smite Syria…until it is finished‖. Then Elisha ordered him to take the arrows and strike the ground with them. The King struck the ground three times and stopped. Verse 18: ―And the man of Elohim was wroth with him and said: `You should have smitten five or six times, then you would have smitten Syria until its utter destruction. But, now you shall smite Syria only three times’‖. (This is called ―prophetic action‖—doing some natural act that pictures the prophetic will of Yahuweh. This is often used in true Scriptural intercession. Failure to obey Yahuweh usually results in destruction). The men of Israel’s Kadima today are holding back—not finishing the task— allowing the terrorists within and the terrorists without to not only continue, but to build up arms and strengthen themselves for greater attack. In July of 2006, Kadima ordered the Israeli Defense Forces to pull back—not go forward—not attack Hezbollah and finish—because of America’s orders. Jeremiah 49:28: Interesting that this prophetic chapter, which has not happened yet, is before Jeremiah 50 and 51—the destruction of the United States. Verse 28: ―To Kedar and to the reigns of Hatsor which Nebuchadnezzr King of Babylon smote: Thus says Yahuweh: `Arise, go up to Kedar and ravage the men of the East (Kadima)!’‖ Who will Yahuweh send to ravage Israel and its destroying east wind, Kadima? He will allow the Arab hordes to overrun it, who accompany Russia (Ezekiel 38 and 39)—and then He will arise, and the world will know that He is Yahuweh—the Elohim of Israel. HalleluYah! News from October 12, 2006 to the Spring of 2007: Hamas has made a ―unity government‖ with the PLO, but is now controlling all Arab activity within Israel. Hamas has taken control of Ramallah. Jordan is pushing hard the Arab Peace Initiative—having made a speech in April before joint sessions of the U.S. Congress that basically urges the U.S. to adopt the Arab Peace Initiative and create a Palestinian State. Hezbollah has rearmed. Syria is on the Golan border. Al Qaeda is in Samaria. March 2007: Hamas and the PLO went to Saudi Arabia to create a unity government. Norway and Switzerland have recognized it, and of course Jordan, and Russia and the other Arab states--April 21, 2007. Kadima helped the IDF lose the war with Hezbollah (summer 2006) under U.S. control. The U.N. helped Hezbollah by giving them Israeli’s military positions. The United Nations is still helping Hezbollah rearm. Kadima, under U.S. orders (July 2006) pulled back their troops to give Hezbollah the advantage. Such an order was given in 1973, during the Yom Kippur war with Egypt by the then Secretary of State under President Nixon, Henry Kissinger, to control Ariel Sharon’s troops on the Egyptian border. In July 2006, soldiers were told to pull back, and some were not even sent in— they waited at the border. The troops were left hungry and without basic necessities. Yet, Israel supplied Fatah with 40,000 rifles and allowed Arafat to return to Page 5

