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John F. Moran_ OPIC_ USA - Europa


									Overseas Private Investment Corporation
      Financing and Insuring Investment
             in Emerging Markets
              Exploring Opportunities in
       Renewable Resources and Clean Technology

                                John F. Moran
             t n e m p o l e v e D t n e m t s e v nI , r o t c er i D g n i g a n a M
                                           C PO
             muigleB ,slessurB -- pohskroW FIGE-GWJ
                                    11 02 , 21 lirpA
Our Organization

 As the U.S. Government’s premier development finance institution, OPIC mobilizes
      the participation of U. S. private capital to support sustainable economic
                         development in emerging markets.

                                                                    setoned gnidahS
                                                              seirtnuoc elbigile-CIPO

   OPIC currently manages a $13B portfolio of projects in over 150 countries and
    operates on a self-sustaining basis at no net cost to the American taxpayer.
                                                                                        1791 ecniS*
          gnidnel egagtrom rof
gnicnanif ni noillim 03$ :anahG      n
                                                                000,472                 detroppuS
                                                                                         sboJ .S.U
        gnilttob dna noitcudorp
       klim dna knird tfos ,eciuj                                                      )detcejorP(
     eparg ,retaw rof gnicnanif                               noillib 47$               detroppuS
    ni noillim 13$ :natsinahgfA      n                                                stropxE .S.U
              tnalp rewop ralos                                                          decnaniF
a dliub ot naol noillim 6$ :aidnI    n                                              stcejorP latoT
               seitilicaf gnilttob
 tneiciffe ygrene rof ecnarusni                                                        detroppuS
                                                             noillib 881$
                                                                                 tnemtsevnI latoT
         noillim 8.73$ :airegiN      n
                 seirotS sseccuS                             *srebmuN eht yB CIPO
   seirtnuoc tsoh ni sboj erom ynam dna sboj .S.U 000,472 revo troppus ot detcejorp stekram
    gnipoleved ni tnemtsevni fo noillib 881$ revo detroppus sah CIPO sraey 93 tsap eht revO
                                                                              Our Impact
     stiderc nobrac rof tcartnoc
      fo hcaerb tsniaga gnirusnI       n
           natsikaP ni s e itil icaf
    tnemtaert retaw ot gnidneL         n
              ac irfA ni stcejorp
     dniw dna ralos ni gnits evni
       sdnuf ytiuqe gnitroppuS         n
                  natsinahgfA ni
noitcudorp s le uf-oib gnicnaniF       n
       sevitaitinI elpmaxE
                   OPIC: Financing solutions for sustainable prosperity
                                                  OPIC’s Strategic Priorities
       snoitutitsnI laicnaniF   ―
                        sOGN    ―     srentraP
                  smahCmA       ―      rehtO
    ecremmoC fo srebmahC        ―
             DIFD ,ocraporP          snoitutitsnI               srotsevnI tcapmI dna stiforpnoN
  ,GED ,OMF ,CDC( slaretaliB ―         ecnaniF
     )DRBE ,BDA ,BDI ,DRBE(         tnempoleveD
sknaB tnempoleveD lanoigeR ―
              AGIM dna CFI ―
 .proC egnellahC muinnelliM     ―
          ABS dna knaB mI-xE    ―
              ADTSU & DIASU     ―     t’ voG SU
    yrusaerT dna ,ecremmoC
       ,etatS fo stnemtrapeD    ―                   sessenisuB muideM/llamS dna slanoitanitluM
              secnaillA cigetartS                                 stneilC tnerruC
                stneilc fo egnar ediw a ot stcudorp noitagitim ksir dna gnicnanif
   edivorp ot srentrap lanoitanretni dna seicnega tnemnrevog .S.U rehto htiw srentrap CIPO
                                                        Our Clients and Alliances
                         ymonoce .S.U eht no
 tcapmi es revda ro sboj .S. U fo ssol on esuaC                          )pihs renwo tne mnrevog
                                                            %05<( lortnoc rotces etavirp niatniaM
                   snoitaluger sthgir rekrow
     dna sthgir namuh lanoitanretni troppuS                  tne mts evni ytiuqe .S.U e vlovni
                                                     ro reganam .S.U a yb deganam :sdnuF                              —
                                  sdradnats                pi hsr enwo .S.U % 05 > :ecnarusnI                         —
   latnemnorivne lanoitanretni htiw ylpmoC                        pi hsre nwo .S.U %52 :snaoL                         —
                                                                                                      denwo .S .U eB
        elbigile 05 1~ ruo fo eno ni detacol eB                           droce r kcart luf ss e ccus
                                                   dna nalp ssenisub elbaiv yllaicremmoc a evaH
slaog tnempoleved elbaniatsus ot etubirtnoC
                 :tsum stcejorp detr oppus C IPO        s t n a c i l p p a , g n i c n a ni f C I P O r o f e l b i g i l e e b o T
         stcejorP rof sdradnatS yciloP                      srotsevnI rof airetirC ytilibigilE
 gnicnanif CIPO eviecer ot airetirc ycilop niatrec yfsitas tsum slasoporp tcejorp dna srotsevnI
                                                                      Our Policy Standards
                                                                                         0102 ,13 rebmeceD fo sA*
                ksir etagitim srotsevni etavirp
     pleh ot stcu dorp laicnanif dirbyh sngis eD ―
                         stcudorp laicnanif rehtO       n
                                       s tekram
gnigre me ni gnits evni sdnuf troppus ot ytiuqe
     de siar yletavirp yb dehctam si taht tbeD ―            tnemtsevnI
                               sdnuf tnemtsevnI         n
                                   stiderc nobrac
    ,ksir yrotalu ger gnidulc ni ecnarusni rehtO    ―
                   ytil ibitrevnocni ycnerruc dna
,ecneloiv lacitilop ,noitairporpxe rof egarevoC ―
                                         ecnarusnI      n
sraey 02 ot pu ,s mret etar de xif ,M052$ ot pU ―
   ssenisub llams ot ecnanif derutcurts egraL ―                                yticapaC B92$
                                 gnicnanif tbeD         n                ;erusopxE tnerruC B5.31$       snoilliB
                   stcudorP                                      *oiloftroP tnerruC
                                sdnuf tnemtsevni dna ,ecnarusni
,gnicnanif tbed gnidulcni ,srotsevni etavirp troppus ot snoitulos laicnanif evitavonni sreffo CIPO
                                                                  OPIC’s Current Portfolio
Recent OPIC Transactions
OPIC has executed recent transactions in a range of sizes and countries
•   Global: Up to $ 700M for Renewable Resource/Clean Tech Equity Funds – 2 calls
•   Turkey: $75M loan for construction of an aluminum recycling facility
•   Hungary: $60M loan to construct and operate biofuels production facility
•   India: $6.2M loan to build 2-MW independent solar power plant in Punjab
•   Liberia: $ 90+M financing for biomass project for rubber trees
•   Africa/Eastern Europe: $250M finance facility – as well as insurance - to support
    clean energy/energy efficiency bottling projects, including Ukraine and Romania
•   Middle East/North Africa: Up to $675 million re: approval of eight Funds that
    will invest in technology innovation and access involving local entrepreneurs
OPIC Products: Investment Insurance

