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					No Requirement of Internation Business Experience
       Dept/ Agency                             Title                                          Description                                                                                                                                 Link
       Department of Commerce                   Legal Intern                                   Work on a broad range of legal issues including research and analysis of legal decisions, opinions, ruling and statutes; drafing legal
                                                                                               memoranda and case preparations.
        Department of Labor                       Internship Program                           Projects assigned by agency. Variety of areas including public affairs, speechwriting, and outreach programs.                     

        Department of Treasury                    Summer Honors Intern                         Interns will work in various offices at the Treasury Headquarters. Interships offer an opportunity to improve research and writing
                                                                                               skills, to observe the practice of law in a major cabinet agency, and to learn about substantive areas of the law by dealing with issues
                                                                                               faces by Treasury lawyers.
        International Trade Administation         Volunteer Intern                             Duties may include researching and analyzing regulatory, trade, and investment issues; helping prepare briefing papers, memos, and
                                                                                               other matirelas for serior officals.
        International Trade Commission            General Intern                               The work normally assigned to an intern consists primarily of research, the development and design of planning documents, the writing
                                                                                               and review of memoranda and other official publications, and assisting with audits, inspections, evaluations, and other actions as
        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   External and Public Affairs Intern           Under the guidance of an External Affairs Officer, the intern will assist in protocol events for ranking foreign and U.S. dignitaries and
                                                                                               support OPIC's public affairs activities through as-required research projects.

        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Information Center/ Library Intern           Provide a wide range of reference services to center patrons performing services related to business, economics, law, finance,    
                                                                                               marketing and related subjects, and perform special library projects as assigned.

        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Intern   Interns serve as junior financial analysts and can be involved in all stages of project development as part of a Project Team.    

        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Political Risk Insurance Intern              Perform insurance portfolio analysis, conduct research on underwriting issues and selected topics in international investment, assist
                                                                                               Insurance officers with contract amendments and country risk profiles, and undertake business development and market research
        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Investment Fund Intern                       Interns analyze and review materials on venture capital/private equity fund proposals; design and modify financial models; prepare
                                                                                               written reports on current funds, research new financial structures and investment vehicles.

        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Economic Impact Analysis Intern               Interns perform research and analyze the impact of potential investments in emerging markets and the U.S. economy. Interns will  
                                                                                               assess socio-economic development impacts of proposed investments. Interns will be assigned special projects such as in-depth
                                                                                               research on particular countries and regions, or sectors of industry.

        Overseas Private Investment Corporation   Worker Rights Intern                         Interns will help prepare in-depth reports on worker rights conditions, particularly those in OPIC-eligible countries, assist in
                                                                                               performing worker rights and human rights reviews for individual projects.
        Securities and Exchange Commission        Honors Program Intern                        Over the course of the ten-week program, students work with Commission staff on several projects particular to the specific Division
                                                                                               or Office to which they are assigned. Students participate in seminars/workshops on various aspects of the federal securities rules and
        Internal Revenue Service                  Summer Intern                                By participating in our Lagre Business and International Division (LB&I) Summer Intern program, you can help examine the taxes of
                                                                                               corporations with assets totaling more than $10 million. It’s an excellent way to view the corporate world from a new perspective.

        Department of State                       Student Program                              Student Programs enable students to obtain job experience in a foreign affairs environment. Some of our students work in          
                                                                                               Washington, D.C., while others have the opportunity to work at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad.

        Trade and Development Agency              Program Internship                           All internships take place in our office located in Arlington, Virginia and are available year-round to students who are U.S. citizens
                                                                                               and who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or post graduate program with a focus on international business, trade, or finance;
                                                                                               economics; public relations or communications

        United Nations                            Internship Programme                         The internship will provide a framework by which graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds may be
                                                                                               assigned to United Nations Offices where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignment, expose
                                                                                               them to the work of the United Nations, and provide UN offices with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various
                                                                                               professional fields.

        United Nations Conference on Trade and    Internship Programme                         The program promotes a better understanding of trade and development issues and giving them insight into how UNCTAD attempts
        Development                                                                            to find solutions to these problems.

        World Bank                                Bank Intern                                  The job descriptions for interns vary. Some interns research particular projects while others actually help design projects and   ,,contentMDK:205157
                                                                                               occasionally they participate in Bank missions.                                                                                             85~menuPK:1477648~pagePK:64262408~piPK:64262191~theSitePK:1058433,00.html

        International Monetary Fund               Fund Intern                                  Interns work under the supervision of an experienced economist to carry out a research project and prepare a paper. Their paper   
                                                                                               may be presented to staff in the department at the end of their assignment, and papers of high standard may be published internally.

Requirement of Internation Business Experience
       Overseas Private Investment Corporation    Legal Intern                                 OPIC’s Department of Legal Affairs invites a few law students with outstanding records and a demonstrated interest in finance, and
                                                                                               international law and development to spend a summer or academic semester at OPIC as legal interns.

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