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Brochure - HHS Soccer Boosters


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									                CAMP DIRECTORS:                                DAILY CAMP SCHEDULE(tentative)

Chad Suddeth                                          7:45 – 8:00       Campers arrive                        PARENTAL CONSENT AGREEMENT & WAIVER FORM
                                                      8:05–9:45         Training session on practice fields
Coach Suddeth has been                                                  (focus on individual ball skills)     PARENTAL CONSENT: The undersigned, being a parent
a high school teacher and                             9:45 – 10:00      Cool down - snack break               or legal guardian of the young person requesting camp
coach for 18 years.                                   10:00 – 11:00     Fun &games (in gym)                   admittance, does hereby affirm that the applicant is in
Currently, he serves as                               11:05 – 11:35     Small-sided games                     good health and suffers from no illness, disability or
head coach of the girls                                                 (on practice fields)                  condition that requires the taking of medication on a
soccer program at                                     11:40–11:55       Character education                   regular basis unless that condition is disclosed and
                                                      12:00 noon        Dismissal                             approved. Furthermore, the undersigned has no
Heritage HS. He is a
                                                                                                              knowledge of any reason the applicant cannot
3-time Area Coach of the
                                                                                                              participate in vigorous physical activity.
Year (‘01, ‘05, ‘11). He currently holds a USSF “D”            ITEMS CAMPERS SHOULD BRING:
license and also serves as a staff coach for RYSA
                                                                                                              I understand that as a condition of admittance as a
Revolution, training the U17 boys.                    Soccer ball, shin guards, water bottle, snacks
                                                                                                              camper, the undersigned, as parent and guardian, and
                                                                                                              on behalf of the applicant, hereby releases the Heritage
Brandon Stewart                                              ITEMS CAMPERS SHOULDNOT BRING:                   Soccer Booster Club, Heritage High School, RCPS, and
                                                                                                              all other employees or agents of the camp from any
Coach Stewart just                                    Money, video games, i-pods, etc….                       and all liability from injury or illness, mental or physical,
completed his 5 year as                                                                                       suffered by the camper during or related to camp,
Director of the Heritage                                                SKILLS FOCUS:                         unless caused by willful act or gross negligence by the
Boys program, after                                                                                           person or entity against whom the claim is made.
previously serving as the                             * Juggling, Coervers (ball
JV boys coach. He has                                 handling),Passing&Receiving, Dribbling,                 “Rockdale County Public Schools does not
been teaching special                                 Shooting/Finishing, Possession & Movement,              sponsor/endorse the activity and/or information
education for 5 years in                              Defensive positioning, Speed Training                   contained in this flyer. RCPS assumes no responsibility
Rockdale County. He currently holds a National “C”                                                            for conduct or safety during the activity/event. In
license, and worked as a staff coach for RYSA                                                                 consideration for the privilege to distribute these
                                                                       OTHER ACTIVITIES:                      materials, the RCPS shall be held harmless from any
Sporting FC from 2001-2008.
                                                                                                              cause of action, claim or petition filed in any court or
                                                      *Character education                                    administrative tribunal, arising out of distribution of
                                                      *Decision-making skills                                 these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees,
                                                      *Leadership training                                    judgments or awards. Rockdale County Public Schools
Additional camp counselors will include Asst Boys     *Team-building activities                               encourages parents to assist their children in making
Coach Mike Beshiri II as well as current Heritage     *Highlight videos                                       choices appropriate for them.”
standout players.                                     *Dress up days
                                                                                                              By signing the registration form, you agree to the above
                                                                                                              terms and conditions.
                                                     E-mail – csuddeth@rockdale.k12.ga.us


Child’s Name ________________________________

Age_____ Gender______Birthdate______________


___________________________________________                                                    Register now! Space is limited.

Phone______________________________________                                                    This camp is designed to be a fun soccer
                                                                                                environment for kids, NOT a baby-sitting
Parent’s Name_______________________________                                                    service. If your child has NO interest in
                                                                                                soccer, this is NOT the camp for you
Parent’s Cell Phone___________________________
                                                                                               Campers will be divided into groups
Parent’s Email_______________________________                                                   according to age and ability

T-shirt size__________________________________                                                 Registration fee includes a free T-shirt

My child ____________________has my permission                                                 Registration form must be completed and
to participate in the Junior Patriots Soccer Camp                                               on file before campers will be permitted to
held at Heritage High School on June 10-14. I will                                              participate
not hold HHS school, RCPS school system, coaches,
players, HHS Soccer Booster Club or any other                                                  Make checks payable to Heritage Soccer
partyrelated to this soccer activity for any                                                    Booster Club
accident/injury that may take place during this
camp.                                                                                          Refund policy – cancellations after June 1
                                                                                                will not receive a refund
Parent Signature ____________________________
                                                                                               For more info, visit our soccer website at
Detach & mail (with payment) to:                                                                www.heritage-soccer.org

                                                                                               All proceeds will go to the Heritage
        ATTN: Chad Suddeth
                                                                                                SoccerBooster Club to support our high
        Heritage High School
                                                                                                school Varsity & JV girls & boys soccer
        2400 Granade Rd.
        Conyers, GA 30094

        JUNE 10-14, 2013

     8:00 am – 12:00 noon

         nd   th
       (2 – 8 grades)

         $75 PER CHILD

 This year’s camp will be located
      at Davis Middle School


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