OPIC has provided a range of Political Risk Insurance since 1971

•   Currency Inconvertibility
•   Expropriation
        Includes PPA cover/Breach of Contract
        Also Regulatory Risk and Carbon Credit Cover
•   Political Violence, including Terrorism coverage
•   Policy terms:
        up to 20 years
        Premium rates are locked in
        May be canceled by insured, but not by OPIC
        Up to $250 million in coverage available per project; no lower limit
    OPIC Products: Investment Finance
    stekram gnipoleved ni stnemtsevni ot ecnanif evisnopser ,elbixelf fo egnar a sedivorp CIPO
•     Characteristics of OPIC finance:
         Limited recourse, long-term finance for private sector, commercial
         Fixed rate terms for up to 20 years
         Loan amounts up to $250 million
         Flexible project structures that generally require only 25% U.S.

•     Can co-finance with IFC, Regional Multilateral Banks (ADB, AfDB, IADB, EBRD,
      EIB), other DFIs, ECAs (EXIM), and private financial institutions
OPIC’s Products: Investment Funds

OPIC’s Investment Funds are an innovative use of OPIC support

•   OPIC may not take equity in projects but provides “equity-like” senior
•   Managed by private Fund managers selected by OPIC in competitive
•   Fund managers selected make investment decisions without OPIC
•   Do not require US investor in project
•   OPIC policy criteria apply
     05 naht erom ot noillib 6.3$ delatot evah )90YF fo sa( stnemtimmoc gnidnuf s'CIPO *
      -yletavirp 074 revo ni noillib 6.4$ detsevni evah sdnuf esehT .sdnuf ytiuqe etavirp
       nac CIPO erehw seirtnuoc gnipoleved 35 ssorca seinapmoc deganam dna denwo
                                                                        .stcejorp troppus
                                                          1102 enuJ ni noitcA dna weiveR draoB tcepxE            •
             snoiger dna sreganam dnuf fo egnar daorb morf slasoporp )75( neves ytfif devieceR                   •
                                                 tnemeganam etsaw dna ,lortnoc snoissime ,tnempiuqe
           dna smetsys ,stcudorp ycneiciffe ygrene ni stnemtsevni aiv secruoser larutan fo noitazilitU       –
     tserof dna ,noitavreserp ecruoser larutan ,yrtserof elbaniatsus ,tnemtaert retaw ,noitatropsnart
               ,egarots dloc ,noitagirri tneiciffe gnidulcni ,retaw dna ,dnal ,erutlucirga ni stnemtsevnI    –
             ssamoib dna etsaw ,rewop lamrehtoeg ,ladit ,ordyh ,dniw ,ralos ,.g.e ,ygrene elbaweneR          –
                                                                 :ni tnemtsevni etarelecca lliw sdnuf eht
,yllacificepS .dnal dna ,retaw ,ygrene sa hcus secruoser larutan fo noitazilitu elbaniatsus eht
    dna ygrene elbawener gnitomorp sessenisub fo yteirav ediw a ni gnitsevni sreganam dnuf
etavirP rof ”slasoporP rof llaC secruoseR elbaweneR labolG“ a deussi CIPO ,1102 rebmevoN                         •
                   OEC CIPO yb nucnaC ni ecnerefnoC egnahC etamilC NU eht ta decnuonnA                       –
 stekram gnigreme ni stcejorp secruoser elbawener ni noillib 1$ naht erom tsevni yletamitlu
         dluoc taht
                sdnuf tnemtsevni ytiuqe etavirp wen rof gnicnanif fo noillim 003$ tsael tA                       •
       egnahC etamilC gnitabmoC ni snoitaN gnipoleveD tsissA ot noilliB 1$ eziliboM ot CIPO
                               Global Renewable Resources Call for Proposals
 ks ir s s essa dna skrow e marf
yrotaluger ezylana ot ytilibA         •     .seunever tide rc nobrac ezilaer ot ytiliba eht                                   stiderC nobraC fo
                      gnitirwrednu           gnitcapmi tn emnrevog ngierof a fo snoitca                                      hcaerB no ecnarusnI
        ks ir lac itilop ni strepxE   •       eht morf srotsevni SU tcetorp ot ecnarusnI
                                                                      .sresu dne ot stsoc
        ksir yti srevid ot ytilibA    •    latipac tnorfpu ecuder ot srodnev tnempiuqe                                             gnisaeL
     e cne ire pxe gnis ael pe eD     •   ygrene elbawen er SU hguorht gnicnanif esaeL
                   stnem eerga
            krowe mar f gnitsixE      •
                                                                                                 .stnemevorpmi                    seitilicaF
