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There are a lot of different factors which are going to affect how good a picture looks. Photography is an
art in this way, because while different people may be taking pictures of the same things, they will often
get wildly different results based on these factors.

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									Planning Your Engagement

Once a couple decides to get married the real
work beings; planning, planning and more
planning are the order of the day every day for
the following months leading up to the
wedding date. There is no escaping it, fellas, so
gear up and get in line with your fiancé
because it is going to get brutal.

That is unfair to say, it will not be that brutal so long as the couple goes about it in the right way. While
planning may seem like an arduous and sometimes unnecessary task, preparing for future events makes
those events run vastly more smoothly than if the couple tries to wing it or play it by ear.

This principle of planning to make things run smoothly includes even the principle step of wedding day
preparations for most couples, the engagement photos. Engagement photos are important to a
wedding mostly because of their appearance on the wedding invitations but they can also serve another

Get to know the photographer

Engagement photos can serve as a preliminary practice run of how the photography aspect of the
wedding day itself will unfold. Engagement photos will accomplish this by first introducing the hired
photographer to the couple and allow both parties to gain a feel for how the other works with

This will ensure that any bumps that may arise during picture taking will get sorted out before the big
day and will give the photographer and the couple a chance to plan together various aspects of the
future wedding photos. With engagement photos accomplishing so much more than simple pictures on
an invitation, one can see the importance of proper planning to ensure that the engagement photo
shoot itself goes smoothly.


The first thing that a couple should consider when planning their engagement photos is to decide
whether or not they wish to incorporate some sort of theme to their photos. Themes can be fun to
work out and can tie the photos together but whether an exact theme is chosen by the couple or not
they must still decide on a concept or general idea of what they want their photos to include.
                                                    This concept is important because it will dictate how
                                                    the remainder of the photo shoot will go and what
                                                    different aspects will have to be included, such as
                                                    wardrobe and location. Concepts to an engagement
                                                    photo shoot could include decisions on whether the
                                                    couple wants to take fun pictures, romantic pictures,
                                                    passionate or sexy pictures, conservatively simple
                                                    yet elegant pictures, or more of a reality TV style
                                                    image that captures the couple in everyday activity.

Whatever the concept or theme, the couple can then plan their location and wardrobe around that
theme making those decisions flow with relative ease. The location, urban or earthy, industrial or
sentimental, will follow what theme the couple decides upon.

Likewise will the outfits be determined by the theme or concept chosen by the couple, whether the
wardrobe be athletic or sophisticated, lavish or simple. Announcing your engagement to world can be
an exciting and fulfilling event and the photos taken to immortalize this event should be equally exciting
and fulfilling which can only be accomplished by proper planning.

Photo credit: Genaro, Auzigog

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