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					      LA221/222 Intensive Initial German – Course Outline
      Each week in self-study:
      This module is structured around two weekly 2-hour seminars (CN) and one 2-hour class (CM) – six weekly contact hours plus at least ten hours
      independent self-study. Tests are written on Mondays, the class essay and presentation take place on Tuesdays. We will usually spend one week on
      each course book unit. So at each seminar, we usually work selectively on 3 double pages in the KB. (KB = Passwort Deutsch Kursbuch, UB = Passwort
      Deutsch Übungsbuch). Before that week’s class, work through those pages again, in parallel with the corresponding pages in the UB. Do at the exercises,
      write out and learn new vocabulary, revise grammar. After the class, revise vocabulary and grammar of that week’s unit and prepare the next unit for next
      week’s seminar. Practise speaking with friends, use tapes / videos / radio / TV. References given for the Durrell grammar might include material which is
      slightly more advanced or extensive, selective reading is advised. Take the KB grammar pages as guideline of what you really have to know. The CMR
      contains English summaries for each unit, including a list of the most essential exercises. No need to print those summaries, it is actually better to use them
      simply as guide for your own notes for the portfolio.

        Topics                                        Focus: Grammar and Background                               Focus: Vocabulary, Exercises, Conversation,
Wk2     Introduction, Guided Tour                     introduction:                                               greeting, introducing yourself, good bye, countries,
        Lektion 1 World, Europe, Germany              grammar terminology in English and German                   alphabet
                                                      characteristic features of German                           questions: woher, wo, wohin?
                                                      KB p131 and 21, Durrell xii-xvi, p1-5                       Numbers to 100
                                                      verbs present tense: conjugation & vowel change a to ä      sentence stress, long & short vowels
                                                      personal pronouns                                           Write a short interesting reflection in English: “Why I
                                                      imperative (formal: Sie)                                    have chosen this module”, typed, send by email to
                                                      verb position: statement, question, imperative    
                                                      KB 21 Durrell xii-xvi, p1-5
Wk3     Lektion 2                                     nouns: definite & indefinite article, singular & plural     talking about places, describing people and things,
        town / village, Frankfurt, Köln               negation: nicht, kein                                       numbers above 100, questions: wie hoch, wie alt,
                                                      to be: sein + adjective                                     wie viele?
                                                      present tense: wissen                                       stressed syllables
                                                      KB 33 Durrell ch2, ch6.0-6.3
Wk4     Lektion 3                                     possessive articles                                         hobbies & activities, time, days, family and relatives
        interview, family                             present tense: haben, sep. verbs                            long and short vowels (ä, ö, ü)
        hobbies & activities, forms, letters, time,   modal verbs: möchten                                        talk about yourself and your family
        days, family                                  verb bracket: verb1&2, separable verbs, modal verbs
        .                                             KB 45 Durrell 3.0 3.5 1.8 9.1 6.4
Wk5     Lektion 4                                     subject / object, accusative                                cafe (order & pay), working, shopping, prices
        Freiburg                                      vowel change e to i                                         sentence stress
        café, work, shopping                          modal verbs können, müssen
                                                      impersonal pronoun “man”
                                                      KB 57 Durrell 1.3 2.11 7.13
Wk6     Lektion 5 Hamburg                             prepositions: auf, in, für, ohne + accusative               daily activities, jobs, talk about the past, cooking &
        daily activities, the past, cooking &         simple past (Präteritum): haben, sein, es gibt              eating ei – ie        unstressed e
        eating                                        KB 69 Durrell 5.0 7.1
Wk7     Monday LA221 TEST 1                          perfect tense (Perfekt): haben, sein                              planning a re-union, talking about past
        (L1-5, grammar terminology)                  KB 81 Durrell 7.3 6.6 6.7                                         activities, informal time
        Lektion 6 Leipzig                                                                                              dialogue in café, postcard, CV
Wk8     Lektion 7                                    perfect tense: separable verbs                                    booking a hotel, weather, describing people
        Salzburg, Austria                            dative: mit + dative                                              pronunciation of separable verbs
        tourism, Mozart, music                       articles: definite, indefinite, possessive
                                                     KB 93 Durrell 2.11 3.1
Wk9     Lektion 8 Nürnberg                           an, auf, in + accusative                                          buying clothes, fashion, colours, sizes,
        fashion, ginger bread, poems                 welcher                                                           directions
        writing task: write a short poem, see KB     modal verbs: wollen, dürfen                                       m–n
        104 for ideas, typed                         verb bracket with modal verbs                                     poetry readings
                                                     KB 105 Durrell 3.6
Wk10    Lektion 9 Basel (Switzerland)                comparative, superlative                                          town & country living, commuting: discussion
        town & country living, transport,            dative: aus, bei, von, zu + dative                                & comparison, advantages & disadvantages
        newspaper, nationalities & languages         personal pronouns in dative case                                  sch, st, sp
                                                     KB 117 Durrell 4.6 4.7
        Monday LA221 TEST 2 (L6-9)                   simple past of modal verbs: können, müssen, wollen, dürfen        grocery shop, measures & amounts, house
        Lektion 10                                   subordinate clauses: dass, weil                                   hunting, dialogue in a shop
        Bochum                                       KB 129 Durrell 10.0-10.3
        mining (past and present), biographies
Wks     Christmas Break: no classes                  Finish Lektion 10                                                 Finish Lektion 10
12-15   take notes of any open questions             Revise grammar Lektion 1-10, KB 131-156                           Revise vocabulary, Lektion 1-10, KB
        buy new course books, Passwort 2             Free writing task: „Ich“ – write about 100 words about yourself   157-173.
