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2008 Integrative Medicine and Dietary Supplements Issue

Description:    In this 32-page issue, we offer a breakdown of 2007 U.S. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
                sales data and provides a detailed analysis of new integrative medicine on the market today.

                Features inside this title:

                -Dietary supplements stand to benefit as consumers, practitioners focus on preventing disease
                before it takes hold

                -Facing pressure from students and patients, universities are incorporating integrative therapies
                into the curriculum for tomorrow’s doctors

                -We chat with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s new director

                -Research into the cost effectiveness of complementary therapies is crucial to improving coverage,
                experts say

                -Q&A with the medical director and founder of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

                -CAM use, in general, is widespread and growing in U.S. cancer community, but more research is
                still needed to convince doctors of its benefits

                -Successful models show the way for other facilities offering complementary therapies to succeed

                -Wall Street’s troubles have been well documented in recent months

Contents:       -Integrative Medicine Stakeholders Organize to Address Healthcare Crisis

                -The Inclusion of CAM in the Classroom Is Changing the Face of Medical Education

                -Briggs: Supplement Use Is Being Influenced by Science

                -CAM Insurance Coverage Is Up, But It Is Still Considered Sorely Inadequate by Many

                -There's a Time for Fish Oil, And There's a Time for Bypass Surgery, Guarneri Says

                -Supplement Use High Among People Looking to Treat, Prevent Cancer, Study Shows

                -Zunin: U.S. Integrative Clinics Face High Failure Rate

                -NBJ Stock Index Slides with the Rest of the U.S. Market

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