     s e iraide mre tni laicnanif
                                                  ycneicif fE y grenE r of egakcap gnicnanif a                                ycneiciffE ygrenE
     fo s deen gnidnatsrednU          •
                                          r e f f o o t s e i r a i d e m r e t n i l a i c n a ni f S U g n i c n a n i F
                                                                               .sgnivas tsoc detcepxe                            tbeD-buS
 s ezis naol ll ams gni ss ecorP      •       ot deroliat stnemy aper htiw stnemevorpmi
          s EMS htiw gnikroW          •             y c n e i ci f f E y g r e n E r o f g n i c n a n i f t c e r i D
                                                                                                                              ycneiciffE ygrenE
       shtgnertS CIPO                                                  noitpircseD                                              tcudorP weN
                  seitilibapac railimaf ffo gnidliub ,stcudorp wen fo tnempoleved ehT
                                   Renewable Resources: Product Innovations
         .aidnI ni PPI ralos
   detcennoc-dirg ,elacs
-WM tsrif eht fo noitarepo
         dna noitcurtsnoc
            eht detroppus
         CIPO ,7002 nI
   -ot-etsaw dna ,ssamoib
         ,lamrehtoeg ,dniw
    ,ordyh ,ralos gnidulcni
      ,rewop naelc fo WM
  002,2 naht erom fo latot
  evitalumuc a gnitareneg
  stcejorp ygrene sedulcni
        oiloftrop s’CIPO
                               Financing for Grid Connected Solar IPPs in Several Indian States
                                       Investments in Solar Power - India
Investments in Waste to Energy - Liberia
Buchanan Power - Financing for sustainable biomass project

                                          Over $100 million in financing to
                                      initiate -- and now to expand -- a
                                      sustainable biomass project in
                                      Liberia that harvests unproductive
                                      rubber trees and processes them
                                      into wood chips for energy

Investments in Waste to Energy - India
Husk Power - Financing for mini-energy generation

                                          In 2009, OPIC supported the
                                      development of 36 independent
                                      mini-energy generation facilities
                                      powered by rice husk waste in rural
                                      villages in India.


OPIC can be a unique partner to the U.S. business sector,
  private investors in both the home and other institutions

•   Catalyzing investment flows to developing countries, particularly focus on
    MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

•   Strong record mobilizing investment capital -- FDI and domestic – and
    supporting USG foreign and development policy

•   Enhanced cooperation with other DFIs, USG agencies, host country
    officials, and the private sector to assist OPIC in identifying opportunities
    and addressing challenges

•   Improve information flow and strengthen OPIC’s impact with host
    country, international community and private sector
                                                     0 75 8- 633-202 :enohP
                                       vog.cipo@rekaB.htidereM :liame
      :maeT rotceS ygolonhceT naelC/ygrenE elbaweneR rof tcatnoC tceriD    •
                                                     4 76 8- 633-202 :enohP
                                           vog.cipo@naroM.nhoJ :liame
                             tnempoleveD tnemtsevnI rof tcatnoC tceriD     •
                                        004 8- 63 3-202 :enohP niaM CIPO
                                                     vog.cipo@ofnI :liame
                                          :noitamrofnI rof tcatnoC tceriD  •
                                                    vog.cipo.www :etisbeW  •
                             :CIPO tcatnoc esaelp noitamrofni lanoitidda roF
OPIC is actively looking for new initiatives, partners and transactions
                                                         Next Steps

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