                                                     (you can use KB for this) and try to be creative and original.
                                                     Send by email to
Wk16    Lektion 11 (PW second volume)                Lektion 11: subject / object, cases                               telling Christmas vacation stories
        Frankfurt an der Oder (bordering to          accusative-object, dative-object                                  revision of Lektion 1-10 vocabulary
        Poland)                                      imperative (informal, singular & plural)                          Lektion 11: camping, barbecue, describing a
        European cooperation, camping,               modal verbs: können, müssen, sollen                               picture
        furniture, information texts                 KB (second volume) 21 Durrell 1.3 1.4 6.3                         sentence stress
Wk17    Lektion 12 Berlin                            prepositions                                                      orientation & direction, sight -seeing,
        buildings, historic events, literary text    place information                                                 festivals, historic events, cultures, dates and
                                                     Wechselpräpositionen:an, auf, in, hinter, neben, über, unter,     seasons, song
                                                     vor, zwischen + acc / + dative                                    vowel + r
                                                     time information
                                                     subclauses: wenn
                                                     KB 33 Durrell 5.0 5.3 10.4
Wk18    Lektion 13                                   adjective declination with definite article                       congratulations and wishes, describing
        Aachen (bordering to Holland and             genitive                                                          landscape, sports
        Belgium)                                     subclauses: with w-question-word or ob                            b,f,v,w
        European collaboration, industry,            introduction to Lektion 14: see below
        speciality biscuit (Printen), horse racing   KB 45 Durrell 4.1
Wk19    Lektion 14 Dresden                         adjective declination with indef. article                          Lektion 14
        art and painting, landmarks, history,      reflexive pronoun                                                  describing paintings, body parts, illness,
        museum visit                               advice: sollte                                                     historical events and personal memories,
                                                   article words as pronouns (der, dieser, jeder, einer, keiner,      diary entries
                                                   KB 57 Durrell 4.1 3.8 3.9
Wk20    Monday LA222 TEST                          conjunctions: aber, denn, und, sondern, oder („ADUSO“)             opera, Vienna coffee house culture,
        (L11-14)                                   subjunctive II (Konjunktiv II): wishes, polite requests and        politeness
        Lektion 15 Wien (Austria)                  questions                                                          ü
        architecture, UN, letter / report          adjective declination without article
                                                   KB 69 Durrell 10-10.2 6.9
Wk21    Reading Week: no classes                   writing task: choose a picture and describe it in German, 80-100
        Practise for Oral Assessment               words, typed, email this (including the picture) for feedback
Wk22    Lektion 16 Zürich (Switzerland)            zu + infinitive                                                    Switzerland facts, leisure activities
        banking and finance                        verbs + prepositional object                                       sentence stress
                                                   referring to prepositional objects: darauf, damit, dafür… KB 81    talk about your university life here
                                                   Durrell 1.5 8.7
Wk23    Lektion 17 Stuttgart (Schwaben)            subclauses: relative clauses                                       disagreements, song, biographical
        research and development, inventions,      müssen, sollen                                                     information
        poets                                      mögen + accusative                                                 Auslautverhärtung
                                                   KB 93 Durrell 1.10 10.5
Wk24    LA222 Oral Presentation                    simple past (Präteritum): regular and irregular verbs,             interview, computer, talking about the past
        Lektion 18 Hannover                        non-separable verbs                                                expressing feelings
        work, companies and colleagues, job        subclauses: als (temporal), wenn, obwohl
        application                                KB 105 Durrell 6.2 – 6.4 10.4
Wk25    Lektion 19 Nordseeküste (north sea         subclauses: bevor, seit, während                                   local dialect, green issues, recipes, tea
        coast)                                     simple past (Präteritum): separable verbs, special verbs           -ng
        landscape, nature, sea, population         KB 117 Durrell 6.2 – 6.5 10.4
Wks     Easter Break: no classes                   prepare and review portfolio                                       Prepare oral presentation, see assessment
26-29   in self-study: Lektion 20                  in self-study Lektion 20: brauchen + zu                            handout and language students’ handbook
        Saarland (region bordering to France       subclauses: wenn (conditional), damit, um...zu                     vocabulary in self-study: Lektion 20,
        and Luxembourg) foreigners in              KB 129 Durrell 10.4 10.7                                           accident, car parts and insurance, biography
        Germany                                    Writing tasks „Mein Deutschkurs“ 100-120 words, typed              vowel or h
                                                   „Characteristic features of the German language, with
                                                   examples“, short overview in English, 200 words max., typed
Wk30    Tues LA222 Class Essay                     open questions from Lektion 20, selected exercises                 talking about Easter break, accident, car
        plenary portfolio discussion (bring your                                                                      parts and insurance, biography
        portfolio to class). Lektion 20 cont.                                                                         vowel or h
Wk31    LA221 Present Portfolio                    do some past exam papers, available on CMR, under exam
        in individual appointments, assessment     conditions, time yourself

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