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Minutes of April 14, 2009
The Liberty Township Zoning Commission held its regular meeting on April 14, 2009, in
the Liberty Township Building, 816 W Market St., Baltimore, OH 43105. Chairman Greg
Gutman called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM, with the following members present:
Chairman Greg Gutman, David Stone, Scott Wray, Phil Renard, Alternate Betsy Alt,
Secretary Ruth Crutcher and Zoning Administrator/Inspector Tom Spring. Jim Snider
was absent due to illness.

All joined in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a moment of silence to our
service men/women.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Chairman Gutman has been in contact with Holly Mattei via e-mail, and passed out
copies of the messages. (copy attached).

Asst. Prosecutor Jason Dolan is in the process of reviewing the second draft of the
Liberty Township Zoning Resolution, and suggested the Zoning Commission should not
schedule a public hearing until he has finished the review.

Chairman Gutman will contact Holly about items of concern he has not yet received
answers for.

Tom Spring passed out copies of e-mail messages he has received from Holly concerning
some items Jason wants the Zoning Commission to clarify. (Attachment #2)

Chairman Gutman asked for comments on Section 4.4, concerning the wording of
commencement of work, or commencement of construction. Betsy Alt suggested it
should be commencement of construction. Discussion.

David Stone said he felt physical improvements mean addition of structures.

Chairman Gutman stated one might clear land before applying for a building permit.
More discussion.

Commission members expressed their ideas.

Tom Spring suggested the scenario is fine as it is in the second draft of the Zoning

Chairman Gutman stated commence of construction should apply exclusively to a PUD
as it is, and commencement of work should apply to zoning permits for all other
Zoning Commission members decided it should stay as it is now.

Zoning Commission members decided Section 5.1 and Section 5.4 needs Holly’s
comments before further discussion.

Zoning Commission agrees with proposed change of language in Section 5.2 and Section

Chairman Gutman will inform Holly the Zoning Commission is working on rules and
procedures for the Zoning Commission.

Tom Spring explained item number 7 of the message, which applies to the Board of
Zoning Appeals.

Chairman Gutman will ask Holly if this should be in the separate rules for the BZA.

Number 8 on the e-mail – After discussion, Chairman Gutman will ask Holly if the intent
is to strike # 1 on Page 18 (Norman lawn & landscaping maintenance). Will also ask
about striking the word nursery. (#2)

Item number 9-Zoning Commission agrees this should be done.

Item #10 – This was discussed and Zoning Commission members agree to using
language in Draft # 1.

Conservation District-definitions were read and discussed.

Chairman Gutman referred to page 83 of Draft 2. If C1 is included under 10-1, there
were no setback requirements. Chairman Gutman suggested setback & height
requirements should be the same as regular zoning in RR districts.

Chairman Gutman read definition of Conservation District and will ask Holly for
recommendations for particular lot size, setbacks limits, conditional uses and permitted

Chairman Gutman read page from old Zoning Commission minutes dates (dated) June
27, 1963, which says (attached property on ST RT 158 and Blacklick Rd. was rezoned
from Rural Residential to Commercial. This will be researched thru trustee minutes from
that time.

Tom Spring stated the Court of Appeals ruled on the Estepp Case and remanded it back
to Trial Court. Trial Court should consider the “missing page”. Mr Estepp can present his
case to the Trial Court. The outcome is not known.

Tom Spring led a discussion on Mother-in-law suites and multiple family housing. There
is no provision in our Zoning Resolution for multiple family housing.
Zoning map will be discussed next meeting.

Rules for Zoning Commission will be explored next meeting.

There being no further business, motion David Stone, 2nd Scott Wray to adjourn at 9:48

Chairman, Greg Gutman                                             Secretary, Ruth

These minutes were approved as corrected (corrections in italics) on May 12, 2009

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