Israel. He’d been kicked out of Egypt, kicked out of Jordan, kicked out of Lebanon, and was in Tunisia in exile. The PLO controls 95% of their territory inside Israel—West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Their overseer is King Abdullah of Jordan. Area C: Totally controlled by Fatan/Hamas—have their own police and authority Area B: Mixed authority with Israel—as Gaza—until Gaza was abandoned. Area A: Under Israeli control – East Jerusalem Under Oslo terrorist attacks against Israel increased 1,000%. Once Israel left Gaza, under E.U. ―supervision‖—the smuggling of weapons from Egypt increased 900%. Russia has supplied Egypt with weapons since the 1970’s. 1947: The U.N. took control of Jerusalem, making it an international city. At that time, the Pope (because the Jesuits are the controllers of the world order under Lucifer) was supposed to rule from the Temple Mount—and the Vatican was supposed to own the Temple Mount. September 13, 1993: The Pope was given the Temple Mount, with Jordan as overseer, as part of the Jesuit goal of getting the Pope to rule from there--―to the glory of the god who sits in St. Peter’s chair‖. 2000: When the Pope got to Jerusalem in 2000, he became extremely angry. Into the Oslo Accord of September 13, 1993 was written that at the end of the seven years (September 29, 2000), the Pope would be crowned as the ruler of the world on the Temple Mount. He went to Jerusalem, but they put him in a chair behind the Wailing Wall where he promoted the Palestinian cause. See also in 1947 the UN plans--Jerusalem was to be an international city, and Israel was to be more chopped up than it is now—with a north corridor through Nazareth to the Lebanon border. Don says: “Oslo was a 7-year agreement, which was to end with his coronation on the Temple Mount”. Don says: “The Catholic Church is the high priest of Free Masonry”. The Oslo Accord was called: “THE FINAL SOLUTION” – exactly the words used by Hitler in reference to the death of Jews Globalists, via Britain, created Israel for the plan of getting the world ruler there, Lucifer in flesh, to rule. Sabbitians—Luciferics who believe the lie that the Scriptures were changed by Christians and that the Scriptures once said that we could and should sin. These are of the ―synagogue of Satan‖. Sabbtai Tzvi was crowned messiah in Gaza. Peres said on national TV: ―Gaza first for Sabbtai Tzvi‖. Men like Peres, John Kerry, and others are top Sabbitians. Now, Peres is the new President of Israel. He regards the settlers as the big problem—they are Torah observant. Written into the Oslo Accord documents are ways to get rid of the settlers if they won’t go along with the land division. One way was to allow terrorism Page 6

to come in and scare them away. In Gaza, the Israeli government set the people up for terrorist attacks. Now, America is arming Hamas, as has Russia and Egypt. I know this from hearing of the pregnant woman and her five children from Gaza, who were on their way to vote against the disengagement, who were all knifed to death. IDF soldiers were told to look the other way. I know about this IDF within the IDF by talking to the special services officer assigned to Gaza, a Ukrainian man, on the bus from Tiberias to Jerusalem before Sukkot/ 2004. Right after the passage on the Covenant of Death in Isaiah 28, is Isaiah 29:1— the only time Jerusalem is mentioned as ―Ariel‖ in the Bible. Could it be referring to Ariel Sharon, as well as the city of Jerusalem? Regarding Allah: #423 in the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: ―curse, cursing‖ – ―aw-law‖ Daniel 9:11: ―The curse (Allah) came because they rejected Torah. Zechariah 5:3; 8:13: The curse (Allah) goes forth into all the earth. Isaiah 24:1-6 (esp. 6): Transgression against the Torah leads to the curse (Allah) over all the earth. Jeremiah 29:18-19: Again, the curse (Allah) is connected with disobedience to the Torah. Regarding Al Qaeda: Kedar: 6938 ―dusky‖, from 6937: ―ashy, dark colored, to mourn in dark garments, be blackish, make dark, heavy, mourn‖. #6939 from 6937: ―Kidron‖—(Kidron Valley)—―dusky place‖. It is interesting that today the Arabs have taken over the lower Kidron – living in Silwan, and controlling this area of East Jerusalem. (My note: I am not sure that Al Qaeda comes from the word ―Kadar‖—I am only including Don’s notes here. We must do our own study and see what the Spirit of Yahuweh says). Genesis 16:12: Ishmael would be a ―wild ass (donkey) of a man‖, ―everyone’s hand against him‖, ―dwelling against all his brothers‖. Today in Jordan, in riding in taxis, I heard this: If another driver was not performing right—the taxi man would angrily call him ―donkey‖. Genesis 25:13: ―Kedar‖ – the second son of Ishmael. Jeremiah 49:28: ―Thus says Yahuweh, `Arise, go up Kedar and ravage the men of the East (Kadima)‖. ―Rise up Al Qaeda and sift…‖ Page 7

1947 UN Partition Plan
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On 29 November 1947 the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine or United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, a plan to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict in the British Mandate of Palestine, was approved by the United Nations General Assembly, at the UN World Headquarters in New York. The plan partitioned the territory of Western Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, with the Greater Jerusalem area, encompassing Bethlehem, coming under international control. The failure of the British government and the United Nations to implement this plan and its rejection by first the Palestinian Arabs and then Israel resulted in various wars, starting with the 1948 ArabIsraeli War. Page 8

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