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					                       BARDS QUEST 1 PICTURE FILE

Picture 0 Orc       Picture 1 Conjurer    Picture 2 Lizard        Picture 3 Dragon

Picture 4 Rover     Picture 5 Wolf         Picture 6 City Guard    Picture 7 Riff Raff

Picture 8 Demon     Picture 9 Slime        Picture 10 Gnome          Picture 11 Girl

Picture 12 Giant    Picture 13 Bird of Fire Picture 14 Alien Guard Picture 15 Xar

Picture 16 Rat       Picture 17 Bramshaver Picture 18 Tharg        Picture 19 Mercenary

Picture 20 Goblin   Picture 21 Fizzbinn    Picture 22 Thief        Picture 23 Queen
Picture 24 Skeleton   Picture 25 Spider     Picture 26 Ghoul       Picture 27 Guard Capt

Picture 28 Treasure   Picture 29 Princess   Picture 30 Warrior     Picture 31 Paladin

Picture 32 Rogue      Picture 33 Bard       Picture 34 Hunter      Picture 35 Monk

Picture 36 Magician   Picture 37 Archmage   Priest Picture 38 Gate Picture 39 Garth

Picture 40 Guild      Picture 41 Inn        Picture 42 Empty Build Picture 43 Temple

Picture 44 Review     Picture 45 Darkness
Monster          Picture no.    Monster also used For Picture File     File
ORC              Picture    0                                        ORC.PIC
CONJURER         Picture    1   Slippery Sam,/ Fred D’Budda,
                                Necromancer, apprentice
LIZARD           Picture    2                                    LIZARD.PIC
DRAGON           Picture    3                                    DRAGON.PIC
MINI DRAGON      Picture    4   Rover                             DRAG2.PIC
WOLF             Picture    5   Sasha                               DOG.PIC
CITY-GUARD       Picture    6   Devil, Alien Pilot, Cult guard
RIFF RAFF        Picture    7   Blue Fanatic
GHOST            Picture    8   Shade, Demon                      GHOST.PIC
SLIME            Picture    9                                     GREEN.PIC
GNOME            Picture   10                                     GNOME.PIC
GIRL             Picture   11   Harem Girl, Leigh-Ann              GIRL.PIC
GIANT            Picture   12                                     GIANT.PIC
BIRD of FIRE     Picture   13                                      GRIF.PIC
ALIEN GUARD      Picture   14
MAGICIAN         Picture   15   False Fred, Gothil Slovik, Xar
RAT              Picture   16   Giant Rat, Gerbil, Mad Ferret       RAT.PIC
BRAMSHAVER       Picture   17                                      MINO.PIC
THARG            Picture   18
MERCENARY        Picture   19   Fred's Guard
GOBLIN           Picture   20                                    GOBLIN.PIC
FIZZBINN         Picture   21   Crypt one, Jailor
THIEF            Picture   22   Red/Violet Cultist, Theb             ASS.PIC
QUEEN            Picture   23
SKELETON         Picture   24   Zombie                             SKEL.PIC
SPIDER           Picture   25                                    SPIDEY.PIC
GHOUL            Picture   26   Dolkai, Trash Monster, Goul
GUARD CAPTAIN    Picture   27   Ytiruces, Crazies
TREASURE         Picture   28                                     TREAS.PIC
PRINCESS         Picture   29   Princess Marcella
WARRIOR          Picture   30                                       WAR.PIC
PALADIN          Picture   31   Aslar Vellum                        PAL.PIC
ROGUE            Picture   32   Tharg's guard, Cutthroat           ROGE.PIC
BARD             Picture   33                                      BARD.PIC
HUNTER           Picture   34                                      HUNT.PIC
MONK             Picture   35   Royal Guard                        MONK.PIC
MAGICIAN         Picture   36   Blue Cultist                       MAGE.PIC
ARCHMAGE         Picture   37   High Priest                        ARCH.PIC
GATE             Picture   38   City Gate, Castle Gate           STILL1.PIC
GARTH            Picture   39   Flynn                            STILL2.PIC
GUILD            Picture   40                                    STILL3.PIC
INN              Picture   41   Rainbow Bar                      STILL4.PIC
EMPTY BUILDING   Picture   42                                    STILL5.PIC
TEMPLE           Picture   43                                    STILL6.PIC
REVIEW           Picture   44                                    STILL7.PIC
DARKNESS         Picture   45                                    SLOT45.PIC
Picture Formats
The various pictures used in the picture window are stored in the PICS sub directory in two forms, still pictures and
moving pictures. The pictures up to 37 are suedo moving pictures which consist of three frames loaded in sequence
Still pictures are pictures starting at picture number 38 STILL1.PIC to picture 45 SLOT45.PICand additional Still
Monsters from picture 46 SLOT46.PIC to SLOT74.PIC. The pictures are created with XXXXXXX and are in a packed
form *.PAC contains the details?

The pictures were captured off the screen with a screen capture program and edited to provide the icon type picture. The
pictures all bare the name of their source in the program. The ones labelled GOBLIN however were obtained by editing
bit xx of the Goblin monster in the DEFAULT.MON file with a Hex editor using the hex number of the picture required
and then running the program to meet the first monster (GOBLIN) in front of the Guikd.
                    Other Pictures Captured from Program

Door a City      Door b City      Door c City      Door d Dungeon

Wall a City      Wall b City      Wall d Dungeon   Wall e Dungeon

Wall f Dungeon   Wall g Dungeon   Window City

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