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Letter protesting use of inmate labor to unfairly compete against other companies.

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Nevada Board of Prison Commisioners

RE:      Competition with Prison Industry Programs

Honorable Governor Sandoval, Attorney General Masto & Secretary of State Miller;

As you all know too well, the construction industry in the Las Vegas valley is as
competitive as it’s been in 20 years. With that being said, companies large and small have
had to make radical changes; be it cutback of manpower, chase work in different markets
or revisit our business model in its entirety, to maintain existence over the last 3 – 4 years
has been a challenge.

As the Vice President of Operations for one of the larger steel companies in Nevada, I
wish to voice our Company’s objection to competing against state subsidized prison
industries in Southern Nevada. Competing against prison labor reduces the number of
jobs available in our industry and hampers our businesses from expanding.

Best Regards,

Tom Morgan
Vice President, Operations
Office: (702) 320-4900
Fax: (702) 320-4902
Direct: (702) 856-1064
Cell: (702) 491-2080

280 Sunpac Avenue Henderson, NV 89011 PH: (702) 320-4900   FAX: (702) 320-4902 NV Contractors Lic: 0072064

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